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What's In My Hospital Bag + Supplies I'm Stocking Up On

My due date is quickly approaching (May 28 y'all!) and since part of me is hoping I give birth earlier like I did with Felix, I've decided that it's time I start packing my hospital bag. With Felix, I wasn't that prepared when I went into labor, so this time around -- I'm determined to have all the essentials with me, so I can focus on that sweet little newborn.

Hospital Bag :: For Mama

No. 1 :: Lip Balm. Last time I gave birth, I didn't bring lip balm with me and I regretted it. I was in labor for 8 hours and I wasn't allowed to drink water, so my lips got super chapped. I stayed in the hospital two days and I didn't bother to tell anyone to pick me up some lip balm which left me going  home with chapped lips to the point that they were starting to bleed and so this time around, I'm bring some with me! I know it's kind of silly, but with all the postpartum stuff you have to deal with why not prevent what you can?

No. 2 :: Fancy Shampoo / Body Wash. That first shower after baby is born is heavenly. I remember that I turned on the hottest water the hospital had and sat under the jet stream for about 20 minutes before I even started to wash. Why not splurge a little and pamper yourself after you've just birthed a child. Bust out that fancy stuff, inhale the pretty smells and pamper away.

No. 3 :: Nightgown. Because after that amazing shower, you don't want to go back into a hospital gown. Make sure it's a gown that will allow you to have easy access when it's time to breastfeed if that's how you plan on feeding that sweet little baby.

No. 4 :: Phone and Electronic Chargers. A must if you plan on taking phone calls or face-timing friends while laying in bed as baby sleeps.

No. 5 :: Ipad / Laptop. I spent a majority of time in room Skyping my mother when baby was asleep last time and there were no visitors. It's a great way to find something to do when you're waiting on that next feeding and you can't sleep.

No. 6 :: Comfy Slippers and No Slip Socks. After birth, your hormones are all over the place, so the hospital room can seem like an icebox. Last time I was in the hospital, my legs swelled up like logs, so those slippers were a lifesaver when the no stick socks felt super uncomfortable to wear on my feet.

No. 7 :: Comfy Robe. Another great thing to have because the room can get cold or maybe you just want to cover up a little as you're greeting your visitors. I wore my robe almost constantly last time because it was much more convenient than the itchy sweater I opted to wear when arriving at the hospital.

No. 8 :: Nursing Bra / Nursing Pads & Comfy Cotton Underwear. Because comfort and ease matter after you've birthed an entire human. The pads are to prevent leaking because nothing is more embarrassing than talking to a visitor and realizing that your shirt is wet in the middle of a conversation.

No. 9 :: Comfy Loose Going Home Outfit. Comfort. Comfort. Comfort -- it's important people! I really can't emphasis how important it actually is. Make sure you dress appropriately for the season / weather too because there is nothing worse than being too hot or too cold cramped in the back seat while in traffic and picking up pain medication on the way home from the hospital.

No. 10 :: Essential Toiletries / Quick and Easy Make Up. I feel like this is something that I opted out of last time -- the quick and easy make up that is (don't worry, I had a toothbrush and toothpaste). After I gave birth I felt so tired and so swollen that I never looked in the mirror. I feel like maybe slapping on some BB Cream and a bit of mascara may have helped with my self image a tiny bit.

That's right, I'm only packing about "ten" things for myself and the most important thing to remember when packing is to make sure you're comfortable after birth -- in your clothes and in your own skin. Hospital rooms aren't very big, so I feel like the more you bring, the more cluttered you'll feel as you're packing up.

When you're packing, make sure you have your ID card, any paperwork, your birth plan (if you have one) and your health insurance information on you. I didn't list this because I keep those in my purse at all times, but these are all things you want to have with you as well.

Hospital Bag :: For Baby 

No. 1 :: Going Home Outfit. Last time, I waited to see what my baby weighs and then I sent my husband out to by an outfit. This time I am buying two outfits -- one for up to 7 pounds and one for 0 - 3 months. Onesies or full body suits that zip up / button up in the front are the best because they're so convenient if the baby needs a quick change. I also love that some of these body suits come with mittens that are attached to the sleeve making it so much convenient than actual mittens. 

No. 2 :: Swaddle. These are great for background pictures, to wrap baby in, or place over the carseat as you're leaving the maternity center. 

No. 3 :: Pacifier & Pacifier Clip. I didn't have one last time and I really wish that I did. My milk was taking forever to come in and it was painful. I wish I would have something to soothe him, especially on the car ride home when you can't pick up the baby for feeding. The pacifier clip is great to clip on the swaddle or bib, so you're not dropping the paci on the floor or misplacing it. 

No 4 :: Bibs. Babies spit up and these are great for keeping the baby's outfit clean and dry. I really love clipping the paci clip to the bib because it's so convenient.

No. 5 :: Burp Cloths. Perfect for a wiping and protecting your shoulder from baby's drool and possible spit up. 

No. 6 :: Warm Blanket. This is nice to have if it's cold out, windy or if you're blasting AC in the car. I always keep a blanket in the car for my toddler because you never know when you're gonna hear "momma, I'm cold!" coming from the backseat. 

Don't feel the need to provide baby wipes or diapers in your bag because the hospital will supply that for you during your stay. If you're having a boy and are getting them circumcised, I'd add one more thing to your baby's bag: A + D ointment -- it'll help with the healing process!

Supplies At Home :: For Mama 

No 1 :: Tucks Medicated Cooling Pads. These are a life saver. I was given a small pack by the hospital and used them after I gave birth to Felix. I ended up ordering more when I got home because they were an essential in my self care routine -- especially if you have a vaginal birth and required stitches.

No. 2 :: Dermoplast Pain Relieving Spray. The hospital gives you a bottle of this usually, so I wouldn't worrying about ordering it, but if they don't, do yourself a favor and buy yourself this spray. It helps with pain and Lord knows, the pain you experience after birth isn't a walk in the park. A bottle of this lasted me until my 6 week check up with the doctor and I used ever last drop in that bottle last time.

No. 3 :: Motherlove Nipple Cream. If you plan on breastfeeding, this is going to help you deal with the feeling of wanting to rip your breasts out because they ache so bad. It's organic and safe for baby, so that's a plus.

No. 4 :: Perineal Cleansing Bottle. TMI, but this is something that you'll use after birth and you'll be so glad you're using it. If you have several bathrooms in your home that you'll be using, make sure you have all your self cleaning / pain relieving items stocked up in each one, so you don't have to get the supplies each time you need to use the bathroom.

No. 5 :: Lip Balm. I have some everywhere, in my bag, in my car, by my bed, in the living room, etc. I get dehydrated quickly and the first thing my body does is suck out the moisture out of my lips, so this is a must for me.

No. 6 :: Thick Pads. The worst part of the after birthing process is how much you bleed afterwards. I mean your body has had a break from that nasty menstrual cycle for nine months, but boy, does it make up for it. These were a lifesaver because they absorb a ton and it's nice to not get the bed all dirty because your body has decided to drain you of what seems like all the blood you've got.

No. 7 :: Big Water Bottle or Large Tumbler. Breastfeeding tends to make you thirsty, so having one of these near by at all times is crucial. Staying hydrated while you're taking of your baby is a good habit to implement because it'll help you feel better overall.

No. 8 :: Kefir + Probiotics. Going to the bathroom and passing that first stool after birth is what I like to call a real life horror story. I took stool softener that the Dr. prescribed and it wasn't helping me at all. So, I opted for natural probiotics in Kefir paired with a probiotic supplement and that was the only thing that helped me last time, so this time around, I'm starting to take these as soon as I get home to get it over with as fast as possible -- TMI, but hey, this literally felt like it saved my life at the time and sharing is caring.

No. 9 :: Nursing Bras / Comfy Nursing Shirts. Just have these stocked up because babies barf, boobs leak and people judge. That's all I'm gonna say about it.

No. 10 :: Hot Cold Gel Packs. I loved these last time. They were great to stick in my bra after pumping or breastfeeding for some relief because doing that constantly every few hours is pretty darn painful.
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