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What started as a digital diary to document a newfound journey as a stay at home mom / wife has quickly evolved into my own little corner on the internet where I share all that life brings my way -- the good, the bad, and those "aha!" moments. All with a hint of sarcasm, a dash of truth and bold European wit. Thanks for following along!

Quote of the Month | January

Motherhood truly is a miracle, no matter how you look at it. 
I mean, honestly, I find it a miracle that I don't want to chew out my little babe after he throws up on my favorite shirt or after a sleepless night due to what seems like a never ending session of fussiness. Had it been someone other than my baby, they'd probably hear an earful!

The more I think about it, the more miraculous motherhood seems. 
The process of getting pregnant, becoming a human incubator for nine months, and then birthing a child? Amazing. 

Thinking back, I wonder how I survived that entire ordeal (and why would I ever want to do it again!). Needless to say, I would do it again in a heartbeat because those long nine months let you reap the most precious of rewards -- a sweet little baby.  

I find it so wonderful that we live in a time where motherhood is not just a chore, but a thing so many people embrace. I've come across a few individuals (strangers on the world wide web, of course) who look down upon my choice to stay at home, raise my son and cook home cooked meals for my husband. They even went as far as to tell me that I am clearly uneducated for choosing this lifestyle. Little did they know I hold one degree, gaining my second and thinking about pursuing my third. 

Being able to stay at home and not miss a single moment of my little baby's life is such a blessing. I feel so very fortunate to be able to watch my little man grow. I get to wake up to that sleepy face, spend my mornings cuddling, and then the rest of the day I am observing him grow at what seems like an accelerated rate -- taking mental notes and documenting his life through pictures the entire time. 

One of my favorite things to ask elderly mothers is what they wish they could have done differently as a mom in retrospect. Countless times the answer has been wishing they would have been more involved in their child's life or the ability to stay at home. Those who were able to stay at home report that even through the roughest days, the joy of being able to be at home and be present in their child's life at every stage was nothing short of worth it. 

Motherhood truly is miraculous. 
It takes a once selfish human and transforms her into someone who would give anything for her child.

If that isn't a miracle, then I don't know what is. 


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