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What started as a digital diary to document a newfound journey as a stay at home mom / wife has quickly evolved into my own little corner on the internet where I share all that life brings my way -- the good, the bad, and everything in between. Thanks for stopping by; I hope you stay awhile!


25 Days of Gift Guides | For The Ultimate Hostess | Day 6

We're on day six of our gift guides and today we're tackling gifts for the people who love to host parties, dinners, and larger gatherings. We are so thankful for their constant gifts of hospitality and their constant want to have us over, so here are some cute curated items you can give them this holiday season.

T H E G I F T S 

No. 1 :: Vagabond House Honeybee Hardwood Bar

No. 2 :: Seagrass Beverage Tub Basket

No. 3 ::  Marble Bark Salt & Pepper Shakers

No. 4 :: Three Tier Bamboo Serving Rack

No. 5 :: Dottie Honey Pot

No. 6 :: Leaf Carved Wooden Cheese / Sauce Serving Tray

No. 7 :: Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank

No. 8 :: Marble Pastry Board

No. 9 :: Oven To Table Two-Part Dish Set

No. 10 :: Schmidt Brother's Stainless Steel Steak Knives

No 11. :: Recycled Glass Pitcher

No. 12 :: Recycled Wine Bottle Platter

No. 13 :: HOST Cookbook

No. 14 :: Marble Tiered Stand

&&&&& that's a wrap! I feel like I want all of these in my personal collection becuase they are all so beautiful! Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I won't be posting a gift guide. I'll be enjoying the holiday with my family. I'll be back next week with more gift guides to ring in the holiday season!

H A V E A W O N D E R F U L T H A N K S G I V I N G! 

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25 Days of Gift Guides | Walmart :: Black Friday Specials + Gifts

It's day five of our gift guides and I'm so excited to partner up with Walmart for this one! Typically, I am alllll about the online shopper life, but Walmart makes it so easy to grab everything you need in-store, so every holiday season I make it a MUST to stop by the holiday shop and toy section when I'm in for some groceries!

Upon entering the store they have a table with all the "hot"  +  "new" stuff for this holiday season from all departments. I spy an InstaPot, a TV and some cool new toys. I always love peeking at what other consumers are getting this time of year. The fear of missing out no longer exists because the Walmart staff keeps us in the know with this table.

Another cool feature they have this year is a package pick-up station. My local Walmart had this pick up tower in front of the store and you guys, I got to see this used first hand! It was so cool! Let's say you shop online for something you didn't see in stores. During your next trip in-store, you can go back in, pick up your package without any help -- just scan a barcode on the Walmart app and BOOM. You've got your package without having to find someone to go track don your order.

OK... now brace yourself. I'm about to give you a mini-tour of the aisles of the Walmart toy section. Walmart has the biggest toy selection for the holiday season. I have yet to see a bigger selection of toys in a local store. Don't take my word for it though, see for yourself.

I have boys, so I was waltzing up and down the aisles that catered to toys for my little guys most of the time, but don't fret girl moms, Walmart has a ton of Barbies and dolls for your princesses! & speaking of princesses, Frozen II is coming to theaters which only means that there are several shelves dedicates to Anna, Elsa and Olaf!

I also really love that Walmart has its own toy line called Kid's Connection that has all kinds of gender-neutral toys that are all great prices and lower than the other brands in stores. It's a great alternative for families who are shopping on a tight budget. I love shopping this line for birthdays too because I don't feel like I am breaking the bank.

Okay, so you get the idea... Walmart has alllllll the toys you need this holiday season. They also have quite a few gift set aisles too! Here is a little sneak peek of those aisles.

Y'alllllll, okay. I think you get it -- Walmart has something for everyone! I just love how versatile their selection is. & good news, they have a ton of Pre-Black Friday sales / deals going on right now. Here  is a mini gift guide of my picks from their current listings

P R E - B L A C K F R I D A Y G I F T S

No. 1 :: Anna + Elsa Doll Set

No. 2 :: Classic Lego Bricks

No. 3 :: Interactive Robot

No. 4 :: Laugh & Learn Controller

No. 5 :: Doll House Mansion

No. 6 :: Woody Plush

No. 7 :: Ride On Stroller

No. 8 :: Barbie Baby Doctor 

No. 9 :: Tool Bench

No.  10 :: Cubby the Bear

No. 11 :: Talking + Singing Elmo

M Y W A L M A R T H A U L 

While I was in the store, I could resist shopping + picking up some Christmas gifts myself. Here's what I got for the boys and my little brothers. I'll link the products below and let you know if it's currently on sale. 

⇒ Rummikub (on sale)

Kids Connection Tool Set (on sale)

⇒ Minecraft Lego Kits

Zombie Cave (on sale) ● Blaze Bridge (on sale) ● End Battle ● Steve (on sale) ● Alex (on sale) ]

⇒ Paw Patrol Toddler Watch

Marshall ● Chase ]

... that's all I got -- for now. I'm eyeing some things on Walmart online and have them added to my cart! I'm going to do some more browsing on Wednesday and then get the rest of my Christmas gifts because I am loving all the rollback + pre black friday sales! 

Thanks so much to Walmart staff in Tigard, OR who gave me all the inside info and rundown of all their holiday deals! I always have the best time chatting with their super friendly staff. I'd also like to issue a very BIG and formal thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post! 

Okay, friends! That's all I have today for today's gift guide. See you tomorrow! 

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25 Days of Gift Guides | For The Space Explorer | Day 4

This gift guide is for those of you who know people that are obsessed with outer space, planets, and NASA. I tried to incorporate gifts for all ages in this one as well as stay away from your typical NASA tee and sweatshirts that have recently popped up everywhere. I hope you find some of these gifts as neat as I did.


& that's a wrap for our space explorer gift guide. Tomorrow is day five and I feel like these are flying by already. Tune in tomorrow for our gift guide for -- oop! I'm not gonna slip up, so you just gotta stop by tomorrow and see what kind of person we're talking about next. 

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25 Days of Gift Guides | Farmhouse Frenzy | Day 3

Today's gift guide is for all the rustic / farm loving people out there. We're channeling all the rustic vibes with this one! I have always had a soft spot for rustic decor and the farmhouse life -- it's my dream to live on a farm one day, so this guide holds all things I would love in my future farmy home.

T H E G I F T S 

No. 1 :: Letterboard

No. 2 :: Metal Watering Can

No. 3 :: Produce Bags

No. 4 :: Shelf / Coat Rack

No. 5 :: Holiday Accent Pillow

No. 6 :: Birch Logs

No. 7 :: Market Backpack

No. 8 :: Wooden Gather Sign

No. 9 :: Feast Cutting Board

No. 10 :: Long Mango Wood Candle

No. 11 :: Pine Wreath

No. 12 :: Plant Styling Book

No. 13 :: Decorative Ladder

& that's our farmhouse frenzy round up! I am really loving how homey and rustic all of these items are. Come back to the blog on Monday to see the next gift guide.

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25 Days of Gift Guides | For The Homebody | Day 2

Today we're tackling gifts for the people who love to stay home, inside and away from the crowds! Introverts rejoice, today is allllllll about you! There's not much else to say except that I had a lot of fun compiling this list. So, let's just jump righttttttt on in, shall we?

T H E G I F T S 

No. 1 :: Electric Tea Kettle

No. 2 :: Cozy Pajama Set

No. 3 :: Faux Fur Sliders

No. 4 :: Faux Fur Throw

No. 5 :: Naps Fix Everything Accent Pillow

No. 6 :: Comfy Lounger

No. 7 :: Plush Robe

No. 8 :: Cotton Duvet Cover + Sheets

No. 9 :: Apple TV

No. 10 :: Popcorn Maker   

No. 11 :: Set of Classic Literature

No. 12 :: Dreamy Night Diffuser Kit

No. 13 :: Mini Fridge

Doesn't this round up just give you "quiet night in" vibes? This roundup has me wanting to snuggle up, make some tea and watch a movie with popcorn in hand. Come back tomorrow to see what's next on our gift guide agenda!

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25 Days of Gift Guides | For Those Who Think In Pink | Day 1

H A P P Y A L M O S T D E C E M B E R!

To start off the holiday season, I am starting (or attempting) to do 25 days of gift guides! It's like Blogmas without the pressure -- no posts on weekends or grief if I miss a day because between raising three boys under three, starting a new job and making sure my husband has enough time studying for his boards while I hold down the fort / get ready for Christmas, there is no time for unneeded pressure! So here's to creating content for fun and not out of obligation because that seems to be something I lost somewhere in the last three years. Sooooooo, with all that being said, let's start off this series by talking about gifts for those who love and think in the color pink! 

T H E G I F T G U I D E 

all the items listed + linked below

Aren't these just so pretty? To be completely honest, I'm not even a fan of the color pink, but I am loving all of these options. All so chic and beautiful! Tune in tomorrow for our next gift guide and don't forget to save + share if you loved this one!

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