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Review | L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation

I thought I'd do a foundation review because I found one that I actually love and I've been on this search for a really long time. L'Oreal Paris's True Match in the shade N2 (classic ivory) with neutral tones is amazing!
Before I bought this, I was using CoverGirl's (CG) AquaSmoothers in the shade Buff Beige (725) and I found that the pigment in that foundation made my skin look unnatural and yellow.
Finding a foundation for my skin has proven to be difficult. I went to Sephora to get my skin matched by their new technology which they've advertised on their website for some time now, and the lady helping me swatched my skin with her skin-foundation matching device (looks like an iPhone), the foundations the computer said would look best on my skin ended up being to yellow for me, so she had to go down a few shades. When she found something she liked and swatched those, I thought that they made me look super pale, sickly almost, rather than giving me that glowy feel I was looking for (which is the purpose of make up - to make you feel like you're glowing and radiating beauty, right?). I'm eastern European, so my skin is a light olive with pinkish, warm/neutral tones and I guess that isn't a tone that the computer registered. Leaving Sephora, I was disappointed because I really wanted to make a foundation transition but left empty-handed. It was a sad day for everyone.
When I got the True Match, it was on a whim at Target, and I've found that I really really REALLY like it.
It comes in 1 ounce, and the packaging says that it's SPF level is 17, which is great because dermatologists say that 15 SPF is what normal people should be aiming for. So, that fact alone makes me really happy. The packaging also claims it's super blendable -- which is TRUE. The color really blends into my skin and makes it look like I am not wearing makeup. I find that so nice because I am into minimal, barely there makeup looks and it's a dream to own foundation that helps you achieve that!
When you first open the bottle, you'll notice that the foundation is a runny liquid. At first, that made me nervous, but upon application, I loved how smooth it felt and how natural it looked after I blended it on my skin with a beauty blender. The nice thing about this foundation is that a little amount goes a loooong way -- the picture above shows how much I use to cover my entire face and neck, while still having a little bit of product leftover, which I used on spots that I felt needed a little bit more coverage (you know, for those dark acne scars). Every time I use it, I'm left impressed on how little it takes to cover my entire face and how good the coverage is! I like that it spreads evenly and blends into your skin very quickly. You don't have to spend 5 minutes on application to make sure it's really blended into your skin without patchy spots. It truly is a quick and easy application which makes me adore this product even more! As the day went on, I noticed that I didn't need a touch up because I never looked cakey -- it wasn't creasing (a BIG issue I had with CG).
True Match N2 really is a match made in heaven for my skin and I only paid $8.99 at Target! I can't believe I was going to drop $50 on some higher-end brand when this is JUST as good (if not better).
I haven't purchased the True Match powder (yet...), so I don't know how that well that works. Typically, I stay away from powder because I find that powder makes me look cakey and usually gets patchy during the day..  I'm not a fan of powder products in general. Liquid products are usually my favorite with a few exceptions. I might try it out since I loved this so much, but we'll see.. I'm currently in love with this product and it's satisfying all my foundation needs at the moment.

My face after 7 hours of everyday wear,
no editing, just natural light!

TIP: When I first applied the foundation, I placed it on my hand and got too much on my hand and felt like I was wasting the product. So, to help, now I place the foundation on a board before I take my brush and spread it on my face and then blend with the beauty blender. With the remaining product that has not been touch/used, I just scoop it back into the bottle because every little bit counts.
Okay, so to end this review, I rate L'Oreal Paris's True Match a 4.6/5 only because of the runny consistency, but other than that it is a SOLID product which I will repurchase.

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