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Toddler Meal Ideas

Hey Friends!

I thought I'd share some simple toddler meal ideas in a visual diary format. I love prepping the boy's meals and thought it'd be fun to document what the boys eat for a while and then blog about it. I sometimes share these on my stories, so if you follow me on Instagram, some of these shots may be familiar. 

Before we dive in, I'd just like to address a question that I repeatedly get regarding the plates we use. When I first started blogging, Nuby sent me these animal silicone plates as a gift and I reviewed them on a whole separate blog post (read that here). It's been a while and we're still using them. They're perfect for little ones as all my boys are ridiculous in the sense that they want their food to not be touching and in a separate container. They're easy to clean and just so cute + fun. I also got a few plates from Target that are just as good! 

You can find these plates on Amazon and so many other cute designs! Also, fair warning, kids are smart and will figure out how to remove the plate, no matter how good the suction is. I see so many reviews say that it's not a good plate because their toddler figured out how to lift it and it makes me laugh because well kids are kids -- curious. Unless you want to superglue the plate to the high chair tray, then be ready for your child to be able to lift the plate / bowl off the tray. Just thought I'd throw that practical bit out there because they really are good plates. 

Anywaaaaaaay, let's get to those toddler meals!


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