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What started as a digital diary to document a newfound journey as a stay at home mom / wife has quickly evolved into my own little corner on the internet where I share all that life brings my way -- the good, the bad, and everything in between. Thanks for stopping by; I hope you stay awhile!


Review | MockingBird Stroller

So, if I'm going to be honest, I've always wanted a "fancy" stroller, but when it came down to forking over $700+ for a stroller, I could never do it. I felt like that money would be better used on diapers and formula. The fancy strollers on the market cost too much -- until now.

I cannot tell you how excited I was when I stumbled upon the MockingBird stroller which has all the fancy features for half the price. You guys, this stroller has the leather accents, the minimal prints, a spacious basket, and it's such a smooth ride. It really has everything going for it. I showed off this stroller on a few walks at the mall and I got so many compliments regarding how chic and high end it looked.

Not only does the stroller look amazing, but the baby seems extremely comfy in it too. Whenever we go out and place him in the stroller, he is just the happiest of campers. It has a modular system so I love that he can face me now, but have the option to have him face forward as well. I just love this thing.

Some of My Favorite Features

+ Canopy
it keeps baby's eyes and skin protected while the rest of the family is enjoying sunny days outside

+ Basket
it's so big and can hold up to 25 lb.

+ Sturdy Wheels & Braking System
it's so smooth and I love that braking the stroller takes one step.

+ Adjustable Handle
this is probably my favorite thing ever. I love a lower handle and my husband likes it to be a bit higher. I love that this caters to both of us.

+ One Hand Fold
makes it so easy & fast to get the stroller to and from the trunk when I have restless babes in the car.

+ Adjustable Footrest
so neat and the first time I've seen it on a stroller! I love that the footrest has a zipper you can use to get crumbs off instead of having to shake the entire stroller to get them off.

.... guys, you pretty much need this stroller in your life. I mean, in addition to all of these features, it's compact and lightweight. It's gorgeous, it's practical and it's half the price of high-end strollers when it looks just as luxurious. I'm gonna call this a mom win.


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The Middle Men Of Collaborations :: Influencer Sites

I know that there is a hush hush vibe around social media about collaborations and contacts, but I want to break that stigma and share some of my favorite influencer sites!

When I first started collaborating, I wasn't one to reach out to brands because I felt like I was so inexperienced. What brand would want to work with me when I had a very small following? That thought alone kept me from reaching my full potential -- until I got an email inviting me to join an influencer site.

It sounded fairly interesting, so I thought alright, let's give it a shot. I got online, did some research, signed up for a few sites and then the waiting game began! I got my first collaboration email / invitation which in essence isn't a done deal, but rather an invitation to apply to collaborate with a certain brand. After you apply, the brand reviews your application to see if you're a good fit for them and if you are, you get an acceptance email with further directions.

I was so excited to get to work with brands that probably wouldn't have even looked at me otherwise with my small follower count had I emailed them. I got free stuff and I got to build up my portfolio -- a win / win for a small blogger who is just starting out. So here's a list of some of my favorite influencer sites to get you started if you're wanting to jump into the influencer realm.

No. 1 :: ApexDrop 

I've done over 10 collaborations through ApexDrop and it's been so fun! They've put me in touch with some of my favorite brands some of which include: Bravado Designs, MOD straps, Squeezamals and so many more! 

What I really love about ApexDrop is that you don't have to accept every collaboration that they send your way. As you grow as an influencer, there will be times when you're drowning in work, so it's nice to have the option to not respond to an invitation without the worry that it'll affect future collaboration invitations!

Another aspect that I love about ApexDrop is how efficient and fast their customer service team is! I've had a few things sent to me that I wasn't crazy about or had something I didn't like, and when I emailed them about the problem, they got back to me within 2 business days. We came up with a solution that both the brands and I agreed upon fairly quickly.

It's a great stepping stone for those who want to start collaborating with brands and don't know where to begin. Thanks to ApexDrop, I dipped my toes in the water and gained the confidence to reach out to brands myself.

++++++++++++ To get started with ApexDrop, click here. +++++++++++++

No. 2 :: Influenster

Influenster was one of the first sites I signed up for because it didn't require much effort. You sign up for this platform and then you review products you currently have lying around your own home. The more you review, the more badges you earn and then the more likely it is that you'll get free products in the form of a VoxBox. 

A VoxBox is a little box filled with goodies that Influenster and brands (both well known and ones that are newer on the market) curate to send out to their reviewers. Most of the products in the box are fairly new or are about to hit the market. I've received items from Marc Jacobs, COOLA, Lancome, and Eco Tools and Origins in VoxBoxes and was even invited to an event by Origins through Influenster!

But what I really love about Influenster is that it has a corner for every niche -- beauty, home, foodies, fitness, etc. They really let you speak your truth about any product you can think of. 

If I'm honest, I still use Influenster and rate items all the time because who doesn't like receiving sweet little packages by brands that we all know and love?!

++++++++++ To get started with Influenster, click here. +++++++++++

No. 3 :: Social Native 

Social Native is perfect for the Influencer who wants to earn a little money on the side. You sign up for the site and then wait to be invited to apply to certain campaigns that fit your niche. 

The campaign invites come through email, so you have to be vigilant about checking and making sure that you accept right away because the slots fill up fast! Once invited, you view the guidelines and time frames the brands want you to abide by and if everything sounds doable, then you apply. 

If accepted, make sure you follow all the rules and guidelines because brands often have you post a new photo if they think you've violated the guidelines in some way. I know a few influencers (myself included) who have been told to post new content because something looked off to them. 

However, Social Native is a great place to start getting paid for collaborations and was one of the first sites to pay me straight after a completed campaign. 

No. 4 :: Socialix 

Socialix is another place where you can collaborate and get compensation. However, most of the campaigns on this site are product trade for share type of collaborations. It's another great place to find products that fit your niche because you can search the type of products you want to promote and then read the current campaigns they have running.

If you see something you like, you submit a proposal and then wait on the brand to respond. I love the way they have the site set up because they break down the collaborations, you can see your deadlines when you login and have product tracking on the site while you wait for your product in the mail. 

Another thing I love is that your personal profile tracks your engagement rate and blog stats if you give them permission to access those channels when you first set up your profile. I found this extremely useful when I was talking to other brands and didn't have google analytics set up. You can also see the brand's review of working together and it's all in one place. It's pretty much an organized blogger's dream set up. 

No. 5 :: The MAVRCK Influencer Index

This is one of the places every influencer should sign up for because it's just to get you on the radar. It's an index that allows you to pick 4 niches that your blog or Instagram revolves around. Once signed up, you'll occasionally get an email you asking you to apply for a campaign. If you decide to apply, the brand gets a notification and will accept or decline your application. I've gotten quite a few paid campaigns this way and I'm pretty sure some brands have taken my information from MAVRCK and contacted me on their own for bigger campaigns. You fill out that form and then brands come to you. 

+++++++++++++ To get on the Mavrck Index, click here +++++++++++++

So There You Have It...

I've just shared with you my favorite influencer sites! I am hoping you find this information useful.
Here are a few more sites that I've signed up for that have trickled in a few collaborations for me or that haven't really worked out for me, but might work for you.

+ Heartbeat
+ Influence.co
+ Ambassadher
+ Webfluential
+ Shopping Links
+ Activate
+ Popular Pays
+ Sway
+ The Blogger Programme
+ Blogger Meets Brand
+ Brand Snob (app for your phone)
+ Octoly
+ Buzzoole
+ Obviously
+ Markerly
+ GrapeVine
+ Speakr
+ Linqia
+ Social Fabric

SO YAH -- good luck my loves. Get that side hustle going! & for the record, this post isn't sponsored you guys, I genuinely want to help out my blog readers and social media followers because I truly appreciate you following and engaging with my content.

Keep your eyes on the blog because posts on media kits, how to make a rate sheet and what to say when emailing brands are coming soon!



Room & Board :: Hess Sofa [ + Product Guide ]

As I look for other products for my living space update, I am happy to report that the first piece arrived this month and it's proving to be glorious. We got the Hess sofa in Urbino Black from Room & Board and we could not be happier. It's the perfect size for our family of five and when we're all sitting on it, there is still room to spare -- perfect for any growing family.

We opted for leather because with three under three, spills and crumbs are inevitable. I've been able to wipe it down several times with a microfiber cloth and it looks just as amazing as it did when it first arrived. The boys are such a fan of this sofa because of the deep seats and how easily they can climb on and off it.

I am loving the contemporary / modern look of this sofa and the contrast pop to the brick wall behind it. My husband keeps commenting on how comfortable it is and we just cannot stop raving about this sofa. I mean, we all equally loooooooove it just as much as the next person in this house. Even the baby loves napping on it.

So yes, as you can plainly see this Hess sofa has a home that loves and adores it. We're eagerly searching for pieces to complement it in our living space update. We're still looking for a TV console, two armchairs, an area rug, and some other decorative pieces. As soon as we have all of those pieces in the room, we'll do one massive room reveal.

In the meantime....

I thought it would be fun to do a little product guide / mood board of some the wonderful things Room & Board has to offer. I'll be linking each product down below and if anything catches your eyes, go take a better look at it on their site.  

The Items

No. 1: Marlo Bed

No. 2: Hudson Office Armorie 

No. 3: Isaac Select Rolled Arm Recliner

No. 4: Dahl Console Bookcase

No. 5: Dodd Leather Storage Ottomans

No. 6: Morris Modern Bench

No. 7: Nico Office Chair

No. 8: Burnham Pillow

No. 9: Adams Modern Glass Door Cabinet

No. 10: Jasper Sectional 

No. 11: Tempo Wall Clock

No. 12: Bangla Storage Baskets

No. 13: Fairbanks Pendant

No. 14: Berkeley Wood Desk 

No. 15: Case Study Ceramic Planter

... aren't these just gorgeous?! I am so in love with the modern look of their furniture. Room & Board also has outdoor furniture, lamps,  rugs, and so much more. I honestly cannot get enough of their stuff. I'd do a whole house revamp with these stunning pieces -- and maybe in time, I will!

Thanks for stopping by, loving on my new sofa and taking a mini-tour of Room & Board with me! I hope you had as much as fun as I did.

+++ special thank you to Room & Board for partnering with me and gifting us this sofa +++



DIY + Reveal :: Repurposed Old Dresser

Today I'm sharing a really fun project -- how to DIY and repurpose an old dresser! This was a project I've been wanting to do for the last four years and I finally convinced my husband to get it done. I mean, honestly you guys, there is nothing like a grumpy nagging pregnant wife to get a husband into gear. I think the only reason he even attempted to do this was because I would not stop talking about how ugly this dresser was. When he finally agreed to tackle it and I was ecstatic! We had a few mishaps along the way (I'll be sharing those, so y'all can learn from our mistakes), but it turned out amazing and I'm so excited to share what it looks like now, I can hardly wait.

Before The Project Began

You see what I'm saying? This dresser was just awful looking. I mean, it had character, but it was a worn out, historical figure type of character. I didn't have the heart to throw it out because this dresser was my childhood dresser and I grew attached to its sturdiness and reliability -- what can I say, it became a sentimental piece. It's been through some stuff though, so the first step we took was to sand all that history away.

Sanded & Looking Fresh

It's already looking like a whole new dresser, am I right? To achieve this step, we took all the handles off the dresser and then borrowed my dad's orbital sanding tool. We went to Home Depot and bought very fine sanding paper to get all that gunk off the dresser and after we sanded it, we went to find the paint color -- and here is where we had allllllll our mishaps.

Mishap No. One :: Not Standing Our Ground

I went to Home Depot to find the paint color I was envisioning -- a green with some blue hints to it. This being the first time I've ever bought paint to paint something other than on a canvas, I was a bit lost and had no idea what to do. Naturally, I went and asked a person who worked in the paint aisle for assistance after I got the color card I was going for. 

I probably stumbled on some workers that were either bothered that I was interrupting them or were having a bad day because when I showed them my paint card, they angrily told me they'd have to tint that. 

I had no idea what that meant, but before I could even ask, a worker grabbed an oil based can of hunter green and stuffed it in front of my face and told me this was the closest color they had to what I was looking for. 

Me, being oblivious and slightly embarrassed that I put them in such a foul mood, thanked them and bought what they gave me because I thought they were actually helping. Buuuuuuuut, then I got home and my husband put on the first coat of paint. We were both silently shocked with the result -- we had just painted our dresser the ugliest Christmas green I had ever seen. I hated it so much, I couldn't even document it in picture form, it was that bad.

While I do get that Hunter Green is typically super green, the band on the paper of the can was much greener looking than what was now on my dresser. After paying 60$ on a can of paint, I silently grumbled to myself and mourned my vision until my husband asked if I liked it -- to which I couldn't lie and admitted it's not what I was picturing in my mind. 

He graciously called Home Depot and asked if they could still tint a can we recently bought and they said yes, so we took it back hoping that things were gonna work out. Welllllll, hopes dashed because get this -- you can't tint pre-made colors. The good news was that we could paint over the oil-based paint, so we didn't have to resand the dresser. If the first can would have been water based, we would have been in trouble. 

Anyways, we ended up buying another can of paint -- this time tinted and the color I actually wanted. 

Mishap No. Two :: Buying To Much Paint 

Again, totally oblivious here -- we bought a gallon of paint each time. We would have been okay with just a quart, but now we have 120$ worth of paint in our garage. I'm pretty mad about the christmas green color, but I feel like the second can of paint will come in handy. I'm thinking about going to thrift / secondhand stores to find mini side table drawers that I can repurpose to match the dresser.

Mishap No. Three :: Painting Outside 

Because I was pregnant, I decided that I didn't want paint fumes in the house. Painting in the garage wasn't an option either as we have a bunch of boxes down there with no space to spare, so we had to paint outside. It was funny that the moment we started to get this project going, the weather decided that it wasn't going to agree with us.

To start, it was humid day and right after we finished painting, clouds rolled in.... and it started to rain! Luckily we were outside when it did, so we managed to move all the drawers before they got soaked and stopped the water from ruining the paint. Because of the humidity, it also took a few extra hours to dry, so if you're ever painting outside, make sure it's on a sunny with now rainy suprises.

Painting & Getting New Handles

Regardless of the weather being ridiculous, we got the dresser painted and I loved the turnout. It was the perfect shade of green and it looked gorgeous! I was so ready to spray paint the handles, buuuuut I ran into another mishap.

Mishap No. Three & Four :: The Actual Handles

I bought some gold spray paint and just went to town on the painting. The mishap came when I realized that the handles were covering the plate, so I went in to spray them again and the coating ended up being way too thick and the paint started to peel and look clunky. I tried to scrape and wash off the paint to start again, but I epically failed.

So, I went to Amazon to find new handles for my repurposed dresser. If you end up getting new handles for an old dresser -- make sure to measure the distance between the holes of the handles if there is more than one screw hole. That's super important when ordering them online. 

Since I was going to get new handles, I decided to put a modern twist to it and brass gold handles. I got these handles off of Amazon and I love them. They're sturdy and heavy, but I landed in my fourth mishap with these online handles.

The screws were not long enough for my dresser, so we took another trip to Home Depot, only to realize that these handles were made with European metrics and there wasn't any size at the store that would match up with our metrics 100%. We ended up asking a Home Depot associate and bought new screws that were as close as possible to the handles I had from Amazon. 

The Finished Product 

We went home, installed the handles and people... we have a dresser and I am so excited about it! It's everything that I wanted it to be. The handles, the look of the matte color, the way it came together -- I am just sooooo happy with the finished product! It's the perfect addition to our bedroom. We're using it as a changing table for baby and storing all the newborn / breastfeeding supplies I need throughout the day in it. 

Even though this project is completed, I have a basket and the empty wall above the dresser that I still need to decorate. In addition to the decorating, I am looking for a rug and a rocking chair to place in the room next to Alex's crib since our bedroom is also a mini nursery for the time being. The dresser is the piece that will bring the room together and I can't wait to share that with you guys as well when it's all come together! 

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