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books about the garden

my lady’s garden (1905) by edmund blair leighton

 hello again, friend :)

we're in the thick of spring, and we've started a little container garden that I am just loving. It's my current baby, and I'm in full research mode over here, which is exactly what inspired this blog post. I am compiling a list of books about gardening -- trying to learn all about planting + harvesting veggies, fruits, berries, and flowers! So, today, I'm sharing that list with you! 

*but first, you know the drill, some links are affiliate!


vegetable gardener handbook*

the complete gardener's guide

growing flowers

garden roses*

discovering dahlias

fruit trees for every garden 

the cook's herb garden

container gardening for beginners

cut flower garden

in bloom

the flower yard

containers in the garden

growing figs in cold climates 

from seed to bloom

homegrown berries*

month by month gardening guide

flower gardener's handbook*

the money saving gardener

the fragrant flower garden

leaves, roots & fruit

the meadow garden

the cut flower handbook

vegetables love flowers

annnnnnd that's a wrap!

I've placed an asterisk (*) by the books that I've purchased and I plan on getting more of these as the year goes on, but I have to pace myself because if you know me, you know I can go crazy when it comes to collecting books. Until next time, xoxo.



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the country home: blues and browns

"evening at the iris field" by Timothy Easton

hello friend!

we're taking a break from the faux florist life and dreaming of a home in the country, adorned with white blooms and blue accents. don't ask me what inspired this post because in all honesty, I just opened up my laptop and started looking at all the brown and blue rustic things. I was loving what I was seeing and the interior designer within me started to curate look book pages. I've rounded up kitchen, living room and bed + bath room items and I love them all. I can't wait to share them with you, so here they are!

*but before I do that, I'm inserting the reminder that some links are affiliate!

the kitchen

butter bell

ribbed glasses (14 ounces)

kitchen runner

white tulips

vase with handle

berry baskets

colander set

round vintage frame


wooden candleholder

soup crocks

crock with lines

dutch oven 

amber jug

leaf spoon rest

blue glass jar

serving platters

soap dispenser

white tea cup + saucer

cookie jar 

living room

standing floor lamp

white daisy farm trio frames

lemon candle

white ceramic vases

tin mailbox

decorative boxes

cream ranunculus

woven basket


floral jar pot

peacock book end

end table

jute rug


spider mum


throw blanket

throw pillows

serving tray


beige duvet cover

chunky knit blanket

accent chair

blue vase

taper candles

vintage rug


throw pillow


pom pom mums

accent cabinet

hydrangeas book

lumbar throw pillow

gold clock


checkered bath mat

blue poppies

donut vase

large candle

wildflower dispensers


soap dispenser


 annnnnd that's a wrap! 

all those pretty blues and browns accents have me wanting to add some more in my own home! I hope you've enjoyed these little round ups as much as I have. what color should I do next? until next time, xoxo


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so you wanna be a (faux) florist pt. 2


Detail of 'Mrs. Edmund Kelly' by John Singer Sargent (American, 1856–1925) 


hello, welcome back!

It's part two of my "so you want to be a (faux) florist" series, and we're talking greenery. I don't have much to say except that I can't wait to share what I've found, so I'll get to the chase -- the first list of stems and branches are all from amazon and the second list is the more pricier branches and stems.

 *as always, some links are affiliate!


found on amazon


silver dollar



seeded eucalyptus

italian ruscus

lambs ear



fiscus branches

long eucalyptus stems


bougie stems + branches  

italian ruscus



bay leaf

herb branch

triangle fiscus



seeded eucalyptus

moss covered branch

button leaf 

queen anne's lace


angel vine

gingko branch 

coffee leaf

roship branch

seeded privet

sage green leaf


annnnnnd that's a wrap! 

what do y'all think -- some of these look so real, right?! if I had an endless budget, I'd buy them all and make faux arrangements all day long. However, I plan on ordering some and eventually writing a post about how to make faux bouquets and floral arrangements. until next time, xoxo



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mother's day gift guide

Picking Daisies (1905) by Hermann Seeger

suprise! it's me again, hi! 

popping in for a surprise post because I realized Mother's Day is right around the corner and I hadn't planned a gift guide on the calendar. as the self-appointed queen of gift guides no one asked for, I can't have that -- so here I am with a little guide that reflects what I'd want for mother's day for this year. it's giving colorful spring loving mama and it's a vibe. so without further ado, here's my gift guide and *cough, cough* personal wishlist. 

*but first, you already know -- some links are affiliate! 

shoulder bag

*bought this for myself. oops!

almond milk concentrate

claw clip



*in shades smile and modest



eye polish 

bath bomb

silk pillowcase

ranunculus book 

eye serum

cream eyeshadow

*in shades strobe and blaze


body scrub

instant camera

scalloped tea cup + saucer



annnnnnnd that's a wrap! 

I love everything on this list and want it all for myself. the blues, greens, pinks, and orange(y) reds are sparking so much joy. other good gift items are candles, all the cozy self-care items like eye patches and foot cream, or you can opt for the traditional bouquet of flowers and pretty jewelry. you really can't go wrong on mother's day, any gift is sure to warm your mama's heart. I hope you enjoyed this little guide, until next time, xoxo

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so you wanna be a (faux) florist pt. 1

Springtime (1901) by William Henry Margetson
hello again! 

welcome back to the blog, friend. I'm so happy you're here. today we're talking florals -- faux florals that is. I spent a lot of last week researching about flowers to plant in containers in my mini garden and I decided on two rose bushes. we're renting our home and I wanted a little bit of color in the backyard, as well as a mini garden. 

anyway, while I was doing research, I got side tracked and started looking at all kinds of flowers and bouquets. flowers are so stunning, but they're also super expensive and a lot of them don't last very long, soooo I got to thinking I'd rather spend money on fake realistic looking stems and make my own. 

and that's what inspired this post, but I thought I'd make it into a little series, so here's part one, all about stems. next week, we'll talk about greenery. but first, let's get to the stems.

I looked on amazon and chose the ones that looked the best by the reviews; that's the first list. these are stems that I am interested in collecting and purchasing myself. the second list is the more bougie stems on the market right now. I'd love to eventually buy these as well, but like all collections, it's going to take a little bit of time. anyway, let's take a look at those pretty stems.

*as always, some links are affiliate!


found on amazon stems

orange ranunculus

white orchid fruit

peach cabbage roses

white poppy

pink tulips

light pink chrysanthemums

light blue cosmos

burnt orange mums

red roses

orange marigolds

white poppy anemone

pink dahlias

cabbage blossom

berry stems

light green hydrangeas

lavender iris

pink peonies

yellow daffodils

blue spider mums

champagne cherry blossoms

purple and pink coreopsis

blue poppys

yellow wintersweet


the "bougie and it shows" stems

blue potted hydrangea

lilac stem

duchess rose

daisy bundle

purple tulips

coral pink delphinium


quince blossom

green kiku

green mini viburnum

pink tulips

cream white dahlia

pale yellow wildflower

red rose


sweet pea 

ranunculus bud + bloom

pink lilac 

white freesia bundle

cosmo daisy

blue orchid


yellow chrysanthemum

mauve peony

orange bougainvillea



taupe rose

blue cornflower

lavender peony 

mixed delphinium bundle

blue english garden rose


annnnnd that's a wrap!
so what do you think -- can I make some life like arrangements with these stems? I really want to try! but, first, come back next week while I share a round up of faux greenery. until next time, xoxo

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amazon home favorites

1929 Living Room from Karpen Furniture

hello my dears! 

it's been a minute. I took a little spring break to decompress because having a post (or sometimes two) go live each week is not for the faint of heart especially when you're a homemaking + homeschooling mom. Truthfully, I felt a little burned out, so I thought it would be okay to miss two weeks of posting, but I'm back! 

I'm posting on thursday this week because it's been a week full of planning a garden and figuring out a few home things, but that's okay. being so around the home focused inspired this post -- today I'm sharing  my favorite amazon home items that I have personally purchased! I know a lot of bloggers (myself included) love a good round up, but in all honesty, I don't have all the money to purchase everything I round up. that's not sustainable in the long run and we all know it. 

I mostly curate round ups for the look book because I love looking at them myself, but I am always curious about things that people actually purchased. so that's what today is all about! today's post is a little different because under each linked item, I wrote how I use it and why I love it. so without further ado, here's the list of amazon home items that I love.

*but first, a little disclaimer, all links below are affiliate!


summer blanket 

one of my favorite blankets. every bed in the house gets the comforters switched out with this waffle blanket in the summer because it keeps you so cool. it's also a wonderful gift. we have the colors taupe, white, sage green, sky blue and terracotta.

ribbed glasses

the perfect glass for pretty iced lattes. it's a thicker glass and feels expensive! the ribbed looks gives it that vintage vibe that I love. I opted for the 14 ounce version and love it.

chinese scissors 

love using these to cut herbs from the garden. they're sharp and antique looking, which is exactly what I wanted.

checkered blanket

I bought these for my children's bedroom in the colors caramel, dark olive and navy. they are well-loved due to how soft they are. they also wash so well, which is perfect for kiddos who may still have accidents at night. my kids loved these so much that they started dragging them out of the bedroom, so I bought three more of these in the smaller personal size in the colors coffee, black and light blue.

shelf baskets

a personal favorite for this type A mama. I love storing our wooden calendar pieces in them, as well as our yoto cards in the schoolroom. I loved these so much that I found a larger size and use them for our grapat pieces and other wooden loose parts!


somedays, I want a quick glass of fresh squeezed juice, but I can't afford the price tag of a lot of them on the market. this little juicer is the perfect compromise. it's small, but mighty. a great size for storage, easy to put together and clean.

candle stick holder

they're a little light, but they're affordable and cute! I love the little tray that catches drips of melted beeswax.

olive tree

I bought this while it was on sale, and I am obsessed with how good it looks. it's really a great deal on sale. all you need is a basket or pot to place it in, and it's a stunning addition to any room.

face cloth set

this past year, I've made it a goal of mine to have separate towels for my hands and face. It's been a game changer for my skin routine. I love the material of these -- it's not rough, but still has an exfoliating feel if you choose to use them as a washcloth. I love using them as a fresh cloth to dry my face with after I wash my face.

satin pillowcase

I bought this because it's better for curly hair, but in all honestly, I mostly love it for it's cooling effect. not to mention that it has a zipper and looks so much more put together than a regular pillowcase.

tabby kitten statue

my kids love kittens, so I bought this little guy to sit on a shelf in our family room. he's so sweet and almost looks real!

glass soap dispenser

I bought this to elevate and simplify the look of my dish soap! I'm always washing dishes and I hate seeing logos and labels everywhere. In the grand scale of things, I know that this is such a first world problem, but having my soap in a pretty little dispenser makes the area look so put together.

hand held milk frother

my sweet cream cold foam obsession has found its match in this little hand held milk frother. it's a powerful little gadget that makes coffee shop style foam in minutes!

travel cosmetic bags

these bags are my favorite for road trips and I loved them so much, that I bought all the available colors. the fact that they are clear is perfect because you can see what you put in the case without actually opening them -- perfect for an over packer like myself. the larger cases are great for shampoo, soap, hairstyling products, toothbrushes, and make up. I use the smaller ones in my purse to store lip gloss, hair accessories, small lotions, band aids, and pens. both sizes of the case carry so much and I really can't recommend these cases enough. 

vintage style blue glass jar

I bought these jars to use as little vases for wildflower centerpieces for a birthday party, and they are so pretty. I love the light blue color of the glass and the vintage, farmhouse style it gives off.

cotton duvet cover

I've been searching for the perfect duvet cover and finally found it. It's 100% jersey knit cotton and it's so cozy. not only is it soft, but it has corner ties, which really helps the comforter staying in place. 

small letter pie cutters

small but, mighty cutters and the best part, these aren't just for pie! I love using these to cute little messages with fruit or cut out fondant for a cake. it comes with a case, which makes it great to store and keep them all together.

floor pouf

I bought these (in different colors) for the homeschool room to have during reading time. the boys are dragging them everywhere because they're so cozy and comfy to sit on. I love that the covers are washable too. that's always a mom win.

brass sugar spoon

this dainty little bee spoon is what I use to mix my coffee. beautifully made and sparks so much joy!

rotary grater and shredder

this is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets because it cuts prep time and for a busy mom, that's always a win. I use this to grate cheese, shred carrots, and it has a slicer blade part, so it's good for other veggies too.

wide mouth glass jars (12 oz)

these are perfect for pickling, storing homemade syrups and jams! my family likes to use them as drinking glasses too.

candle wick trimmer

self-explanatory, but I really do love it.

faux poppy stems

nothing brings me joy like fresh flowers do, so these beautiful flower stems are all kinds of lovely.

aaaaaaaaaand that's a wrap! 

those are all of my favorite amazon home items that are in my house! I went down my purchase history since 2020 and to my surprise, I didn't buy that much! I mostly buy books on Amazon, so I was pleaseantly pleased at the list. until next time, xoxo 


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