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children's valentine's day books

Illustration by Norman Rockwell

hello my dears, today we're talking valentine themed books! 

if you've been here awhile, you know books are something that I love -- especially when it comes to children's books. there is something about a sweet story that gets me every time. so, in the spirit of sharing my love for books, I've curated a list of valentine's day books to share with you all! 

* inserting the disclaimer that some links are affiliate!

the books

hug machine

love is

valentine's blessing

happy valentine's day, curious george

the biggest valentine ever

the day it rained hearts

amelia bedeila's first valentine

valentine's day jitters

love, escargot

funny valentine

mouse + mole: secret valentine

cranberry valentine 

roses are pink, your feet really stink 

arthur's valentine

will you be my valentine?

junie b jones and the mushy gushy valentine

somebody loves you mr. hatch

god's love is a warm cookie

valentine's love bug

valentine party

franklin's valentine

the valentine bears

this is not a valentine

here comes the valentine cat

the love letter

god is love

extra special valentine

the friendship book

forever with you

clifford's valentine  

-- aren't these books just darling? we're not big on valentine's day around here, but we love a good story, so this is the one way we give ode to the lovey dovey holiday. I hope you enjoyed this little book round up.

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