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4 Nuby USA Products That I Love

Before I had Felix, I had never heard of the brand called Nuby, but as soon as I started to shop for baby items I noticed their products in a lot of places. I really like that they have affordable prices on products that are very practical and useful. Here are some products that I've tried and my honest opinion about them. 

1. Nana Nubs Gum Massager (with 360 degrees bristles): This is Felix's current obsession! He loves nibbling on it -- all day long. It's made from 100% silicone which means that it's super soft and bendy. I find that to be one of the most important things in a teething toy because  it won't hurt their gums. My little guy really bites down and hacks at the nana nubs, so I really like that I don't have to worry about him hurting his gums. I also really love the bristles that encompass the nana nubs because it serves as a mini toothbrush -- which I call a mom win!


2. Tub Tugs: these little bath boats are the cutest thing. Felix loves watching them float on the water during bath time. He prefers them to all the other bath toys we've gotten him thus far. I love that they come in a 2-pack which means double the fun come bath time! 

3. Teething Trends :: Necklace + Bracelet (wearable teething jewelry): the nice thing about these products is that you can wear them which means that when baby wants to chew on something, you always have it with you. The fact that you get to wear them also prevents you from having to dig into your loaded diaper bag or misplacing them -- it's so convenient to have them right at your finger tips! Both pieces of jewelry is soft and textured which helps with teething and soothing uncomfortable gums. I think these teether are a great distraction from pulling on mom's hair. When Felix sees these on mama, he instantly tries to attack them because he loves to chew on things that mom is utilizing.
(please note: the bracelet and the necklace are sold separately & they're available in different colors)

4. 360 ° Grip 'n Sip: I really love these sippy cups because they are spill proof. When you have a little man that likes to wave around everything that he can get his little hands on, that alone is a lifesaver. Without these cups I'd continue to have milk splattered everywhere. This is the first sip cup Felix has ever used and he mastered it pretty quickly. The spout is super soft made from silicone and it has a "touch and flow" feature to it. That made my life so much easier when trying to get Felix to learn how to use it. As soon as he realized that milk would come out, he then started to suck on the spout. Each sippy cup is 8 ounces and it comes in a 2-pack. They each have handles on the side so it's easier for your little one to hold. 

You can find all the items that I've listed in this post on Amazon.com or Walmart's website! I highly recommend these cute, affordable items from Nuby. They'll help your mom journey in little ways that you'll find useful, I promise!


I am part of the Nuby Parent Blogger Program. 
All that means is that Nuby sometimes sends me products free of charge for my honest review. 
This review is my own personal & honest opinion. 
This review was not influenced by the fact that I received these items for free.

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