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18 Year Old Me Would Laugh

Hello friends, today I am sharing a little reflective blurb because I often sit and think about how 18 year old me would probably laugh at 31 year old me. It's so interesting to me to think about all the things I thought I wanted. In my personal experience, many of those things God said no to and took me on a completely different path. 

these days

you’re no longer a marble loving minimalist. you’ve embraced a rustic, woodland cottage vibe and can’t go back. you want to move onto a small plot of land, own two cats, some chickens, and have a pet goose. you’re saving money to do just that. 

you’re obsessed with collecting whimsy pieces for every corner of your home. you’re consistently buying books, wooden nature figurines, and paintings of nature. you love miniatures and decorating with them. you find joy in these things even though people laugh.

you jokingly call yourself a grannie. you’ve found a love for antiquing. your hobbies include gardening, baking, thrifting, and revamping old dollhouses. you are trying to pick up crochet + knitting this summer. your dream is to one day sew a quilt. you love cast iron pans + enamel tableware. oh, and you no longer avoid flowers. you actually adore fresh blooms now.

the only makeup you wear is mascara and a good lip balm, but most days, you get lazy.

your skincare routine consists of cold water, beef tallow, and a good lip balm. long gone are the days when you’re trying to find the perfect product for your not-so-perfect skin. you’ve embraced your acne scars and no longer freak out over a pimple.

you’ve given up your daily cup(s) of coffee and are hauling around a 40 oz water cup where ever you go. your go-to in the morning is a cup of hard-pressed juice or if you’re feeling fancy, a peach + mango smoothie. you still enjoy coffee but are happy to have kicked the habit of depending on it. 

remember how you hated mango-flavored everything? you love it now.

you married a nurse. he’s the best. together you’ve had three baby boys who have become your world. you’ve embraced homeschooling + you’re learning so much alongside your babies. you’re in it for the long haul.

having babies caused a lot of shifts in your body image weight-wise. a majority of your hair fell out too. since then, you discovered that your natural hair is curly. you love it.

your inner circle is still pretty small with your mom and sister being on speed dial. you have two best friends. one of who has moved hundreds of miles away. 

and even though 18 year old me would never believe it, 31 year old me is really happy + thanking God for it all.

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