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Review | MockingBird Stroller

So, if I'm going to be honest, I've always wanted a "fancy" stroller, but when it came down to forking over $700+ for a stroller, I could never do it. I felt like that money would be better used on diapers and formula. The fancy strollers on the market cost too much -- until now.

I cannot tell you how excited I was when I stumbled upon the MockingBird stroller which has all the fancy features for half the price. You guys, this stroller has the leather accents, the minimal prints, a spacious basket, and it's such a smooth ride. It really has everything going for it. I showed off this stroller on a few walks at the mall and I got so many compliments regarding how chic and high end it looked.

Not only does the stroller look amazing, but the baby seems extremely comfy in it too. Whenever we go out and place him in the stroller, he is just the happiest of campers. It has a modular system so I love that he can face me now, but have the option to have him face forward as well. I just love this thing.

Some of My Favorite Features

+ Canopy
it keeps baby's eyes and skin protected while the rest of the family is enjoying sunny days outside

+ Basket
it's so big and can hold up to 25 lb.

+ Sturdy Wheels & Braking System
it's so smooth and I love that braking the stroller takes one step.

+ Adjustable Handle
this is probably my favorite thing ever. I love a lower handle and my husband likes it to be a bit higher. I love that this caters to both of us.

+ One Hand Fold
makes it so easy & fast to get the stroller to and from the trunk when I have restless babes in the car.

+ Adjustable Footrest
so neat and the first time I've seen it on a stroller! I love that the footrest has a zipper you can use to get crumbs off instead of having to shake the entire stroller to get them off.

.... guys, you pretty much need this stroller in your life. I mean, in addition to all of these features, it's compact and lightweight. It's gorgeous, it's practical and it's half the price of high-end strollers when it looks just as luxurious. I'm gonna call this a mom win.


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Anonymous said...

I really am loving this stroller.

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