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What started as a digital diary to document a newfound journey as a stay at home mom / wife has quickly evolved into my own little corner on the internet where I share all that life brings my way -- the good, the bad, and those "aha!" moments. All with a hint of sarcasm, a dash of truth and bold European wit. Thanks for following along!


My Christmas Playlist

hello hello. welcome to day 23 of blogmas, can't believe we have just one more post to go! today, I'm sharing my Christmas playlist. I add to it every year, but as of right now, there are 4 hours and 25 minutes of retro, vintage, and modern Christmas classics that I love!

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18 Things To Do This Month In The Treasure Valley

HELLO! HAPPY DECEMBER PEOPLE :) we made it and the christmas countdown is officially on!

I thought I'd take this blogmas post to talk about our plans for the month. We're in a new city this holiday season and we're having the holidays without any close family this Christmas, so I'm trying to over compensate that sadness with doing all the local things! Here is a small list of things I'd like to do and see this month. 


the to do list :

1. Walk Through 45-Miles Of Holiday Lights At Scentsy Commons

2. Go to the Vintage Holiday Market

5. Go Sledding at Camel Back Park

6. Drive Through Christmas In Color

7. Take a Sleigh Ride in the Sun Valley

8. Watch a Journey To Bethlehem in Theaters 

9. Talk A Horse Drawn Carriage Ride

10. Walk Though The Christmas Light Maze

11. See Christmas Lights at Winter Wonderland 

12. Visit the Idaho Botanical Garden

13. See Christmas Trees @ Capital Building, The Grove + The Village

14. Go Snow Shoeing at Bogus Basin

15. Grinchmas Market

16. Down Home Country Christmas in Kuna 

17. Meet Real Reindeer

18. Visit Winter Wonder Village

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My Christmas + Birthday Wish list

hello again, welcome to another day of blogmas! day 21 -- we're almost at the end and just in time as tomorrow is the first day of december! I can't believe it. Christmas is really right around the corner!

Every year, I use a blogmas post to curate a birthday and wish list for myself and this year is no different. Fun fact -- I was supposed to be born on Christmas Eve and was a whole month late -- on the dot. I like to combine the two into one comprehensive list and I never really think about it until it's time to make this post, so it gives me an opportunity to sit down and think about what I want.  

this year, I'd like to start a brooch collection, so I added a few that I'd love to have, and of course, things for the home are always on the list. a few books, different type of candle holders + plates because I love the coziness of candles in the coming months made the list as well. I basically put things that I've been eyeing on the list, that's fair right? 

* as always, some links are affiliate!


Growing Seasons Book


Badger Brooch

Earthy Shades of Nail Polish

Beeswax Pillar Candles

Fox Butter Dish

Moth Brooch

Distressed Taper Holder

Mouse Salt + Pepper Shakers


Painted Measuring Spoons

Enamel Canister Set

Pie School Book 

Blue Scarf 

Enamel Taper Plate

Rabbit Brooch

Lore Pemberton Prints

Patchwork Kitchen Set

Black Bird Brooch 

Wooden Spoons

Botanical Shakespeare

Door Mouse Brooch

Mouse in Cup Figurine

Pillar Candle Plate

Vole Brooch

12 Days of Christmas Mug

Tiny Nativity Cake Toppers

* items lined through are  things that I bought for myself or someone already gifted it to me.
alright, that's about it friends! my current wishlist. I hope you've enjoyed a little glimpse into the kind of things that I would hope to see under the tree. and with that, I'll bid you farewell -- see you in december! 


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Winter Felted Friends + A Small Announcement

Gerda and the Reindeer by Edmund Dulac

one more day until december, eep! I cannot believe we've made it this far. today's blogmas is near and dear to my heart as I'm officially showcasing my woodland felted friends + announcing my upcoming small shop!

if you've been following on Instagram, you've seen that I've picked up needle felting as a hobby this autumn. I've surprised myself (and everyone who's close to me) with how well they've turned out. It's been so fun creating them and revealing the final product to friends and family. 

Several of you have asked if I'm selling them and I've decided to open up a little shop and sell them (as orders) come in. it'll probably open in the spring though as I have yet to figure out the logistics behind selling physical items -- things like packaging material, branding tools, marketing, etc. Keep an eye out for more updates!

Until then, here are a few of my creations that I am most proud of.

Darcy The Fox 

Winston the Mouse 

Clara the Chickadee


Milton the Mole

Otis the Opossum

Mildred the Squirrel 


Mildred is still a work in progress as I want to give her feet + tiny paws, but I thought I'd share her too as she's turning out so sweet.  I'm so pleased that I picked up this hobby because I am surprising myself with how well they're turning out. 

Anywaaaaaaays that's all for today's post. What little critter do you think I should make next?!

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Christmas Movie Line Up

hello again. we're really creeping closer to December, so it's time to ring in the Christmas movies! I'm big on holiday movies and I'd be lying of I said we haven't started watching them. I'm one of those have hallmark movies running all day during the holidays, but in addition to those, I love watching classics with the kids. here are the movies that are part of this years line up for holiday family movie nights!

and there you have it: a few films to watch the with the kids each night in december! but wait -- there are three bonus film that you have to see which are actually about the TRUE meaning of christmas.

okay friends, that's a wrap! Better get a head start on these because there are more than 30 films listed ;)

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Inventive Snow Day Fun


hello hello, happy monday! let's chat snow days. they're so fun and festive. snow makes everything feel so whimsy + magical. the sight of it instantly sparks joy. for the longest time, we lived in a place where we hardly got any snow, so I had to be inventive since I couldn't drive to the mountains each day. here are some ideas to bring the snow fun indoors.



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