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Take Care of Yourself.

I was roaming around the internet the other day, and I came across a few posts that talked about taking care of yourself and I thought, "hey, I should write a post about this.." So, here are some things that I have found useful over the years:
*List is exclusively for the ladies (sorry gentlemen).. feminine care is my field of expertise*

Tips for the Body:

  1. Exfoliate at least once, preferably three times a week.
  2. Change your pad/tampon at least twice a day.
  3. Use coconut oil -- for hair, face, and in your diet!
  4. Body Butters and lotions when you get out of a shower are a must -- moisturize! especially in the winter.
  5. Use tea tree oil for pimples and fungus on toe nails.
  6. Vitamin E Oil is great for moisturizing the skin on your face and eyelash growth.
  7. Don’t squeeze/pick at pimples -- the bacteria on your hands will only make them worse and will create more redness.
  8. Always use moisturizer before applying makeup.
  9. Diet is extremely important -- eat lots of fruits and veggies (especially the green, red and purple ones)

Tips for your Hair: 

  1. Wash your hair every 2 times a week days -- washing hair every day will strip your hair of natural oils.
  2. If you must wash more than twice, try dry shampoos instead.
  3. Brush your curls with your fingers to create a more tousled look.
  4. Before blow drying your hair, use volumizing spray or gel on your roots for more definition in your hair.
  5. If you're going to use a blow dryer, curler/straightener, always use heat protectant spray or mousse first -- this will result in less damage in the long run.
  6. Use shampoos that are sulfate free since sulfates dry and damage your hair.
  7. If your hair is greasy avoid conditioning the roots, just the ends.
  8. Trim your hair every 6-8 weeks to keep hair looking healthy and no damaged ends.
  9. Use avacado oil on your hair in the winter to stop your hair from drying out.
  10. Dry shampoo is also very good for volumizing your hair.
  11. The best way to get rid of ingrown hair is to exfoliate.
  12. Use conditioner instead of shaving cream -- you will get a smoother result anywhere you shave.
  13. Argan oil is great for hair growth and shine!

Tips for Make Up:

  1. Clean your makeup brushes, regularly along with any other makeup appliances (beauty blenders, makeup pads) in a mix of warm water and a little bit of soap.
  2. Wearing white eyeliner counteracts the redness in your eyes.
  3. To make your cheekbones appear higher, use bronzer under the cheekbone and highlighter on the actual cheekbone.
  4. To avoid caking yourself with foundation use tinted moisturiser or BB cream.
  5. Always wash your makeup off before going to bed.
  6. Always make sure you blend your foundation so your neck isn’t a different colour to your face.
  7. Aztec Clay Masks are a beauty routine staple -- it draws out impurities from your skin, preventing further breakouts!
  8. Clean your makeup bag out every once in a while and get rid of any products you don’t use. 
  9. Tape is great for a perfect winged eyeliner.
  10. Q-tips are great for cleaning and tidying up those hard to reach areas.
  11. Concealer works great for a base for your eye makeup as the makeup will stick to it.
  12. Using highlighter and illuminators on your cheekbones, browbone and cupid’s bow for a “dewy look”
  13. When using cream products like eyeshadow or blush, use translucent powder to set it in place.
  14. Replace mascara and eyeliners every 3 months or so.
  15. Don’t share makeup/appliances for your eyes, it may cause infections like conjunctivitis and maybe a sty.
  16. Blot your lips after applying lipstick to avoid getting lipstick teeth.

General Tips: 

  1. Change your bra every 5-11 days.
  2. Always make sure your feet are dry before putting on socks and shoes to prevent fungal infections.
  3. Green tea, lemon and cinnamon help with weight loss.
  4. Wash blood stained clothes in cold water with 2 tablespoons of salt.
  5. If you peel/lick your lips it will damage them, so don’t do that.
  6. Applying eye cream on the cuticles of your nails will make them stronger and healthier.
  7. Drink at least 8 cups water each day -- it will improve your overall health. 
  8. Always carry tampons/pads even when you’re not on your period because you never know when someone else might need them.
  9. Clean out your purse every two months.
  10. Bio-oil and Shea butter are good for stretch marks.
  11. Underwear/lingerie should be 100% cotton - otherwise you can get a yeast infection.
  12. Before exercising, stretch first. 
  13. Apply a damp tissue to blotchy, red skin after crying, it will make you look as if you haven’t been crying at all.
  14. Oil Stains? dab dish soap on satin before placing it in the wash.
  15. Use a paperclip to clip the back of your bra straps together to create a racerback bra.
  16. Wash your pillow case every 1-2 weeks to help prevent acne.
  17. Cucumbers are good for dark circles and puffy eyes just place a slice over your eyes and leave for about 15 minutes
  18. Use honey instead of sugar when possible.
  19. Try to drink your tea unsweetened and coffee black -- helps with weight loss! 

Hope you guys find these tips useful and practical. Let me know what works and doesn't work for you!

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