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What started as a digital diary to document a newfound journey as a stay at home mom / wife has quickly evolved into my own little corner on the internet where I share all that life brings my way -- the good, the bad, and everything in between. Thanks for stopping by; I hope you stay awhile!


spring mood board

angel looking at spider web by jessie wilcox smith

hello again, my dears!

this week, I'm feeling all the spring colors and hues, so I've compiled a seasonal mood board / look book inspired by all the spring things. I'm adding a small personal wish list at the end of the post too because spring is always a fun time to spruce up the space. 

again, I just want to say, I'm not a minimalist by all means, but also don't agree with hoarding. I'm somewhere in the middle. I love decorating for the seasons and love finding trinkets to spruce up corners in my home. so do with that as you will! 

*you know the drill, inserting the disclaimer that some links are affiliate! 

the mood board 

*all images are taken from pinterest

soooo, what do you think? I'm feeling colorful and fresh -- lot's of citrus, lots of wildflowers, and lots of time spent outside! I honestly am so excited for this season. I'm going to try and have a mini urban garden via pots on my porch and making it a goal to go on walks to enjoy this pretty season! 

the wishlist


cottage bud vase

white scalloped plates

press on nails

poppy and pout lemon lip scrub

poppy and pout island coconut lip scrub 

floral plate trio

scalloped bowls

body brush and massager 

market dish cloths

almond shower oil

rms beauty eyelights creme shadow

moss green ribbed glasses

lumbar floral pillow 


oval body brush

scalloped dessert plates


vitamin c serum

3D hyrda lip glosses


annnnnnnd that's a wrap! 

as you can see, this spring I'm really embracing shades of green, florals and establishing a skin + beauty routine! I really want to find a light and airy fragrance that I would be able to call my signature scent. Also, scalloped plates are my new love language -- something about them makes me so happy. so, that's all I have for us sweet friends, until next time, xoxo.



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Spring Themed Children's Books

peter and jane at the library (ladybird series) by harry wingfield

hello again! happy first day of spring!

I'm coming at you with a round up of spring themed children's books. at first, I felt like there aren't that many, but if you take in account all the books about bugs, birds and flowers -- there are soooo many! I've rounded up some of our personal favorites from our home library to share with you all! 

*you know the drill, some of the links below are affiliate!

goodbye winter, hello spring

a blessing for spring's child

up in the garden, down in the dirt

worm weather


the big book of bugs

busy spring: nature wakes up

spring in the forest

spring treasury

the little book of flowers

we are the gardeners

nest eggs birds

a windy spring day

egg hunt 

wake up, woods

little book of bees

a nest is noisy

over and under the pond

grow: a family guide to plants

an egg is quiet

nature all around: bugs 

easy peasy gardening for kids 

bruno the beekeeper: a honey primer

a butterfly is patient

what's inside a flower

the book of brilliant bugs

the big book of birds

nature all around birds

the little guide to butterflies

the big book of blooms 

the little book of backyard bird songs

from seed to plant


annnnnnnd that's a wrap!

these books all have wonderful illustrations that really convey all the spring vibes! speaking of illustrations, do you like my little blue flowers? I'm no artist, but I'm really proud of them. haha. anyway, until next time, xoxo.

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easter basket for the littles

german vintage postcard from 1960s


hello hello! 

welcome back to the blog, friends! this month, the kiddos could potentially be getting get two gift baskets, as easter and st. patrick's day are both being celebrated this month. Normally, when the holidays are on two separate months, I do a basket for each. However, this year, I'm opting to do a gift basket just for easter as that's the holiday that we love the most -- the celebration of our Christ's sacrifice and Resurrection.

With that being said, the boys and I are working on a plushie farm, so they'll most likely get a plushie for the 17th to build that up. I've compiled a list on my Amazon Storefront if anyone is wondering what I'm trying to get for that. CLICK HERE for that list -- I'm adding to it as I go and look for cutie life like plush farm animals to add to our farm.

Anywayyyyyy! the real basket is going to be given on Easter, which is what this blog post is all about. Here are some fun easter basket ideas for both little boys and girls!

* mini disclaimer that some links below are affiliate!


for the little ladies


eloise book

scalloped basket

duckling figurine

baby doll

bees book 

nail polish set

double ended markers

lop eared bunny

mood rings

baby kitten  

strawberry pajamas

bunny backpack 

claris book

nesting bunnies

yoto player


for the little men

carrot pajamas

baby puppy

night in the city book

square sidewalk chalk 

grapat mis & match set 

pig plushie

forest marbles

frog plushie

ride and roll: the schoolbus

bird sensory stones

watercolor paint pods

under the sea memory game

people book

lamb plushie

mega markers

turbo car 

farmer forest

bunny plush

jumbo colored pencils

yoto player

 and that's a wrap! 

what do you think?! I feel like compiling this list has made me so excited for spring! my goodness. I love all of the pretty light color hues. I can't wait for all sunshine and warm spring nature walks. we're so close.  until next time friends, xoxo.


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#2 | Round Up + Review | 02/24

over the tea cup (1917) by harrison fisher



hello again, lovely readers! 

today's post is a round up + review of last month's hits and misses. this series is fairly new, so I want to make it abundantly clear that these round ups are not sponsored. the products listed are things that I have purchased with my own money. I don't want to just limit this series to products either -- food, films, trips, clothes, etc. anything is up for a rating!

I thought it would be fun to share whether I am loving or hating things as I always love hearing what people think about products. I promise my 100%, unfiltered opinion in these posts, and that's what I aim to give. so without futher ado, let's get to the round up and reviews! 

per usual, here is the mini disclaimer that some links are affiliate!



sanctuary fragrance collection

I bought these for my birthday to try and find out a signature fragrance for myself. I love that they have this option, so you can sample all the scents, but I am a little bummed because I thought I would love them more. 

The packaging is cute at first glance. I love the colors, but you get what you pay for. When I tried taking the cap off the first time, I pulled on it and the spritzer came off too. At first, I thought it was just a plastic brush to rub on your skin and I used it like that until I wanted to try another fragrance. the cap on that one left the spritzer on. 

When it comes to the fragrance, they don't smell bad, but they don't smell amazing either. Because of that, they aren't my favorite. I thought I would love them, but I just don't. I'm using them to not be wasteful, but I won't be repurchasing the set as a gift or buying a full size fragrance from them either. I think it's a great if you want to try them, though, so really I am torn.

Would I recommend to a friend? yes/no ☺☹

overall rating: 5/10

trader joe's mini rice crackers

for this month's foodie feature, we need to talk about these rice crackers from Trader Joe's. they are a top tier snacking option -- perfect for dipping, charcuterie + kid friendly snack boards or for when those days you need something crunchy to snack on. if you have some smoked salmon and cream cheese on hand, grab a handful of these and go to town. it's something that has become a staple in my pantry and I'm always so bummed when I run out. 

would I recommend to a friend? yes! ☺

overall rating: 10/10


american eagle claw clips

this one is gonna be short because I know what you're thinking -- claw clips, really? and yes. it's the only way I style my hair these days and these are my favorite. I know, they're kind of pricey, but  in my opinion, so worth it. they're sturdy and one has yet to break on me, so because of that, I am always reaching for them. every claw clip from AE that I've purchased has been nothing short of amazing quality.

would I recommend them to a friend? yes! ☺

overall rating: 8/10

face base lanolin + vitamin day cream 

I have very dry skin -- think eczema prone all year long. I am always on the lookout for good skin care products and creams that help tame the patches + flakes of dry skin that like to painfully peel off. Not only that, but I also suffer from eyelid psoriasis, which is essentially scales forming on my eyelid, almost like dandruff, and it's so painful.

I bought this face cream on a whim, and can I just say -- do that more often. this is now the cream that I reach for every single time. It has helped soothe the dry patches on my cheeks, and get rid of the scales on my eyelid. My skin soaks this all up and feels so good after application. I honestly love it so much that I now consider it a staple in my skincare routine! 

would I recommend it to a friend? yes! ☺

overall rating: 10/10

the film: napoleon

first, let me preface this by saying that I was so excited about this film. I  mean, putting it mildly, I was thrilled. as a self-professed history buff, I am allllllll in when it comes to movies about historical figures -- especially when they're about a grand figure like Napoleon.

the trailer was epic and when I saw that Joaquin Phoenix was Napoleon, I was stoked! Come time to watch the movie, I expected great things...... and all that excitement flat lined REAL quick

I was so disappointed in the way they portrayed Napoleon. Instead of giving us one of the greatest military leaders of all time with epic battles and ruthless execution, we got a whiny and weak leader who could not function.

I felt like they focused on his love life for the film which, in my personal opinion, was a bad move. When I think Napoleon, I think Waterloo, the invasion of Russia, etc. I think brilliant mind, great leader, and when all the major battles were glossed over, it really became painful to watch.

all that to say, you guys, this movie had so much potential -- literally so much potential. the cast was good, the script was horrible. I honestly hated it. when the credits rolled, I was angry that I wasted 2+ hours on this film. Not to be dramatic, but I felt like mourning what the film could have been. 

would I recommend it to a friend? no. ☹

overall rating: 1/10


thrive causemetics brilliant eye brightener

I first came upon this product a few years back and loved it. I'm a one and done when it comes to eyeshadow, so these are my go to. I've always wanted to try all the colors, so I finally bought them all. 

in short, I really like them. the colors are gorgeous and there are some fun colors like a pastel green, purple and blue, which I don't typically grab, but it's fun to have on hand in case you want to get creative. they're creamy and glide on well. I love them because I like a sheer look, but if you're looking for super vibrant colors, maybe pass on these. that being said, they are buildable, so don't write them off right away either.  

I'm not a bold eye look kind of girly, so they're perfect for me. I love using them as smudgy eyeliner when I don't want to color the whole lid. honestly, for my makeup skills and minimal wants, they're a hit.

would I recommend it to a friend? yes! ☺

overall rating: 9/10


and that's a wrap! 

those are my hit and misses for the month of February. I'll see you next time. xoxo


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Recipe | Walnut Thumbprint Cookies


welcome back to the blog. today I thought it would be fun to wrap up this month by sharing a flavorful walnut thumbprint cookie! I find this recipe so simple and easy to make -- it only has 6 ingredients! the nutty cookie and the fruity filling brings the best of both worlds to the table and everyon loves them.m

what you'll need

Salted Butter

250 g @ room temp 

powdered sugar

150 g



4 large handfuls


Jam / Fruit Preserve

how to make it

step 1.

place four large handfuls of walnuts in a food processor and run it until they become fine. dump the walnuts into a bowl with your butter, powdered sugar, and eggs. 

step 2. 

start mixing with your hands and start adding in a cup of flour. do this, 1 cup at a time, folding it into your mixture until the dough stops sticking to your bowl. 

step 3. 

preheat oven to 350 degrees and line your baking pans with parchment paper.

step 4. 

it's time to formulate the dough into little balls and place a "thumbprint" in them. to do this, I grab a small amount of dough (depending on how big I want my cookies to be) and roll it in between the palms of my hand.

step 5. 

to make the "thumbprint," I use a 1/2 teaspoon measuring spoon and press it into the center of my dough ball. 

step. 6 

fill your little thumbprints with jam! any jam will do -- strawberry, marionberry, cherry, apricot, raspberry and blackberry are some of my favorites, but you can get creative. I love using nutella, apply jelly, and lemon curd as fillings as well. 

step 7.

place them in oven and bake for 15 - 25 mins. I like my cookies to be on the softer side, so I typically take them out around 18 minutes. if you like a crispier cookie, you can leave them in the oven until the cookie part gets a little more golden brown. 

step. 8 

take out of oven and place on cooling rack. 

 *a few notes

ꕥ when serving, sprinkle a little more powdered sugar on top!  

ꕥ this recipe will yield about 30 - 40 cookies, depending on how big your dough balls are. I usually double the ingredients for a bigger batch of 60-80 cookies for gatherings.

ꕥ when making bigger cookies, you can play around with the shape of the "thumbprints" -- think hearts, stars, clovers, etc.

ꕥ they go great with a cup of coffee ;)

and there you have it! 

a super simple recipe that will have everyone reaching for more! until next time. xoxo

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For The Love of Quilts

The Patch Work Quilt  (1887) by Lance Calkin

hello friends, welcome back to this little corner of the web!

Over the past year, I've been on such a quilt kick -- I've fallen in love with them. They are truly a work of art. The dream is to one day make my own, but I feel as if I don't have it in me. So, the next best thing is to share the joy of quilts through a blog post and a little guide to the quilts on the internet that I've drooled over.

1. Happiness

2. Stillwater Floral

3. Heritage Velvet  (kids)

4. Agate Beach 

5. Starburst

6. Cozy Cloud

7. Flying Geese

8. Ashbury

9. Polka Dot

10. Cozy Velvet

11. European Linen

12. Joyful

13. Marshmallow Jersey

14. Pretty Posies

15. North Star

so there are my favorite quilts on the internet -- aren't they just stunning? I also wanted to take this moment to share some of my favorite quilt collectors + quilt artists on the gram because that's the place where I fell in love with the art our quilting. it's only fair to give credit where it is due.




Flying Geese



Earth Made Quilt


Fancy That Design House


Me and Kiddo

 B + C Heritage Quilts and Antiques


Caravan Quilts

 Kye + Hardy

aren't these all just so stunning? you cannot help but admire the art and craft whether it's a vintage quilt that has withstood decades of use or the creativity of the craft. I just love how each artist brings in thier own style and color schemes / patterns and gives the quilt life. 

it really is such a beautiful craft and it's one that I hope to pick up one day. but, until then, you can find me here -- admiring them and the art intensely. I hope you've enjoyed this little guide. See you next time! 

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Last Minute Valentine Ideas Lookbook

hello friends! 

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I should be getting ready to host a cute homeschool co-op party, but everything fell through last minute, so I have some time on my hands. I'm going to throw a little party for my boys to distract them (and myself) from the fact that we've been uninvited to the party we planned. LOL. 

I wrote a vague post about it on instagram yesterday, and it's going to stay that way. I don't thrive off of drama or like talking about it,  but I do want to throw out the notion that homeschooling parents can be just as dramatic as the PTA ones. It's unfortunate that some people can't put aside their difference for the sake of the children. 

Being ghosted by the co-op you thought was the perfect fit, with no explanation, is the worst feeling. I've spent a few days being so upset about it, but all that upheaval has turned into thankfulness. Maybe God is trying to protect us from something we didn't see. We're choosing to move on with grace in our hearts, dusting off the negativity and moving on.

Which is why I'm here, sharing some super cute Valentine ideas that I've seen on social media lately. I'm so inspired by all the creativity everyone has -- I've tagged all the creators underneath the photos, so go love on their pages! 








annnnnnd that's a wrap!

aren't these some of the cutest ideas?! I'm off to the store to grab supplies for our own little valentine shin dig! I hope everyone has the sweetest day tomorrow. Until next time, xoxo! 


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