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Back To School Guide With A Mama With 3 Under 3

Guys, back to school season is upon us and even though my kids are all under the age of three, I am slowly gearing up for the "school year."  We're starting homeschool early and by that, I mean that I am trying to get the boys to work on their vocabulary and speech. Not many of you know this, but I majored in Speech Pathology for a while in college and then switched to communication. Here are some tools that I am using to gear up.



No. 1 :: Books

I don't know about your kiddos, but my boys love ripping out pages out of books, so this year, we're using board / felt books. They're childproof and that's what I need with three under three. I get books off of Amazon or in-store at Costco and Target dollar section.

No. 2 :: Stickers 

Educational ones in addition to the fun ones. Stickers can be a great teaching tool. I've been using an empty notebook and having my 2.5 year old place stickers on it. He's learned all the planets and continents this way. It's a fun interactive way to get new words in your little's vocabulary without them realizing it's happening.

No. 3 :: Play Doh & Cookie Cutters

My boys love play-doh and even though it's a mess, I am planning on teaching the boys colors, shapes and letters this way. It's another way to make home school lessons fun. I really want the boys to have fun learning at home. My favorite thing is to see them smiling while learning. 

No. 4 :: Washable Kid's Fingerpaint & Watercolor Paints

I love painting for rainy days. It's such a fun activity and it's a great way for the kids to learn colors.

No. 5 :: Crayons & Colored Pencils

Kinda obvious, but I thought I'd list it anyway. I don't do markers at our house because they get it all over the table and their hands which makes clean up time longer. I also have a one year old who puts everything in his mouth, so at least crayons and pencils give me a bit of time to grab it out of his hands before it gets everywhere.

No. 6 :: Wooden Toys: Blocks, Numbers, Letters

Target had a little block set in the dollar section which had letters on them, so I grabbed it. I also got this cute wooden puzzle of numbers from IKEA that the boys are loving. It's such a fun way of learning things together. Wooden toys are also durable and when you have boys, that is a BIG bonus.

No. 7 :: Snacks

We have these in our home regardless, but back to school season is a great time to stock up on healthy snacks with all the sales going on. I am buying our favorite snacks in bulk when I see them because a penny saved is a penny earned, am I right?



No 1 :: New Glasses + Contacts 

What better excuse than the new school year to get a new pair of trendy frames or some new contacts?! I am loving these frames from! Ya'll these frames are only $69.99 -- what a bargain, am I right?! I love that you can get both frames and lenses all for a super affordable price over on the Discount Glasses website AND they're still super stylish. 

They have glasses for mom, dad, and even the kids! It's super quick and simple to order and checkout once you know what pair(s) you like. I also really love that they have a 365 free shipping + return policy, so if you end up not liking your glasses, you can send them right back! 

Don't wear glasses? No problem. is the place for you! They offer all major contact lens brands like Acuvue, Air Optix, and Dailies. They also have a contact lens subscription service, so long gone are the days where you have to worry about the possibility of running out. 

AND GET THIS -- both sites offer first-time customers 20% off their already affordable pricing. So, at this point, there's nothing stopping you from grabbing a new pair of glasses or frames. 

No. 2 :: Planner 

I am a planner. I love having things organized and so a planner is a must for me. Between projects for my blog, day trips with the boys, appointments and family activities, I need things written down and posted everywhere. I've always been this way and it's not gonna change now that I have 3 boys, a nurse of a husband and my blogging side hustle.

No. 3 :: Coffee

I'm not gonna lie, I am an addict at this point. I have a hot cup in the morning and then an iced one in the afternoon because mom life is wild and I need a mini pick me up. We are always looking for good coffee beans and when our favorites are on sale, we stock up!

No. 4 :: Gym Membership

Decided that I'll be investing in one of these babies because mama needs some me time and that's one way to get it. Let's be real, it's also an investment into my health because having three under three has wrecked my body and the baby weight needs to come off.  

... so there you have it babes! My mini back to school guide even though I am a stay at home mom. I'm technically starting Pre-K homeschool with Felix this year, it's gonna be pretty relaxed, but we are starting! Excited to share that part of my journey through here as well!

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