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Homeschool Diaries : Our Why + Pre-K Curriculum and Plans

Felix is starting pre-k today -- someone pinch me. I can't believe my firstborn is officially a school-aged kid. As we approached the school year, my husband and I have decided that the best place to learn for our kids is at home -- with me. If I'm honest, we've never really thought about placing them in the public school system; it's always been learning at home or private school for us. We cannot currently afford a good private school at the moment, so I am gearing up to start homeschool with the boys. 

Felix is turning four this fall; then I have a two-year-old and a one-year-old at home -- both of whom I plan to incorporate in the studies. My Marcus always wants to have + do what my eldest is doing, so even though he may not understand all the material, it's good exposure. 

I am basing this next year on learning through play and have finally decided on the curriculum + things I am going to purchase and use for the 20-21 school year. I will be mixing material from several sources to teach the boys. The next year of teaching the boys will comprise of: 

The Kindergarten ToolKit

multiple sets of flashcards + lesson booklet with 10 goals that little ones need to have mastered by next fall. I really love that this will be in a physical format and isn't a digital copy like the other curriculum I am getting. It will be the outline I will be going off of.

The Habitat School House

will be the main curriculum that I will be using this year. It's not only beautiful, but it incorporates elements of nature in the studies.  I will be purchasing a digital copy of their curriculum even though they have physical curriculum available. I have two boys and will need two of everything; plus, in a few years, Alex (and maybe a few other babies) will get to use these too. It makes the most sense to print it out, even though I'd love to have the workbooks bound. I am planning to get binders for the boys and place their completed worksheets in them as we complete the material. I will be purchasing the base instead of the comprehensive digital copy because I am supplementing flashcards with other types of learning (chalkboard, sand trays, trace boards, etc).

Chalk Full of Design

I stumbled across them on Instagram last year and knew that I would implement them in my homeschool journey when the time comes. Here are the boards we will be getting throughout the year for the boys / to start our collection. 

While the habitat schoolhouse has a wonderful selection of nature studies, I love the preschool nature guides that the peaceful press offers (bonus points because it offers mini bible studies for our littles). We'll be starting off the fall with their tree guide and then move to something in their nature bundle and the Christmas guide when the holidays roll around. 

Supplementary Curriculum

these shops have the most beautiful mini guides which I will be using to complement lessons as needed. they are the places that I will be coming back to time and time again throughout the year as I prep for each week / lesson theme. 

Safari Ltd

we've basically gotten all their life cycle sets and are collecting their animal figurines + toob sets for our sensory table activities and animal / habitat studies. These are great tools for the homeschool classroom, but when the lessons are over, the boys can use these for open-ended play which they love!

annnnnnd they've so graciously given me a code to share with my followers + blog readers if they want to snag some stuff from their online store. so, use code "mainlymarta" to get a little something off your purchase!

Tiny Theologians

also found them on Instagram and I love their passion for teaching children about the Lord and church history. I'll be getting their ABC bundle and will be using the cards in our alphabetical studies. I'm also going to get their mini-lessons on the fruit of the spirit and prayer cards.

Subscription Boxes

Lovery Play Kit -- this is for Alex, but I am almost sure that his brothers will love this box too. it's filled with toys for baby's developmental stages and I am hoping these toys keep him busy while mama is tending to the big boys in the classroom. 


Upon my research, here are some freebies I found that I will also be utilizing during our homeschooling journey. I thought I'd share these with you because some of these finds are too good not to share. I'll be updating this section as I find them throughout the year.

European Homestead

I've set a space where I will share all things homeschool; in addition to essential oils, food, faith, and home decor.  It's a space where I plan to focus on homey things without the pressures of content numbers. 
You can follow that journey on Instagram at @europeanhomestead or you can come to the blog and peep at its page -- here

I plan on blogging about our homeschool endeavors + our activities via this space as well. I am going to talk about what I am using, what supplementary things I opt to buy throughout the year + what is working, what isn't and how we're progressing for anyone who is curious!

Free Home School Planning Printables 

I've compiled a few planning worksheets that I will be using to help myself to stay organized and I'd love to share them with you. My plan is to keep a binder of these sheets and keep track of our progress. Right-click on each image and save these files to your desktop, print, and start planning mama!

Ready, Set, Homeschool! 

As we start our journey, I am planning to blog about our journey often and sharing resources / material as often as I can. I am excited and nervous about teaching kids that are not on the same level, but at the same time, I am happy that I can watch my boys grow and learn. I hope to give them the comfort of a steady pace that isn't constantly pressured by things like benchmarks. Here's to a wonderful year! 

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