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The Blog Hotline :: 5 Reasons To Start A Blog

I'm going to just jump into this post because why not? I started a blog about 2 years ago and I've loved every second of it. Like all projects, blogging is an acquired taste / talent and by that I mean you have to like words and writing -- unless you're wanting to get into the other realms of making content, buuuut I'll tackle different forms of content creation in another post because the influencing platform has a niche for everyone. Today is all about blogging and why you should start one, so let's begin.

No. 1 :: It Challenges You 

Great first reason, huh. I mean, everyone loves a challenge, right? When I first started blogging, all I knew was that I wanted a way to pass the time as I was stuck inside during the winter with a fresh newborn. I already loved to write, so the passion was there, but I had to figure out how to start, what to write about first, what platform to use, etc. It was kind of overwhelming and feeling like I didn't know where to start almost kept me away from the blogging world, but with the encouragement from my husband, I started to research. Once I figured out the basics, it kind of just took off from there.

* a post on blogging platforms + how to start a blog is coming soon, so stay tuned! 

No 2 ::  Finding Your Voice

I really love this reason -- it's probably my favorite. In person, I am rather quiet and don't talk much. I tend to be a listener / observer. So, when I started blogging, I had to find what I wanted to say. For those of you who know me better than others, you know that I have opinions on everything! But, I don't like vocalizing them with just anyone for the sake of avoiding confrontation + debate. So, blogging really pushed me to be honest with myself and find my voice. 

I opted to identify as a motherhood + lifestyle blogger which meant that I had a space to talk about the pings and pangs of motherhood as well as the glorious victories. In reviews, I was able to say that I wasn't crazy about a product even though the brand gave it to me for free, I was able to just be vocal and it was my space. I have the freedom to tell it like it is and it's not "pushing" my views on anyone because this is my blog. 

No 3 :: Growing + Gaining Knowledge 

This goes hand in hand with reasons one and two, but it's worth mentioning on its own too. Besides the plethora of knowledge you gain from setting up a blog, connecting with other bloggers and starting to build your brand, you also grow your skills in communication, content creation, public relations, and technology. 

You'll have days when your blog is down or when you're flooded with emails and you're going have to just work through the day patiently and as a result, when all is right with the world again, you'll realize that you learned a ton from troubleshooting. I am always so surprised at how much blogging has helped me with my problem solving skills and allowed me to grow in my knowledge surrounding technology. 

No 4 :: Making Connections & Friends

I love talking to and working with people, so adjusting to stay at home mom put a damper on my adult interaction. Blogging allowed me to connect with fellow mom bloggers and working with brands brought a sense of professionalism to mom life that was a breath of fresh air. 

I cannot say that you won't run into people who will rub you the wrong way in this community and when working with brands because you will. There will be people who won't want to share information with you, give off a competitive vibe and there will be brands that will rip you off, not respond to emails and rudely decline to work with you -- it happens. 

Not everyone in this field is supportive and wants you to succeed, but that is totally okay. Working with people in any field can be a hit or miss. With that being said, I've met some amazing brands and bloggers in this process and the supportive community that is out there is totally worth investing in. It make take a while to find your people, but once you do, it's so fun!

No 5 :: Having Flexibility 

I love that I can blog and work when I want to / can make time. I have two little boys at home and I am expecting baby number three which means time isn't always on my side. I love that blogging gives me the opportunity to work when I can. When talking to brands, I always set up timelines that are doable for me and my schedule. 

I also love that I can reject certain collaborations and requests from brands without feeling obligated to explain why I am rejecting them. I am my own boss and I can invest more time in projects that I believe in rather than projects I don't feel comfortable with. 

I also love love loooooove being able to work from home in my office. It's so nice to be able to work in your pajamas with no makeup on and a cup of coffee nearby without getting judged by anyone. 

So, Have I Convinced You To Start One Yet?

In closing, I do want to say that blogging also brings a plethora of opportunities that you'll never see coming. After I started blogging, it gave me the courage to start new projects that had been on my mind for years and provided the determination I needed to succeed. 

I am now able to make a small income from blogging after two years of putting in a lot of work and producing consistent content. I didn't want to make this a reason because I plan to write an entire blog post dedicated to the opportunities that blogging can bring about, but just know that even when it seems overwhelming, sticking to producing quality content and figuring out how to navigate the blogging world is so worth it in the end. 

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