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Confessional :: Mrs. Overpack Her Diaper Bag

You know that mom, the one holding her purse and another gigantic bag that could probably eat her baby? The one who looks like she belongs in the circus because she's juggling all her children and a sea of different sized purses. Well, I am that mom.

So, let me just start this little bit by saying -- I am unashamed of the fact that I overpack my baby's diaper bag. Yes, it's bursting at the seams and yes, I can see that I probably don't need all the stuff that's in there, but I like to be prepared, okay?

I all I ask is that you not judge me. I mean really, I am prepared for everything from a major juice spill at Denny's to the Zombie Apocalypse.. I have and carry all the supplies needed for ALL the times coming in the near and far future. Other moms may smirk and critic my uptight demeanor, but in the end I'll be the one who's laughing.

Here are some things you should know:

  1. In the end, I really won't be laughing. I'll probably be digging in my bag trying to find the supplies to help you out because I've been there. I've been short a few baby wipes, forgot to grab an extra pair of short on the day my baby has had the biggest poo of his life (and continues to fill up his diaper). I know the stress of being miles from home and not having what I need, so boo, I got you.
  2. The bag must be restocked as soon as possible (or I can't sleep at night). Trust me, I've tried. I've gone to bed thinking about what I need to replace in my baby's bag and if I don't do it as soon as I think about it, I'll most likely forget -- which means little babe and I will be stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no baby wipes, soooooo I must replenish the diaper bag stock. right. now. 
  3. I know I don't need all this stuff. But what if I do someday? I mean, that thought alone justifies this life choice for me. Having all the supplies next to me gives me a little piece of mind and since I'm not hurting anyone, I will continue this habit. It'll save my life one day, I just know it! 
  4. I will never change. Before you call me hardheaded or stubborn, hear me out! I've tried to leave things out, but every time I leave something home, I end up needing it. Like that one time I only took 4 diapers with me because I usually only change the baby once when we're out -- baby ended up with multiple blowouts and I had to rush to the store to buy more diapers! Or that one time I left the first aid kit home and my child was gushing blood due to a really bad scraped knee? YAH. I can assure, I'll be prepared next time. 
You may find me silly, but I see myself as one practical mom ready to tackle the world with every supply I can fit in my diaper bag. If you thing my baby bag is bad, wait until you see my car.


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Jillian said...

This is so funny yet true. Thanks for sharing

Nicole said...

Haha!! I'm the complete opposite...I try to see how much I don't have to bring!! I do understand needing everything though because that's how I am when we travel!!

Unknown said...

I am an over packer as well...yet I always tend to forget one important thing I have to use and it's completely forgotten when I'm trying. To rush out the door. I had wipes in my bag but grabbed them for something really quick and didn't put it back in my bag. Got to my husband's job to visit and realized and had to run to the store to get. I'm always a mess! Hah

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