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25 Days of Gift Guides | For Those Who Think In Pink | Day 1

H A P P Y A L M O S T D E C E M B E R!

To start off the holiday season, I am starting (or attempting) to do 25 days of gift guides! It's like Blogmas without the pressure -- no posts on weekends or grief if I miss a day because between raising three boys under three, starting a new job and making sure my husband has enough time studying for his boards while I hold down the fort / get ready for Christmas, there is no time for unneeded pressure! So here's to creating content for fun and not out of obligation because that seems to be something I lost somewhere in the last three years. Sooooooo, with all that being said, let's start off this series by talking about gifts for those who love and think in the color pink! 

T H E G I F T G U I D E 

all the items listed + linked below

Aren't these just so pretty? To be completely honest, I'm not even a fan of the color pink, but I am loving all of these options. All so chic and beautiful! Tune in tomorrow for our next gift guide and don't forget to save + share if you loved this one!

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