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gifts for the lovebirds

our life as one has just begun by John Gannam

hello again! 

I'm coming to you with a valentine gift guide for him and her today. If I'm honest, I don't really place a big deal on this one because I don't need a day to love on my spouse -- that's something I should be doing every single day. We don't do a fancy dinner or anything super fancy because we have three kids and life is busy.

With all that said, I still like to do a little something. Normally, I do a care basket for my husband and kids. It's become my thing to gift for this super commercialized holiday. The basket for my husband consists of useful things that I know he'll use -- shampoos, beard oils, candy that I know he likes, and other goodies. so that's today's post. some ideas for what I'd put in a basket for a spouse. 

*as always, inserting a little disclaimer that some are affiliate.

for him



cat on skateboard socks

parks project hat

jerky bouquet

for her

heart necklace


red heart socks



for both

chocolate lovers set

vintage puzzles

and that's a wrap on the guide -- what do you think?

Again, my approach to this holiday is simple. I know that glamorized gifts are all the rage, but I like gifting things that I know my husband will reach for and use. I think this is the last guide I have listed for this holiday, so I hope you liked them as much as I love curating them. Until next time, xoxo


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