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Dear Momma

It's Mother's Day weekend, so naturally, I wanted to dedicate a post to my very own mama -- the epitome of strength, dignity and love. I thought I'd do this by writing a letter to the woman I admire most.


Dear Momma,

On this Mother's Day, I wanted to acknowledge what so many of us forget -- your constant sacrifice.

You always put your family first, no matter the situation or circumstance. And for that I thank you.

As the mother of seven children, I know it wasn't always easy. You did the best you could, and I know that we didn't always cherish that. I admit that even today, there are many times when all of us take you for granted.

Looking back on my childhood, I remember you as super woman. You ran a business that you poured your heart into and did what not very many people would do -- take care of the elderly in your own home. You treated them with such kindness and respect. I always felt that our residents were part of our family because you treated them like they were no less. It is because of you that I learned to respect and love others even when they make it hard. You always taught us that showing humbleness and humanity is one of the most important things to offer in a dark world.

You always had a hot meal on the table, tended to everyone's demanding needs and still managed to make time for all seven of us. Some of my favorite memories consist of you knocking at my door at 10:30 pm, after you tucked everyone else in, to chat with me. I know you were tired and the fact that you chose to spend quality time with your eldest daughter instead of going to sleep speaks volumes about the kind of mother you are.

The sacrifices you've made throughout the years have not gone unnoticed. I know that you had very limited time to spend on yourself -- most of which you dedicated to us. You made sure that we knew you loved us and that we could come to you with anything.

I want to end this letter by thanking you -- for loving us, for tolerating us, and for praying for us. I remember walking into the room and seeing you on your knees with tears streaming down your face as you asked the Lord to watch over your children. I always admired your faithful nature and how passionate you were about teaching us about His love and promises.

You're an exceptional mother and the best grandmother to my sweet Felix. We love you for all you do.


Unknown said...

This is beautiful! Happy Mother's Day to you and your mama!

Melissa said...

This is so beautiful Marta. Your mom is so blessed by you and I'm sure this will mean so much to her! Moms truly are the best.

Kiara said...

I hope you showed your mom this Marta, it's beautiful. I feel like we never really understand our mothers love until we become a mother. This is perfect ��

Laura bush said...


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