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Valentine's Day Gift Basket

illustration taken from an Ideals valentine issue in 1954

hello again. I hope you are well! 

it's officially February, and that means that valentine's day is around the corner. to kick off the blog posts this month, I thought share a few posts geared towards gifting for this lovey dovey holiday. today's post is going to revolve around gift baskets geared toward the kiddos. 

please remember that this list is a comprehensive list of ideas, not a look into what I am getting my boys. some of these things were in previous baskets and others are just things that I find super cute. in general, a festive pajama set, art supplies, books, and candy are all you really need for these baskets. these curtated round ups are for fun, and to insipire you if you're looking for a little something extra!

*as always, the disclaimer that some links are affiliate is going here! ;)

wooden heart puzzle

macaron car set

wooden toy sailboat 

cardinal plush

red striped skateboard

pink flowers (mandala / grapat) set

mail van

gummie box

scented highlighters

rose baby doll

strawberry cake 

kinder chocolate bears


cat puzzle 

chocolate strawberry plushie

macaron chalk set

troll doll

mushroom basket

books (see my valentine day book guide by clicking here!)

that's all I've got for you today! did something catch your eye?


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