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What started as a digital diary to document a newfound journey as a stay at home mom / wife has quickly evolved into my own little corner on the internet where I share all that life brings my way -- the good, the bad, and those "aha!" moments. All with a hint of sarcasm, a dash of truth and bold European wit. Thanks for following along!


Hello Summer!

Hello friends!

Happy first day of summer -- to celebrate, I thought it would be fun to do a little round-up of items I'm eyeing this season and catch up with a few mini-life updates. I know it's not technically summer until the end of the month, but the moment June hits, I am in a full-throttle summer-loving mood, so humor me. 

I don't know if it's just me, but something about a new season gets me thinking about what I'd like to accomplish. I'm also one of those people who love mood boards and curating lists, so my blog is probably going to become a place where all of that shines through. 



first up, is my desire to learn how to crochet + knit. I am determined to teach myself. One thing about me is that I love Waldorf-styled dolls and have been collecting them for the past few years. I would love to create my own one day and knowing how to crochet + knit would help that process. I think it would be fun to crochet a blanket too.


my next goal is still on the creative side of things as I want to start needle felting + sewing. this is a two-part goal as they are for different reasons. sewing would be the kick starter to my lifelong dream of one day making a quilt. needle felting is something that would be fun as well as aid in my love of Waldorf-style things + nature. I have obtained several felted woodland creatures + elements for our classroom and it's time to make my own. 


I want to start drinking celery juice every morning. This is a health goal of mine as I am trying to eliminate unneeded toxins from our lifestyle. I've heard so many good things about the effects of celery juice on an empty stomach, so why not try it. I bought a juicer last month (click here for the one we purchased) and am eliminating a lot of the store-bought juices. The more I read about preservatives and all the additives they add to our food, the more I want to find a holistic alternative to counter them. 


a little update is that I've started the process of removing all plastic tableware + non-stick cookware from our home. we've transitioned to enamel, glass, ceramic, wooden, and stainless steel elements and I couldn't be happier. 


having a bouquet of fresh blooms in my house has been such a game changer for my mood. it's like a little boost of serotonin and I honestly am loving curating bouquets. Trader Joe's is probably my favorite place to shop for flowers, but I also frequent the Safeway and Costco floral sections every now and then. I've decided to be consistent in buying myself flowers.


as far as this blog goes, I have a few fun ideas planned. I am trying to stay away from the term "blogger" and all that is attached to it. I am just a mama who loves writing and happens to have a blog. I'm done with promising things that I cannot commit to, so posts will arise as I have time for them -- that might mean once a week, once a month, or several posts spread out across the season. I do want to revive this blog, but at the same time, it's supposed to be a no-pressure type of thing. 

Summer Mood Board 

*all photos were taken from pinterest

Summer Round-Up

Botanical Shakespeare | Crane Scissors | Bird Pin Cushion | Bee Magnets | Knitting Needles | Felting Pen | Crochet Hooks | Bug Mug | Buttermilk Enamel Drinking Set | Prairie Frame | Egg PoacherLilac Enamel Drinking Set | Floral Frame | Pleat TrivetSewing Machine | Electric Tea Kettle | Hot GripsMeasuring Spoons | Mini Always PanMeasuring Cups | Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set | Mini Perfect Pot | Dainty Spoons | Market Bag

*the crossed-out items are ones that I've bought for myself, and I will update the list as I make purchases.

so here's to a crafty, calm, and colorful summer friends. I hope this season is fruitful and joyous for each and every one of us. I can't wait to circle back and see how far we've come. 

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18 Year Old Me Would Laugh

Hello friends, today I am sharing a little reflective blurb because I often sit and think about how 18 year old me would probably laugh at 31 year old me. It's so interesting to me to think about all the things I thought I wanted. In my personal experience, many of those things God said no to and took me on a completely different path. 

these days

you’re no longer a marble loving minimalist. you’ve embraced a rustic, woodland cottage vibe and can’t go back. you want to move onto a small plot of land, own two cats, some chickens, and have a pet goose. you’re saving money to do just that. 

you’re obsessed with collecting whimsy pieces for every corner of your home. you’re consistently buying books, wooden nature figurines, and paintings of nature. you love miniatures and decorating with them. you find joy in these things even though people laugh.

you jokingly call yourself a grannie. you’ve found a love for antiquing. your hobbies include gardening, baking, thrifting, and revamping old dollhouses. you are trying to pick up crochet + knitting this summer. your dream is to one day sew a quilt. you love cast iron pans + enamel tableware. oh, and you no longer avoid flowers. you actually adore fresh blooms now.

the only makeup you wear is mascara and a good lip balm, but most days, you get lazy.

your skincare routine consists of cold water, beef tallow, and a good lip balm. long gone are the days when you’re trying to find the perfect product for your not-so-perfect skin. you’ve embraced your acne scars and no longer freak out over a pimple.

you’ve given up your daily cup(s) of coffee and are hauling around a 40 oz water cup where ever you go. your go-to in the morning is a cup of hard-pressed juice or if you’re feeling fancy, a peach + mango smoothie. you still enjoy coffee but are happy to have kicked the habit of depending on it. 

remember how you hated mango-flavored everything? you love it now.

you married a nurse. he’s the best. together you’ve had three baby boys who have become your world. you’ve embraced homeschooling + you’re learning so much alongside your babies. you’re in it for the long haul.

having babies caused a lot of shifts in your body image weight-wise. a majority of your hair fell out too. since then, you discovered that your natural hair is curly. you love it.

your inner circle is still pretty small with your mom and sister being on speed dial. you have two best friends. one of who has moved hundreds of miles away. 

and even though 18 year old me would never believe it, 31 year old me is really happy + thanking God for it all.

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Last Minute Easter Basket Ideas!


Hey friends! long time no see -- it's been a weird season for me as I navigate motherhood and homeschooling with boys who get more energetic by the minute. It was so much easier to blog when the boys were consistently napping in the afternoon, but these days it's like there isn't a moment to spare to sit down and collect my thoughts. 

I seperated my personal account from my blogging account on instagram last summer and all things blogging really took a back seat, but I really miss writing, sharing and curating guides as well as all the things this little blogging space has become. 

So, I'm here, trying to revive this space and the blogging aspect of my life -- starting with this post about last minute easter basket ideas! most of these shops will have your goodies arrive on time if you order within the next two days! so let's get cracking with the guides because there isn't a moment to waste! 

bologa basket | bunnies in carrot pouch | play silks | wooden slingshot | plush bunny | wooden hen | thumb piano | bunny dough | tractor book | bee crayons | kinder easter chocolate pack | bunny rabbit baby | wooden mountian stacker | little mouse | blue river pebble set

macaroon suprise ballsbunny rabbit paper doll kit | play silks | wooden bunny | plush chickie | star music wand | cross body basket bag | macaroon sidewalk chalk set | wooden tea set | cute pops scented eraser set | board book | kitty friend dolls | glitter heart stickers | watercolors | angel mouse in suitcase | white bunny in egg

discounts anyone? 



and that's a wrap! if you're feeling crunched for time and need more fillers going to the target, the dollar store or to your local grocery store might help. I prefer to sprinkle in cholcate in the basket rather than filling eggs and then purchase a bigger chocolate item like a lindt bunny or reese egg. it's less hassle, less plastic waste and a lot more fun! 

soooooo, there you have it. I hope this post gave you some motivation to get started on that sweet basket. 

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Gift Guide | For The Ladies


Hey friends! it's four weeks until Christmas and I've decided that instead of posting a post every day, I'd instead roll out a gift guide post with several people in mind. We're looking at the ladies in our lives- the grannies, the mothers, the teens / young adults, and the little princesses we love. Ladies are usually the ones doing all the shopping and thinking about what to get everyone else, so without further ado, here are the gift guides! 

*as always, inserting the disclaimer here: some of these links are affiliate links which means that if you purchase through them, I make a small commission. 

The (Grand)Mothers 

Tinsel Tidings Bubble Bath Set | Robe | ILIA Lip Care Set | Laura Mercier Hand CremeHero Hair Towel | Madewell Tote | Tatcha Overnight Serum | Tatcha Cleanser | Milk Concealer | Saie Highlighter | Rose Inc Cream Blush | Merit Bronzer | Mascara | Dewy Foundation Drops | Facial Steamer | Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer | Detox Mud Mask | Mineral Body Lotion | Detox Shampoo | Slippers | Ugg Throw Blanket | Winter Mug | Silk Pillowcase | Deer Socks | Flora Bar of Soap | Botanical Shower Steamers | Wallet | Birthstone Ring 

The Teens + Young Adults

Checkered Robe | Oat Milk Mug | Sherpa Airpods Case | Sunflower Wall Hanging | Sleep Scrunchies | Daisy Pillow | Volare Paperweight | Flamingo Propagation Vase | Financial Planner | Rainbow Bath Dust | Fleece Pullover | Corduroy Boxers | Berry Pajama Set | Happy Candle | Mini Table Lamp | Stanley Tumbler | Cheese Board Card Deck | 100 Cookie Cookbook | Mouse Vase | Soupology

The Little Princess 

Baby Doll | Pink Cape | Mouse in Suitcase | Wagon | Velvet Dress | Paper Mice Book | Rainbow Light | Alphabet Blocks | Winter Gnomes | Princess Puppet Set | Bows |  Gloss Balm | Plush Poodle

so there you have it -- some gift ideas for the women who make our worlds go round! Hope you've found a little inspo here; happy shopping! 


Three Holiday Table Inspo Boards

it's the most wonderful time of the year -- and that means a lot of dinner parties are coming our way! Sooooo, I thought it would be fun to start my gift guide / product round-up series with three mood boards for three dinner parties: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve! As always, the products will be listed + linked below the graphic of products and some of the links will be affiliate links.

Pumpkin Cast Iron | Turkey Serving Platter | Turkey Napkin Rings | Thankful Trivet | Dried Rusty Tail Bunch | Orange Velvet PumpkinBronze Turkey | White Gourd Flameless Candle | Gravy BoatTerra Cotta Pumpkin Flameless Candle | Blue Glass Pumpkins | Mercury Glass Pumpkin | White Maple Leaf Tray | Cloth Napkins | Pumpkin Serving Bowl | Blue Velvet Pumpkin | Jute Runner | Stoneware Mug | White Pumpkin Plate | Striped Bowl 

Country Stoneware Plate | Pine Green Napkin Set | Pinecone Candles | Cypress Garland | Gingerbread House Cookie Jar | Gift Tag Napkin Rings | Snowman Appetizer Plate | Berry Branch | Pinetree Candle | Holly Napkin Ring | Noel Holiday Dutch Oven | Dark Red Flocked Tree | Flocked Green Deer | Pine Placemat | Bottle Brush Trees | Deer Salt + Pepper ShakersBrass HolderCardinal Statues | Peppermint Candy Dish | Snowman Glass | Stoneware Mugs | Metal Christmas Tree | Holly Bowl | Snowy Spruce Platter | Reindeer Plate 

Magnolia Bundle | Gold Candle Holder | Star Candle | Black Plate | Cast Iron Everyday Pan | Mice Musician | Gold Placemat | Gold Rimmed Plate | Black BowlGold Glittered Trees | Gold Stripe Cloth Napkin | Metal Napkin Ring | Stardust Glass | Garland | Marble + Wood Serving Platter With Glass Dome | Marble Dip Bowl | Black Pot

so that's my inspiration for the upcoming holidays -- if only I had an unlimited budget. LOL. off to find dupes of those fancy pots! anyway, hope you loved them as much as I loved curating them. Keep your eyes open for a few upcoming and affordable gift guides!

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Christmas + Birthday Wishlist

Every year my husband asks me what I want for Christmas and every year I direct him to this blog because I need to sit and think about it for a bit -- and this year is no different in that regard! Here I am sitting thinking and curating a list that he can go off of. 

I hope to get more crafty this following year by learning a few new things: how to crochet, knit, and sew as well as felting nature / woodland elements, making dollhouse furniture + making Waldorf dolls. So, my wishlist this year reflects all of these interests. My birthday is a month after Christmas Eve, so I'm curating this list with both days in mind. 

Personal List

Set of 17 Play Silks :: I've been eyeing this set for a while now. I use them in the classroom, as backdrops in photos, and as bandanas while the boys use them as capes + during their imaginary play. I just love this brand and everything about them.  *bought this for myself when it was 70% off.

Candle Holders :: decor for the table that I have been eyeing.

Light Branch (2) | Dark Branch (2) | Yellow Star

Sewing Machine :: getting kind of courageous by asking for this, but I really want to learn how to sew and crochet to make little animal critters for my little guys (and eventually sell?). I read in multiple places that this is one of the better machines for beginners, so I'm gonna trust the pros on this one.

How to Sew | How to Machine Sew | How to Embroider |  Crochet Tips + Techniques | Crochet Kit / Sewing Kit 

Vintage Postcards :: paintings and vintage animal prints, seasonal landscapes, and rural life -- all on postcards. they're my new way of collecting art and I display them during our units at school. I would always love to add to my collection. 

Set 1 | Set 2 | Set 3 | Set 4 | Set 5 | Set 6 

Susan Branch Cookbooks :: I have been eyeing these for a while! 

Autumn Cookbook | Christmas Cookbook | Summer Cookbook | Heart of the Home 

Little House on the Prairie Book Set :: classic literature is such a weakness of mine, I just love how simple this set looks. 

Felting Tools  :: a hobby that I want to pick up!

Felting Kit | Large Felting Pad | Needle Handle | Wool Set 1 | Wool Set 2 | Needle Felting For Beginners

Figurines :: I collect a wide variety of vintage figurines and am always looking for more sweet friends to add to the collection. I've linked several examples and lists below to give to an idea of what I love. Basically, anything that looks like Hummel figurines, gnomes (except the kind with the hats covering their eyes), woodland + farm animals, dressed-up mice, fairy garden houses that look like cottages, or historical little village buildings are my favorite. 

Mice | Mama Duck + Ducklings | Thrush Nightingale | Small Landscape + Animal Paintings | Gnome | Black Bear CubPenguin 

... that's basically it. LOL. obviously, this is a list of ideas, but it's good to keep in mind that I love little vintage trinkets, art, and you know what they say -- a diamond is a girl's best friend, so that's always a good gift too. 

so, yah, that's the list. I feel like I will be getting most of these in time. I really want to get crafty this coming art, and if I can fine-tune one of these skills, I'd love to start up a little Etsy shop where I can sell the crafts. Time will tell and I hope to keep you posted!

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