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Review | DemarkQ Zit Zapper

Hi guys, today I wanted to talk about my tiny zit zapper from DemarkQ. It's a tiny device that uses light therapy to "zap" your zits. Before I begin talking more about it, I just want to mention that this product was gifted to me by the brand this; however, this review is 100% my own. 

So, let's talk about this little device -- if you know me and have been following this blog for a while, you know that I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to skincare product claims and, if I'm being honest, when I received the product, I wasn't impressed with its size or the claims on the box. 

How It Works 

The website says that its "blue light's antibacterial properties shrink pimples and help them disappear faster. Red light's anti-inflammatory benefits fast-track recovery and reduce inflammation, so your skin stays even, hydrated, and healthy." 

Basically, you wash your face and then you cover your pimple with the device and turn it on. The treatment lasts for 3 minutes and the device turns off itself giving you a little beep, so you know that it's done. 

Does It Work

So, it takes a few treatments to have the zit disappear, but if used daily, you can see the zit disappear completely within a few days. One thing that I loved was as soon as I started using this little zapper on those deep cystic pimples, it decreased the pain + throbbing of the zit almost immediately after the treatment. 

One thing I found to work is zapping the pimple as soon as I feel it come in. That way, you don't allow it to fester a big red spot on your face. If I see (or feel) a painful bump on my face, I automatically grab this little device and get to zapping. 

Another thing I love is that it's so tiny and compact which means it's perfect to take with you while traveling or dropping it in your purse on those busy days. I've been known to do a little zit zapping in the parking lot while waiting to pick up groceries. It's a great little device to have on hand for those pesky pimples.  

In short, it works and it's a great device to have on hand when you feel a pimple coming in. I love the size and how travel-friendly it is. It's a device that everyone should have on hand especially if you suffer from cystic acne. 

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