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Room & Board :: Hess Sofa [ + Product Guide ]

As I look for other products for my living space update, I am happy to report that the first piece arrived this month and it's proving to be glorious. We got the Hess sofa in Urbino Black from Room & Board and we could not be happier. It's the perfect size for our family of five and when we're all sitting on it, there is still room to spare -- perfect for any growing family.

We opted for leather because with three under three, spills and crumbs are inevitable. I've been able to wipe it down several times with a microfiber cloth and it looks just as amazing as it did when it first arrived. The boys are such a fan of this sofa because of the deep seats and how easily they can climb on and off it.

I am loving the contemporary / modern look of this sofa and the contrast pop to the brick wall behind it. My husband keeps commenting on how comfortable it is and we just cannot stop raving about this sofa. I mean, we all equally loooooooove it just as much as the next person in this house. Even the baby loves napping on it.

So yes, as you can plainly see this Hess sofa has a home that loves and adores it. We're eagerly searching for pieces to complement it in our living space update. We're still looking for a TV console, two armchairs, an area rug, and some other decorative pieces. As soon as we have all of those pieces in the room, we'll do one massive room reveal.

In the meantime....

I thought it would be fun to do a little product guide / mood board of some the wonderful things Room & Board has to offer. I'll be linking each product down below and if anything catches your eyes, go take a better look at it on their site.  

The Items

No. 1: Marlo Bed

No. 2: Hudson Office Armorie 

No. 3: Isaac Select Rolled Arm Recliner

No. 4: Dahl Console Bookcase

No. 5: Dodd Leather Storage Ottomans

No. 6: Morris Modern Bench

No. 7: Nico Office Chair

No. 8: Burnham Pillow

No. 9: Adams Modern Glass Door Cabinet

No. 10: Jasper Sectional 

No. 11: Tempo Wall Clock

No. 12: Bangla Storage Baskets

No. 13: Fairbanks Pendant

No. 14: Berkeley Wood Desk 

No. 15: Case Study Ceramic Planter

... aren't these just gorgeous?! I am so in love with the modern look of their furniture. Room & Board also has outdoor furniture, lamps,  rugs, and so much more. I honestly cannot get enough of their stuff. I'd do a whole house revamp with these stunning pieces -- and maybe in time, I will!

Thanks for stopping by, loving on my new sofa and taking a mini-tour of Room & Board with me! I hope you had as much as fun as I did.

+++ special thank you to Room & Board for partnering with me and gifting us this sofa +++


florin`67 said...

This couch is so comfortable!

Anonymous said...

I am loving this sofa!

Anonymous said...

damn. I wish i could have that couch! this looks very nice!

Unknown said...

this looks amazing and so comfortable! perfect for your growing family! thank you for the inspo as well! will check it out so i can re do my master bedroom!

Tina said...

this looks like a great couch. waiting for the reveal so we can see the whole space.

Noelle Kelly said...

What a gorgeous sofa!! I wish i had my leather sofas in my living room. i love that green

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