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the new normal; a short essay of dissent.


I’ll pass.

before you call me selfish know that I wear a mask because my city mandated it, buuuuuuuuut, that’s where it stops. I will never accept any of this as normal because it’s not.

you know what is normal?

- condemning violence no matter what side of the political spectrum you are on.
- letting children hug each other and play together.
- letting people worship in their churches.
- not retorting to ending friendships the moment you find out they’re voting differently than you.
- allowing people to express their views and holding civil discourse on the topics you seem to disagree on instead of harassing them and sending hateful messages.
- having the option to wear a mask / refuse a vaccine.
- recognizing the difference between a protest and riot.
- understanding that diversity and inclusion means you have to mingle with those who do not think like you.
- not rejoicing over the murder of someone who thinks differently than you.
- bringing actual ideas of change to the table instead of trying drown out opposing voices.
- not encouraging bloodshed on the streets.


& they have been thrown out the window.
this is why I am choosing to pass on accepting this as the "new normal."

angry at these words?
that’s okay.
we can disagree.
i respect your point of view.
even if you dislike me for it.

my parents fled a socialistic communist state.
my father’s cousin was shot down in his car trying to escape an actual police state.
my mom has family members that went to prison for distributing bibles.

I know what socialism is.
I know where it leads.

I’ve heard the stories.
I’ve seen the tears.
I’ve felt the painful memories.
... all caused by socialism.

we are applauding the silencing of people’s voices + individual freedoms.
we are embarking on a dark road friends.

we often omit history.
evil always comes disguised as justice or reform.

Russia overthrew the Czar in the name of reform.
Hitler blamed a group of people for all of Germany’s problems.
Mussolini started off wanting to overthrow government and form a new one.

All of these leaders started off with one idea.
that dismantling a current government and implementing socialism would create a utopian society.

but, it did not.
it caused pain, destruction, suffering, and the murder of the innocent.

my heart broke when I saw people on the streets of Portland cheering on a man’s death
all because he thought differently than they did.
this is the state of america's heart.

my heart shattered when the media retorted to blame the victim for being on the street.
citizens who are unhappy with the way their city is being run are told to stay out of the streets.
is this america's definition to freedom; are our rights slowly dissolving?

my heart is sinking as we watch our cities go up in flames.
murder, destruction, and violence is never the answer.
no matter the side you are on.

how is that promoting justice?
how is that preserving humanity?
what part of that is considered part of the road to reform?

they say riots are the voice of the unheard.
they justify violence in the name of reform.
innocent blood spilled on the streets is becoming acceptable in the name of justice.

when does it start to sound like a utopian realm, friend?
when does the arson stop and when does the peace begin?
at what point will we stop drowning out dissenting voices and give them a seat at our table?

when they are all gone?
when they are afraid to speak up?
when they shut up and deal with it?
when we kill them? 

a bit dramatic for your taste, right?

but, do we know:

how will it happen?
who will lead the way?
what will replace what we have now?

answers that no one has. 
chaos is beating a loud drum.
we are falling asleep at the sound of it's rhythm. 

wake up America. 
before it’s too late. 
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