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Big Blessing, Small Package :: Wee Blessing Subscription Box

Hello Friends!

Today I'm excited to get to share a game changer when it comes to shopping-- the Wee Blessing Subscription Box. It's a subscription box that sends you professionally styled clothes for your little one.

This subscription box is perfect for the moms who don't have time to go shopping, but still want their kiddo to look super adorable. Personally, I love this box because it gives a mom options and we aren't obligated to pay from things that we don't want to keep --  an extra bonus because the clothes that they send you are great quality and from popular brands / stores.

How It Works 

When you sign up, you take a style quiz for your little and they literally ask you about everything. The types of brands you want, the kind of patterns and colors, sizes and what items of clothing you want from head to toe!

Once the quiz is complete, all you have to do is wait for your four outfits to come in the mail! Once your box has finally arrived, you'll find the outfits and a prepaid envelope for the items you don't want to keep in your box. A check out form that has the items and prices listed is also included.

Every item in the box is already 40% to 60% off the retail price, but if you decide to keep all the items you've received, you get an additional 10% the entire order! It's such a bargain.

You have 10 full days to decide what you'd like to keep from the box and once you decide, all you have to do is circle "yes" on the checkout form for the items that you're keeping -- how simple and quick is that?!

As soon as you've filled the checkout form, it needs to be scanned and emailed to Wee Blessing and then the items you've opted to return need to be placed in the prepaid envelope and dropped off at your local post office. You aren't charged until Wee Blessing receives your checkout form and the outfits you're returning.

It's really that simple. 

It's also worth mentioning that Wee Blessing can also cater to everyone in the family -- head to toe. They have subscription boxes for mom, dad, and teens as well as maternity and plus size boxes.

If you'd like to try the Wee Blessing subscription box :: CLICK HERE


In short, I really think this box is worth it and love everything it stands for -- it's meant to make mom's life easier and still let you have options. I was a bit skeptical at first when signing up, but when I got the box, I instantly loved it. The brands offered, the quality of the clothes, and the simplicity of the whole process makes me want to tell every busy momma about it! 

Still not convinced? I've taken some pictures of Felix wearing / modeling some of the items he received in his Wee Blessing box and posted them down below. Go take a look! 

Some Items From Felix's Wee Blessing Box 

 OshKOsh Shirt 

Under Armor Tank 

Disney Mickey Pajama Set

OshKosh Shorts

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Review :: Mumbelli Infant Bed

Hello friends,

I'm super excited to share with you all a product that I am using 24/7 now that baby is finally here! It's the Mumbelli Infant Bed and it's probably the one product that I am constantly choosing over all others during the day.

For starters, I really love the portability of it. It's so lightweight and I can move it from room to room with ease and I can do it without disturbing the baby -- talk about a mom win! As a stay at home mom, with a toddler in tow everywhere I go, the Mumbelli gives me the security of placing baby in a safe spot while I go manage my firstborn or tend to other chores.

The bed itself is super soft, so I love knowing that when I place Marcus in the Mumbelli, he is comfortable. The entire bed is foam and the bed has a cover which can be unzipped and thrown in the wash for easy clean up. The bed also comes with a foam insert that you can place under the mat -- if your baby has reflux, this insert is a lifesaver!

*image taken from the Mumbelli website
The bed also has another removable insert to place by baby's feet, giving the bed a womb like feel. I love looking over and seeing the baby all snuggly and secure. I've noticed that Marcus loves to kick against the foot insert when he's awake and have noticed him curl up against the sides of the bed on multiple occasions. Looking back at my pregnancy, I remember him snuggling up against the side of my belly and being quite the kicker.

*image taken from Mumbelli's website.

Another feature that I really love is the pocket on the side of the Mumbelli. I use this as a place to store my phone or the baby's bottle when I'm moving the infant bed from room to room. It's so convenient and saves me from making several trips. I can focus on what I need to do, get everyone where they need to be, and I can do it all in one go. I know it may sound simple, but if it can save me a trip, I'm forever grateful -- my toddler only needs me to turn my back for a second to get the room looking like a tornado just hit.

The bed comes in four different colors: Peach, Nautical, Taupe, and Light Blue. I chose the taupe color because I'm all about neutral tones, but also because I plan on having more babies and I plan on using this item again if I'm blessed with more children. Taupe is the perfect unisex color and I just love how cute it looks in my home, on the kitchen table or on our bed.

All in all, I feel like this product is a game changer for anyone who is looking for an easy portable bed for their little one. It can go everywhere and anywhere with you. I use it every single day and if I were to take a vacation this summer, this would be on my packing list. Once you and your little one experience the Mumbelli -- you'll be reaching for it time and time again.


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