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What started as a digital diary to document a newfound journey as a stay at home mom / wife has quickly evolved into my own little corner on the internet where I share all that life brings my way -- the good, the bad, and everything in between. Thanks for stopping by; I hope you stay awhile!


30 Days of New Wash :: A Hair Story

I was gifted a free bottle of shampoo from the brand Hair Story in exchange for an honest review. It's called "New Wash" and is brand new to the market.

In addition to an honest review, I thought I'd log my experience with the shampoo.

Here is what New Wash claims to do:
"Say no to shampoo. New Wash is the new way to clean hair with aloe and essential oils – instead of detergent – to respect the natural moisture barrier. New Wash works on EVERY type of hair, and you’ll never need conditioner again to mask the damage that shampoo and detergent cause. Rediscover your hair, restore its vitality, and prepare to be amazed."

So, naturally I set out to be amazed and went to wash my hair 30 times using only this shampoo and recorded my thoughts, reactions and the results.

Before I start the log, I'll give a bit of my hair's story -- a Marta scalp history, routine, you know, just a little background information.  I wash my hair once a week since washing it every day has been proven to be bad for your hair. I shampoo and condition because that's how it's done. If I want to be technical, I actually condition first, and then shampoo because it's supposed to help protect the hair from the harsh chemicals in the shampoo.

Before I got pregnant, I had dry frizzy hair. I could literally go 10 days without washing my hair and having it get and look oily. However, to my dismay, pregnancy changed all that because now it only takes 2 to 3 days from the initial wash for it to look suuuuper oily (those darn hormones.) Because of that, I tend to use a lot of dry shampoo until the next wash. While using this wash, I'm gonna stay away from the dry shampoo and see if this New Wash helps with the oiliness.

Now, without further ado... 
Here is my experience with New Wash shampoo:

First Impression: The bottle I received in the mail is 8 fluid ounces and looks rather small. I'm not sure how it's supposed to last me 30 washes, but since I have shoulder length hair -- it might. It smells kind of minty and that's surprising since the only other shampoo I've encountered with a minty smell is Selsun Blue. I hope it doesn't tingle like SB though. I also looked up the retail price for 8 oz. of New Wash and it's $40 -- wowzers! This must be shampoo gold.
Wash #1: I ended up pumping about 12 squirts total for my thick shoulder length hair and that kind of worried me because I'm not sure if this bottle will make it for 30 washes. I will say that the squirts are rather thin, so maybe it will last... we'll see. Anyways, I did what the directions said to do and pumped the shampoo onto my hand then distributed into my hair, massaged it into my scalp and then took a comb to my hair before rinsing it out. No suds ensued in this process. I then rinsed which took longer than I expected. My hair felt pretty clean after that and pretty light weight. I was pleasantly surprised! I air dryed my hair and my natural waves were present without any fixative. We're off to a good start.

Wash #2: It's been about 5 days since I washed my hair last and up until today, my hair was fine. I woke up today and my hair looked like part of it was drenched in oil. It only took 10 pumps this time and I felt like it was maybe a little to much. I'm going to try 8 pumps next time. I massaged the shampoo into my scalp and then combed my hair before rinsing. As soon as I started to rinse, my hair felt instantly clean and fresh!

Wash #4: So, I dropped the bottle during my shower and the pump broke. I was pretty upset about it and was unable to fix it. I ended up squeezing thebottle and getting quarter shaped drops onto the palm of my hand. I did that 4 times before my hair felt completely covered in shampoo.

Wash #10: My hair is starting to get super oily from this shampoo. The first day this shampoo feels super clean and makes my hair look great, but come day three and I feel like my hair is glued to my scalp because of the oil my hair is producing. I hope that this goes away with time.

Wash #16: Hair still oily. I feel like with each wash it gets more oily and faster. I've also noticed that if I wash my hair with this shampoo and then using some type of styling product, I need to wash my hair the next day because it feels really stiff and uncomfortable.

Wash #24: I am super glad this trial is coming to an end because I can't handle the oiliness of my hair these days. I am prone to think that the oil levels are mostly due to my postpartum wacky hormones since I was noticing more oil secreting from my scalp before, but I find that this shampoo is really helping.

Final Wash + Impression: I am so glad this trial is over because I was having to wash my hair every other day when using New Wash. I'm hoping that I can regulate the oil levels of my scalp because this is getting out of control...

Here's What I Loved: 
- the smell :: the fact that my hair smelled minty was one of my favorite things about this shampoo.
- the idea that the shampoo is infused with essential oils.
- how clean my hair felt :: when you rinsed your hair, it felt like the dirt and grime from your hair was being stripped away.
- the way you washed your hair :: I loved not having to scrub like my life depended on it.
- hardly any dandruff :: this was AUH-MAZING! I loved not having flakes everywhere.

Here's What I Didn't Like:
- the oiliness of my hair increasing as I was using it :: again, maybe this is because of my postpartum hormones.
- the quality of the bottle :: the pump broke with one drop in the shower; making it very hard and time consuming to use.
- the price :: 40$ for only 8 ounces seems a little exaggerated.

All in all, I think New Wash is a good shampoo, it just wasn't for me -- at least not at this time. I am one of those people who can't stand oily hair and this just made me cringe toward the end. I don't know if the shampoo is to blame or if my body is going through some weird phase. However, I do think that the fact that it was able to regulate my dandruff levels was amazing! If my hair would go back to how it was pre-baby, I think this would be the shampoo for me.


I was given a bottle of New Wash free of charge for review.
However, this review is my own personal & honest opinion.
This review was not influenced by the fact that I received the mat for free.

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4 Nuby USA Products That I Love

Before I had Felix, I had never heard of the brand called Nuby, but as soon as I started to shop for baby items I noticed their products in a lot of places. I really like that they have affordable prices on products that are very practical and useful. Here are some products that I've tried and my honest opinion about them. 

1. Nana Nubs Gum Massager (with 360 degrees bristles): This is Felix's current obsession! He loves nibbling on it -- all day long. It's made from 100% silicone which means that it's super soft and bendy. I find that to be one of the most important things in a teething toy because  it won't hurt their gums. My little guy really bites down and hacks at the nana nubs, so I really like that I don't have to worry about him hurting his gums. I also really love the bristles that encompass the nana nubs because it serves as a mini toothbrush -- which I call a mom win!


2. Tub Tugs: these little bath boats are the cutest thing. Felix loves watching them float on the water during bath time. He prefers them to all the other bath toys we've gotten him thus far. I love that they come in a 2-pack which means double the fun come bath time! 

3. Teething Trends :: Necklace + Bracelet (wearable teething jewelry): the nice thing about these products is that you can wear them which means that when baby wants to chew on something, you always have it with you. The fact that you get to wear them also prevents you from having to dig into your loaded diaper bag or misplacing them -- it's so convenient to have them right at your finger tips! Both pieces of jewelry is soft and textured which helps with teething and soothing uncomfortable gums. I think these teether are a great distraction from pulling on mom's hair. When Felix sees these on mama, he instantly tries to attack them because he loves to chew on things that mom is utilizing.
(please note: the bracelet and the necklace are sold separately & they're available in different colors)

4. 360 ° Grip 'n Sip: I really love these sippy cups because they are spill proof. When you have a little man that likes to wave around everything that he can get his little hands on, that alone is a lifesaver. Without these cups I'd continue to have milk splattered everywhere. This is the first sip cup Felix has ever used and he mastered it pretty quickly. The spout is super soft made from silicone and it has a "touch and flow" feature to it. That made my life so much easier when trying to get Felix to learn how to use it. As soon as he realized that milk would come out, he then started to suck on the spout. Each sippy cup is 8 ounces and it comes in a 2-pack. They each have handles on the side so it's easier for your little one to hold. 

You can find all the items that I've listed in this post on or Walmart's website! I highly recommend these cute, affordable items from Nuby. They'll help your mom journey in little ways that you'll find useful, I promise!


I am part of the Nuby Parent Blogger Program. 
All that means is that Nuby sometimes sends me products free of charge for my honest review. 
This review is my own personal & honest opinion. 
This review was not influenced by the fact that I received these items for free.

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Confessional :: Mrs. Overpack Her Diaper Bag

You know that mom, the one holding her purse and another gigantic bag that could probably eat her baby? The one who looks like she belongs in the circus because she's juggling all her children and a sea of different sized purses. Well, I am that mom.

So, let me just start this little bit by saying -- I am unashamed of the fact that I overpack my baby's diaper bag. Yes, it's bursting at the seams and yes, I can see that I probably don't need all the stuff that's in there, but I like to be prepared, okay?

I all I ask is that you not judge me. I mean really, I am prepared for everything from a major juice spill at Denny's to the Zombie Apocalypse.. I have and carry all the supplies needed for ALL the times coming in the near and far future. Other moms may smirk and critic my uptight demeanor, but in the end I'll be the one who's laughing.

Here are some things you should know:

  1. In the end, I really won't be laughing. I'll probably be digging in my bag trying to find the supplies to help you out because I've been there. I've been short a few baby wipes, forgot to grab an extra pair of short on the day my baby has had the biggest poo of his life (and continues to fill up his diaper). I know the stress of being miles from home and not having what I need, so boo, I got you.
  2. The bag must be restocked as soon as possible (or I can't sleep at night). Trust me, I've tried. I've gone to bed thinking about what I need to replace in my baby's bag and if I don't do it as soon as I think about it, I'll most likely forget -- which means little babe and I will be stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no baby wipes, soooooo I must replenish the diaper bag stock. right. now. 
  3. I know I don't need all this stuff. But what if I do someday? I mean, that thought alone justifies this life choice for me. Having all the supplies next to me gives me a little piece of mind and since I'm not hurting anyone, I will continue this habit. It'll save my life one day, I just know it! 
  4. I will never change. Before you call me hardheaded or stubborn, hear me out! I've tried to leave things out, but every time I leave something home, I end up needing it. Like that one time I only took 4 diapers with me because I usually only change the baby once when we're out -- baby ended up with multiple blowouts and I had to rush to the store to buy more diapers! Or that one time I left the first aid kit home and my child was gushing blood due to a really bad scraped knee? YAH. I can assure, I'll be prepared next time. 
You may find me silly, but I see myself as one practical mom ready to tackle the world with every supply I can fit in my diaper bag. If you thing my baby bag is bad, wait until you see my car.


this post was a collaboration with Momidarity
This post was not written for compensation or reward


Dear Momma

It's Mother's Day weekend, so naturally, I wanted to dedicate a post to my very own mama -- the epitome of strength, dignity and love. I thought I'd do this by writing a letter to the woman I admire most.


Dear Momma,

On this Mother's Day, I wanted to acknowledge what so many of us forget -- your constant sacrifice.

You always put your family first, no matter the situation or circumstance. And for that I thank you.

As the mother of seven children, I know it wasn't always easy. You did the best you could, and I know that we didn't always cherish that. I admit that even today, there are many times when all of us take you for granted.

Looking back on my childhood, I remember you as super woman. You ran a business that you poured your heart into and did what not very many people would do -- take care of the elderly in your own home. You treated them with such kindness and respect. I always felt that our residents were part of our family because you treated them like they were no less. It is because of you that I learned to respect and love others even when they make it hard. You always taught us that showing humbleness and humanity is one of the most important things to offer in a dark world.

You always had a hot meal on the table, tended to everyone's demanding needs and still managed to make time for all seven of us. Some of my favorite memories consist of you knocking at my door at 10:30 pm, after you tucked everyone else in, to chat with me. I know you were tired and the fact that you chose to spend quality time with your eldest daughter instead of going to sleep speaks volumes about the kind of mother you are.

The sacrifices you've made throughout the years have not gone unnoticed. I know that you had very limited time to spend on yourself -- most of which you dedicated to us. You made sure that we knew you loved us and that we could come to you with anything.

I want to end this letter by thanking you -- for loving us, for tolerating us, and for praying for us. I remember walking into the room and seeing you on your knees with tears streaming down your face as you asked the Lord to watch over your children. I always admired your faithful nature and how passionate you were about teaching us about His love and promises.

You're an exceptional mother and the best grandmother to my sweet Felix. We love you for all you do.



I Don't Know Who You Are Anymore

When I got married, most of my unmarried friends disappeared. A few friends kept in contact here and there, but most of them just fell off the face of the earth. When I'd run into them, small talk was rather uncomfortable. It was like they were strangers. What changed (beside the fact that I now had a husband)? Nothing.

Then I got pregnant and had my son -- another friend filter. I had even less friends than before. I was maybe talking to two girlfriends that weren't related to me and that's sort of upsetting. I just didn't get it. I'm the exact same person I was before. All that changed was the fact that I can't drop everything to hang out with them because I have a few more responsibilities than I did when I was single. So why were they punishing me for that?

I still wanted to grab that occasional cup of coffee, but everyone just pretended like they didn't know me. In the rare occasions that someone did want to talk to me, they'd ask how married life was like -- which was fine, but in reality, being married, having a husband, and a baby doesn't define me 100%

I still had interests and passions, but no one really cared about them. It was a lonely path. One that I've gotten used to.

I've come to the conclusion that lifestyle changes and shifts define the strong friendships. The people that are really your friends are the ones who don't stop talking to you after big life changes. The ones that try to keep in contact no matter the circumstance -- those are the friends I want even if I can count them on one hand.

choose people that choose you.

I often wonder if once they get married and have children, they'll try to rekindle the friendship. I don't mean to sound bitter, but sometimes I think that I wouldn't want to because it would mean that my friendship is situational and that's just crummy. 

I will say that I am thankful for Instagram for connecting me to some wonderful mamas and allowing me to make some mama friends that are around my age. It's nice to have people around who just get it. 


I guess all I'm trying to say with this post is that friends that become wives and then mothers can still be good friends even if you're single and feel like you have nothing in common with them. Don't throw away a good friendship just because one of you starts a family. 


Target Finds :: Mother's Day Gift Guide

It's that time again -- Target Finds! Since Mother's Day is this month, I thought I'd scout Target for some gifts that you could give to your sweet mama, wife, friend, or a motherly figure who you know, love and cherish. I hope you enjoy these finds, and as always -- look at the bottom of the post for special discounts and offers!

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Blue Camera :: $49.99

Threshold Glass & Metal Vanity Organizer :: $19.99
Color Block Tote :: $39.99

SUGARFIX by BaubleBar Floral Necklace :: $21.99

Threshold Faux Fur Throw :: $35.99
 64 GB iPad mini 4 :: $379.99
Door Mat :: $12.99

Me! Bath Land of Milk & Honey Bath Bombs :: $9.99
Timex Weekender Fairfield Slip Thru Leather Strap Watch ::  $79.00
Jumbo Mugs :: $5.99


So, that's all I've got for you for this edition of Target Finds. I really love the idea of gift bundles -- especially for mother's. The mug, some bath bombs, some chocolate and a nice card would be a really sweet set to hand to your mama on a Mother's Day or any other day of the year! 



(click the links for deal to apply)

Like all honest people, I  do want to let you know that Target will be giving me a small commission if you buy off their site using my link, but no means am I saying should you be pressured to buy anything! If you like something and want to buy it, yay! But if you don't, no hard feelings. I have no way of knowing or tracking your activity. 



Quote of the Month | May

This month, I'm really dwelling on the concept of ideas because boy oh boy do I have a lot of them. As a stay at home mom, my day is consumed by taking care of the most precious little and making sure that he has everything he needs to grow up -- healthy, happy, and strong. I love my job as a mom, but sometimes, I have the need to do things for myself. 

I started a mom hub on Instagram called @honestlymothering and it has been such a blessing. I wanted this hub to be different from other hubs -- by making it all about community and showcasing moms, their littles and babes. I feel like I'm accomplishing what I've set to do. In three short months, the hub has gained 800+ followers, 3,000+ tags to our hashtag #honestlymothering and the chat loops have been such a hit that we're booked for 8 weeks! I really love watching (and interacting) with this precious mom community. I'm so excited to see what where we'll go from here! 

That's just one example of small beginnings turning into a big idea. My next project is possibly opening up a small shop in the fall! I really feel like that this is something that I want to do -- to have for myself, but to also support my family while being a stay at home mom. More details to come about this soon because let's face it -- this is a work in progress and a multitude of little ideas right now. They need to come together or I just need to gather up the courage to make this dream a reality!

big ideas have small beginnings... it keeps ringing in my head, so it's now the quote of the month as I contemplate what the next steps are.

I hope you all have a blessed May that brings you flowers, sunshine, and lots of wonderful memories.

Here's an adorable picture of Felix just because :: he experienced flowers for the first time & I just love that we captured it on camera!
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