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Last Minute Easter Basket Ideas!


Hey friends! long time no see -- it's been a weird season for me as I navigate motherhood and homeschooling with boys who get more energetic by the minute. It was so much easier to blog when the boys were consistently napping in the afternoon, but these days it's like there isn't a moment to spare to sit down and collect my thoughts. 

I seperated my personal account from my blogging account on instagram last summer and all things blogging really took a back seat, but I really miss writing, sharing and curating guides as well as all the things this little blogging space has become. 

So, I'm here, trying to revive this space and the blogging aspect of my life -- starting with this post about last minute easter basket ideas! most of these shops will have your goodies arrive on time if you order within the next two days! so let's get cracking with the guides because there isn't a moment to waste! 

bologa basket | bunnies in carrot pouch | play silks | wooden slingshot | plush bunny | wooden hen | thumb piano | bunny dough | tractor book | bee crayons | kinder easter chocolate pack | bunny rabbit baby | wooden mountian stacker | little mouse | blue river pebble set

macaroon suprise ballsbunny rabbit paper doll kit | play silks | wooden bunny | plush chickie | star music wand | cross body basket bag | macaroon sidewalk chalk set | wooden tea set | cute pops scented eraser set | board book | kitty friend dolls | glitter heart stickers | watercolors | angel mouse in suitcase | white bunny in egg

discounts anyone? 



and that's a wrap! if you're feeling crunched for time and need more fillers going to the target, the dollar store or to your local grocery store might help. I prefer to sprinkle in cholcate in the basket rather than filling eggs and then purchase a bigger chocolate item like a lindt bunny or reese egg. it's less hassle, less plastic waste and a lot more fun! 

soooooo, there you have it. I hope this post gave you some motivation to get started on that sweet basket. 

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