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What started as a digital diary to document a newfound journey as a stay at home mom / wife has quickly evolved into my own little corner on the internet where I share all that life brings my way -- the good, the bad, and everything in between. Thanks for stopping by; I hope you stay awhile!


My Latest Endeavor -- Drawing!

"The Fountain, Villa Torlonia, Frascati, Italy" (1907) by John Singer Sargent

hello, my dear readers! 

today's post is not going to be the regular guide or round up, but rather a little share. I've been having so much fun lately with -- drum roll please -- digital drawing. I've always been so intimidated by drawing and have followed artists on all platforms with a hint of envy at their talent, but last month, I started to doodle on my iPad with my husband's iPencil. it was so fun, and I started to draw every day.

I am no artist and the drawings are mediocre at best, but still, I am proud of my work. it's the fact that they look decent for me. HAHA. y'all believe me when I say, I have always wanted to be an artist, and it was something I avoided trying because I already knew I would be terrible.

buuuut, after trying my hand at needle felting and sculpting, I decided to give it a go and I'm so glad I did! drawing is so relaxing and though I'm not amazing at it, I'm not as terrible as I thought I would be, and I'm going to count that as a win. 

I thought I'd share some of my work with ya'll and document the journey on the blog and see how I progress as I practice my art every day. I've also started a little Instagram page @fiddlemoth, if anyone is interested in following along this endeavor more closely.

so, here is some of my work ...

annnnnd that's a wrap! 

so, that's my art. I'm having so much fun drawing or doodling rather. it's been so fun and so relaxing! what should I draw next? until next time, xoxo.

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father's day gift guide

"This is America" (1949) by Andrew Loomis

hello there! welcome back :)

it's that time of year again -- father's day. I don't know about you, but I have always found my dad one of the hardest people to shop for when it comes to gifts. My dad is a jack of all trades, and already has everything, so what do I get him? I spend a lot of time looking for ideas.

I've curated two little gift guides that revolve around an outdoorsy / tech obsessed dad as I hunted around for ideas. I hope they give you a little inspo.

*as always, disclaimer here -- some links are affiliate!



bbq sauce sampler set


grilling spices

lunch bag

pocket tool


short sleeve shirt





fly-fishing crate


pickleball paddle

duffle bag


portable speaker


grill set


instant camera


massage gun

camping stove

dart board


solar torch


 annnnnnd that's a wrap! 

Some of these gifts are on the higher range when it comes to price. I've noticed that quality gifts for men are almost always worth a pretty penny. Regardless, dads deserve some pampering too, so if anything catches your eye, I'm sure it'll catch his! Until next time, xoxo.

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#3 | Round Up + Review | Months 03 + 04 / 24

Art Print Tea Leaves (1909) by William McGregor Paxton

 hello hello! 

today, I'm coming at you with a round up and review for both March and April because I took a posting break in March while I visited my family. It was much needed, but when April came around, I started working on this post, and for some reason it was put on the back burner. I guess getting back into the swing of things was harder this time around. 

It's now the end of May and I've been putting off pressing publish because I wanted to finish the show, we were the lucky ones, before I gave the final review. The show was released one episode per week, so I decided to let them all come out so I could watch it like a movie. So, that explains the delay, in case anyone was wondering. 

from here on out, I think I will group these reviews as two or three months in one, so this kind of thing doesn’t happen again! I may end up bunching them into seasonal / quarter posts because I’m coming to realize that I don’t try that many new things in a month, but we’ll see what happens! 

*disclaimer — some links below are affiliate! 



hand cream and foot cream

these are my current favorites and I cannot get enough. they don't leave a greasy film after application, which I love, and they smell heavenly. not to mention how soft it leaves your hands and feet. literally the best duo on the market.

Would I Recommend it to a Friend? ☺ YES

Overall Rating: 10/10

silk pillow case

I bought this pillow case because I heard silk is better for curly hair. I don't think it does much for my hair, but I do love it because the silk gives such a cooling effect to your face. I bought the terracotta color because I was traveling and wanted to bring a pillow with me and have a case that was easy to spot. I really want to get some white ones for our bedroom now.

Would I Recommend it to a Friend? ☺ YES

Overall Rating: 7/10

sol de janeiro scent #68
I've tried three of these mists and this scent was my least favorite -- it was so bad, I returned it. I don't know why, but it gave off a strong metallic smell. I tried to give it a fair shot, but I just couldn't get behind it. I would not recommend this to anyone, ever.

Would I Recommend it to a Friend? ☹ NO

Overall Rating: 1/10

matcha latte

some days, I'll pass on the coffee and crave a matcha, and when those days roll around, I always reach for this brand. It tastes really good and doesn't need sweetener if you want to drink it hot and on it's own. I love adding sweet cold foam on those days I need an extra pick me up, and it's perfection.

Would I Recommend it to a Friend? ☺ YES

 Overall Rating: 8/10

the show: shogun

this show was one that was recommended to me by my little brother. If I'm honest, when he was telling me about it, I didn't think of it much as Japanese culture isn't one that I was familiar with. He kept asking me if I watched it, so I decided to give it a go.

The show was really well done, and it's piqued my interest into Japanese customs, culture, and politics. Though the story is fictional, it really keeps you on the edge of your seat. It's a show that you'll want to binge if you have the time. There is a light love story, but isn't raunchy to the point you have to fast-forward; they're tastefully done and fit into the storyline. There are fair share of betrayals, political dilemmas and relationships + loyalties tested. It's not fast-paced or a slow burn, it's well-timed and you're left wanting more when the credits roll.

All that to say, I really liked it. I won't give any spoilers, but I will say -- the ending was not what I was expecting. It left me with some questions, but it wasn't a cliffhanger which you can take as a good or a bad thing. I'd say it's one of the best shows to come out this year.

Would I Recommend it to a Friend? ☺ YES

Overall Rating: 8/10



jet lag hydrating face mask

this has become another staple in my skincare routine. it's a hydrating face mask, but I use it as a night crème + when my skin feels needs a moisturizing boost. I went to the park for three hours one afternoon and came back tomato red last week. I used this crème to help soothe the burn and keep the sun kissed color. I didn't peel at all and after that, I just cannot stop reaching for this.

Would I Recommend it to a Friend? ☺ YES

Overall Rating: 8/10

sol de janeiro scents #62 + #40

these scents are so good, and I've officially adopted them as my signature scents. pistachio, vanilla, plum -- they're all so yummy and have instantly become my favorite body and hair mists. 

Would I Recommend it to a Friend? ☺ YES

Overall Rating: 9/10


vanilla tea

my friend served this to us when she had us over for lunch, and I instantly fell in love. It tastes so good on its own, no sugar needed, which is what got me hooked. it gives off such cozy vibes and if you know me, I am all about the cozy things. it's my favorite tea, right next to peppermint.

Would I Recommend it to a Friend? ☺ YES

Overall Rating: 10/10

this lip treatment by OLEHENRIKSEN is such a goodie. It smells heavenly and applies really nicely too. I love that it's not sticky and leaves the lips feels soft. I am a big fan and will repurchase.

Would I Recommend it to a Friend? ☺ YES

Overall Rating: 8/10

the show: we were the lucky ones
this show was one that left me in tears. it’s heartfelt and really well done. It’s streamed on Hulu, and it’s been on my to watch since I saw the trailer. I am so glad that I waited to watch it like a movie because it was really nice to go through all the emotions all at once. I found myself crying during the finale multiple times.

Like always, I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but if you like historical dramas based on true stories, and timed around WWII, then I’d say give it a watch. It’s about a Jewish family’s pursuit of survival in Poland as the Nazis invade. I wouldn’t say it’s a cliffhanger type of show, but several of the episodes leave you wondering what comes next. All in all, the story is wonderful and to see that it’s based on a true story — just wow. I love the shows that show you photographs and tell you where they ended up. The show pushes the power of a family bond, a human’s persistence to survive and the impact of a genocide. It’s a excellent watch and worthy of a weekend binge if you have the time. 

Would I Recommend it to a Friend? ☺ YES

Overall Rating: 8/10

annnnnnd that's a wrap! 
my hits and misses for the last two months. see you next time, xoxo.

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books about the garden

my lady’s garden (1905) by edmund blair leighton

 hello again, friend :)

we're in the thick of spring, and we've started a little container garden that I am just loving. It's my current baby, and I'm in full research mode over here, which is exactly what inspired this blog post. I am compiling a list of books about gardening -- trying to learn all about planting + harvesting veggies, fruits, berries, and flowers! So, today, I'm sharing that list with you! 

*but first, you know the drill, some links are affiliate!


vegetable gardener handbook*

the complete gardener's guide

growing flowers

garden roses*

discovering dahlias

fruit trees for every garden 

the cook's herb garden

container gardening for beginners

cut flower garden

in bloom

the flower yard

containers in the garden

growing figs in cold climates 

from seed to bloom

homegrown berries*

month by month gardening guide

flower gardener's handbook*

the money saving gardener

the fragrant flower garden

leaves, roots & fruit

the meadow garden

the cut flower handbook

vegetables love flowers

annnnnnd that's a wrap!

I've placed an asterisk (*) by the books that I've purchased and I plan on getting more of these as the year goes on, but I have to pace myself because if you know me, you know I can go crazy when it comes to collecting books. Until next time, xoxo.



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the country home: blues and browns

"evening at the iris field" by Timothy Easton

hello friend!

we're taking a break from the faux florist life and dreaming of a home in the country, adorned with white blooms and blue accents. don't ask me what inspired this post because in all honesty, I just opened up my laptop and started looking at all the brown and blue rustic things. I was loving what I was seeing and the interior designer within me started to curate look book pages. I've rounded up kitchen, living room and bed + bath room items and I love them all. I can't wait to share them with you, so here they are!

*but before I do that, I'm inserting the reminder that some links are affiliate!

the kitchen

butter bell

ribbed glasses (14 ounces)

kitchen runner

white tulips

vase with handle

berry baskets

colander set

round vintage frame


wooden candleholder

soup crocks

crock with lines

dutch oven 

amber jug

leaf spoon rest

blue glass jar

serving platters

soap dispenser

white tea cup + saucer

cookie jar 

living room

standing floor lamp

white daisy farm trio frames

lemon candle

white ceramic vases

tin mailbox

decorative boxes

cream ranunculus

woven basket


floral jar pot

peacock book end

end table

jute rug


spider mum


throw blanket

throw pillows

serving tray


beige duvet cover

chunky knit blanket

accent chair

blue vase

taper candles

vintage rug


throw pillow


pom pom mums

accent cabinet

hydrangeas book

lumbar throw pillow

gold clock


checkered bath mat

blue poppies

donut vase

large candle

wildflower dispensers


soap dispenser


 annnnnd that's a wrap! 

all those pretty blues and browns accents have me wanting to add some more in my own home! I hope you've enjoyed these little round ups as much as I have. what color should I do next? until next time, xoxo


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so you wanna be a (faux) florist pt. 2


Detail of 'Mrs. Edmund Kelly' by John Singer Sargent (American, 1856–1925) 


hello, welcome back!

It's part two of my "so you want to be a (faux) florist" series, and we're talking greenery. I don't have much to say except that I can't wait to share what I've found, so I'll get to the chase -- the first list of stems and branches are all from amazon and the second list is the more pricier branches and stems.

 *as always, some links are affiliate!


found on amazon


silver dollar



seeded eucalyptus

italian ruscus

lambs ear



fiscus branches

long eucalyptus stems


bougie stems + branches  

italian ruscus



bay leaf

herb branch

triangle fiscus



seeded eucalyptus

moss covered branch

button leaf 

queen anne's lace


angel vine

gingko branch 

coffee leaf

roship branch

seeded privet

sage green leaf


annnnnnd that's a wrap! 

what do y'all think -- some of these look so real, right?! if I had an endless budget, I'd buy them all and make faux arrangements all day long. However, I plan on ordering some and eventually writing a post about how to make faux bouquets and floral arrangements. until next time, xoxo



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