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Review | Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion

After giving it much thought, I'm going to start writing product reviews -- beauty, clothing lines, books, and a many other things. I'd love to share all the things that have worked for me as well as warn you about things that have failed me!
I've been trying to come up with some clever name for this series, but I've got a sort of writer's block that making me draw a blank. For now, I'll just be numbering them until a moment of pure genius comes upon me and a name magically appears.
To start, I'd like to say that I have hormonal acne and personally, I find it the worst thing when you go look in the mirror and see a big red zit forming. Before this drying lotion (or the miracle worker, as I like to call it), I tried everything. And by everything, I mean all things from dabbing zits with lemon juice, toothpaste, eating yeast (which was DISGUSTING by the way.. don't do it) and getting so desperate that I tried popping hormonal acne. All the remedies I tried were impossible, faltering and leaving me with lots of scars.
*please note I bought the 1 oz bottle, so I am not sure how long it takes for a bigger bottle to separate.
**all stores have it listed as 1 oz for $17.00. I couldn't find it discounted or in a larger size anywhere online.

My first review is on Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion -- a product that I love and find very useful during those skin emergencies.

And then Mario's Drying Lotion came and saved the day....
I first heard of the Drying Lotion when I asked a friend how come she never broke out during one of our coffee dates and she mentioned that she used this product religiously whenever she felt a zit forming.
I didn't buy it right off the bat because she told me she paid like $50 for 3 ounces, which at the time seemed, outrageously pricey and not worth it. Well, I went on with life battling hormonal acne until one day I decided that I would give it a go only because Mario is Romanian (so am I), and I figured if I buy some crazy expensive product, I might as well support my Romanian homies.
Wellllllllllllllllllllllll... let me tell you, that was the BEST choice I ever made because this stuff actually WORKS. When I got it in the mail, the clay (the pink stuff at the bottom) and the liquid were mixed and the directions say to let it sit until they separate before use. That took about 3 to 5 hours (give or take).
So, after the mixture separated, I took a Q-tip and dabbed the clay. The clayish mixture is not hard, so don't do what I did and try to dig in because that doesn't do anything. You then proceed to dab all the zits I had that day which was a BIG painful zit on my cheek that had been there for about 3 days and a few small ones above my upper lip. After application, I let the mixture dry a bit (be warned, it's a little tingly at first, but that goes away after about 3 to 5 minutes after the initial application) and then I went to bed since the directions on the bottle tell you to leave it on overnight.
When I woke up, all my small zits have vanished and the big zit that encompassed my cheek had shrunk down to a tiny spot on my face and disappeared that day. It was all sorts of wonderful!  Ever since then, I have been HOOKED on this product.
After trying it, I did some research and found out that Mario Badescu Skin Care products are a MUST for celeb skin care routines and are regularly found in many other blogger beauty routines because it is safe for ALL skin types -- score! All the more reason to try it, right?
Anyways, that's my review! and oh.. one more thing.. don't let the price keep you away... a small dab goes a LOOOOONG way -- you'll be using that 1 oz bottle for MONTHS. I promise. I bought mine last February and it's a brand new year -- still giving me enough product until March if not longer!

You can buy it online at:

eligible for free 2 day shipping, if you have prime!

 Note & Disclaimer 
the rate given in this blog post is my personal opinion. 
there was no compensation given to me for writing this review.

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