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Review | Contours Options Elite Double Stroller

I went on vacation with two under two and I can honestly say that one of the things that made this trip  memorable was having the Contours Options Elite Double Stroller -- it's a total game changer.

I love that it's extremely light to carry. We went to Disney with this stroller and we had no issues lifting it up onto and off the tram. I saw a lot of families needing their stroller to be lifted by at least three adults, but with the Contours Options Elite stroller, my husband lifted it all by himself without having to fold it.

If it needs to be folded, this stroller does an excellent job by still leaving room in your trunk for other things! We opted to travel to Disney in a van with SIX kids and made it into a road trip and I was a bit worried about there not being a enough space in the back of our van with all our luggage and supplies,  but this double stroller folded up so nicely and still left us a TON of room for other things.

It's trendy and stylish too, but my ALL TIME FAVORITE thing about this stroller is how comfy my boys seemed to be -- especially my 22 month old. Whenever he saw that I was about to place him in, he happily complied which hasn't always been the case.

Even though we were in a super busy and loud place, the Contours Option Elite Stroller gave both my boys enough comfort to take super long naps (2+ hours!) which made me one happy mama.



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