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Homeschool Diaries : Bee Unit (+ free printable)

for our first official homeschool unit share, we're talking bees. we took an entire day to talk about these cute little creatures and I thought it would be fun to share a little visual diary of what we did with this unit.  

painted a bumblebee

this bumblebee coloring sheet is from our habitat schoolhouse preschool curriculum. my little men love painting, so we used crayola washable watercolors to minimize the mess. 

practiced counting with a beehive 

another activity from our habitat schoolhouse preschool curriculum. the boys got to practice counting to eleven as well as identifying each number all while giving bees a place to call home in the hive. 

looked at the life cycle of a bee + different types

this was a fun little activity where we sat at the table and looked at each stage of a honey bee's life. we also talked about different kinds of bees. I used this cute little bee collection set from Twig and Moth's Etsy shop to introduce the boys to some native bees. 

made our own bees out of playdoh

my little guys love all things playdoh, so this was something they were so excited about.

read about bees in our big book of bugs

we love the big book of bugs -- it's the perfect book for toddlers and little ones to get acquainted with insects. I prefer it to other bee books because it's simple and since we're a creation focused homeschool, we love that it focuses on the way bugs live and what they do.

other resources

our life cycle tray is from a small shop on Etsy called Cat's Craft Toys; see it here.
our figurines are from safari ltd -- honeybee life cycle set + large honeybee
the anatomy of a honey bee drawing is from Julia Rothman's nature anatomy book.
the honeycomb is actually a trivet from an Etsy shop; see it here

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free bee anatomy printable

here's bee anatomy printable just in case you don't want to purchase one and are looking to do your own bee unit -- right-click, save to desktop, and print. please note that this print is for my readers and is not meant to be sold / redistributed; personal use only, please. 

if you do end up using this print, snap a picture and tag me on @mainlymarta / @europeanhomestead on Instagram. 

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