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What started as a digital diary to document a newfound journey as a stay at home mom / wife has quickly evolved into my own little corner on the internet where I share all that life brings my way -- the good, the bad, and everything in between. Thanks for stopping by; I hope you stay awhile!


Homeschool Diaries | Curriculum For 21 - 22 School Year

If there's one thing I learned about my homeschooling style this past year, it's that it encompasses a little bit of everything -- charlotte mason, classical, waldorf, montesssori, unschooling, wild schooling, etc. I love aspects of them all, so I am going to embrace all of those aspects in our classroom and march on. 

I'm hoping to pin down a rhythm this coming year. Since last year was my first year, let's just say mama homeschooled when she had the energy. Because my youngest two are still super small, I imagine that this year will still consist of catering to them and their need to feel included again, but at the same time, I am hoping that this year will be a tad bit different as I am making it a personal goal of mine to find facets in my week to really focus on my eldest's progress and needs. So, with that being said, here's my plan: 


In the state of Oregon, children who are the age of five before September 1st are considered Kindergarteners, so my guy is still a preschooler this year. I'm really not complaining though -- this means I can still do things with his brothers in tow + include them all in activities. I am hoping that he masters the following: 

◎ recognizing letters + their sounds

◎ 25 sight words 

◎ counting to 100 by 1s and 10s 

in addition to these, I want him to start working on penmanship, math concepts, and depending on how well + fast he masters his letters, we may start learning how to read. 

Marcus + Alex

these little guys love school but are not the best at following directions. They are, however, experts at making noise and distracting big brother when it comes time for him to focus on school. My plan is to do more sensory activities + crafts with them as well as working on the basics -- colors, shapes, numbers, etc. 

Base + Main Curriculum

Doodles + Pre-Writing (Part 1) + Doodles Pre-Writing (Part 2)

I bought each of the boys both of these booklets -- primarily so I don't have two screaming toddlers when to comes time to practice pre-writing skills. 

Kindergarten ToolKit

I feel like I'll be using this next year too, and I am hoping to have Felix master at least 5 of the 10 goals that the toolkit recommends by the end of next summer. 

A Year Of Tales 

I am planning to make this main / base curriculum for the year. I love that Lisa gives us an invitation to learn and a chance to embrace gentle learning rather than a push towards bookwork. The curriculum revolves around Beatrix Potter’s classic animal tales -- which is one of the reasons I love it. I've always wanted to incorporate classic literature + beautiful art in our studies, so this gives us the prime opportunity to do so all while being toddler-friendly.

Another aspect I love is that it implements a character trait and memory verse each week, so it gives us a chance to not only incorporate God in the classroom but build our character. I really love that it laces it all together and it really was everything I was looking for in a curriculum.

Seasonal Nature Studies from Treehouse Schoolhouse

we've purchased the autumn edition and will save a day (or two) of the week to incorporate its poetry, animal, and art studies. Lyndsey is launching this curriculum as the year progresses, so the winter, spring, and summer versions will be linked here accordingly as I purchase them. 

Singapore Math 

I want to introduce formal math bookwork at an early age and I'm feeling like this is a pretty strong choice because it comes with a teacher handbook. I've always cringed when it comes to math, so I'm hoping that the boys don't have the same sentiment which is why we're starting early. 

Supplementary Items 

Harbor + Sprout Subscription

this curriculum is so comprehensive. I just love how they've laid out the topics and I plan to use some lessons from their units on the "fun" days when we need a break from our regular routine. Each month they release a comprehensive unit that includes -- math, history, art, music, writing, etc. I love that each of the topics pertains to the theme of the unit.

Penpal Clubhouse 

is another subscription that I just love. we start each week off with their themed prompt and coloring sheets since my little guys aren't in the writing stage, but it's the sweetest way to send mail to family and friends. I love that the kids are encouraged to collect the stamps each week too, it's so fun. the boys and I always look forward to seeing each week's theme and sheets.

Exploring Nature With Children

another nature + science curriculum -- to supplement the one we're using as well as have other lessons on hand. the boys tend to want to rush through lessons and we'll be working on taking our time to enjoy the learning process. However, I'd love to have extra activities on hand just in case they aren't interested in a certain topic or the way a topic is presented. 

and before you ask, yes I know that bought two nature studies this year. I couldn't decide between the two, so I purchased both. I am going to refer to both studies and intermingle their lessons -- especially on the rainy days when the boys are asking for more class time. 

Happy School Year Everyone! 

we're so excited to get started -- the boys keep asking to go back to school and we've been slowly preparing for the school year. almost all of my supplies have come in and our plan is to start 8/30 even if everything is not here yet. I hope you all have the most wonderful year and can't wait to share ours with you! 

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Review | DemarkQ Zit Zapper

Hi guys, today I wanted to talk about my tiny zit zapper from DemarkQ. It's a tiny device that uses light therapy to "zap" your zits. Before I begin talking more about it, I just want to mention that this product was gifted to me by the brand this; however, this review is 100% my own. 

So, let's talk about this little device -- if you know me and have been following this blog for a while, you know that I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to skincare product claims and, if I'm being honest, when I received the product, I wasn't impressed with its size or the claims on the box. 

How It Works 

The website says that its "blue light's antibacterial properties shrink pimples and help them disappear faster. Red light's anti-inflammatory benefits fast-track recovery and reduce inflammation, so your skin stays even, hydrated, and healthy." 

Basically, you wash your face and then you cover your pimple with the device and turn it on. The treatment lasts for 3 minutes and the device turns off itself giving you a little beep, so you know that it's done. 

Does It Work

So, it takes a few treatments to have the zit disappear, but if used daily, you can see the zit disappear completely within a few days. One thing that I loved was as soon as I started using this little zapper on those deep cystic pimples, it decreased the pain + throbbing of the zit almost immediately after the treatment. 

One thing I found to work is zapping the pimple as soon as I feel it come in. That way, you don't allow it to fester a big red spot on your face. If I see (or feel) a painful bump on my face, I automatically grab this little device and get to zapping. 

Another thing I love is that it's so tiny and compact which means it's perfect to take with you while traveling or dropping it in your purse on those busy days. I've been known to do a little zit zapping in the parking lot while waiting to pick up groceries. It's a great little device to have on hand for those pesky pimples.  

In short, it works and it's a great device to have on hand when you feel a pimple coming in. I love the size and how travel-friendly it is. It's a device that everyone should have on hand especially if you suffer from cystic acne. 

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