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Last Minute Valentine Ideas Lookbook

hello friends! 

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I should be getting ready to host a cute homeschool co-op party, but everything fell through last minute, so I have some time on my hands. I'm going to throw a little party for my boys to distract them (and myself) from the fact that we've been uninvited to the party we planned. LOL. 

I wrote a vague post about it on instagram yesterday, and it's going to stay that way. I don't thrive off of drama or like talking about it,  but I do want to throw out the notion that homeschooling parents can be just as dramatic as the PTA ones. It's unfortunate that some people can't put aside their difference for the sake of the children. 

Being ghosted by the co-op you thought was the perfect fit, with no explanation, is the worst feeling. I've spent a few days being so upset about it, but all that upheaval has turned into thankfulness. Maybe God is trying to protect us from something we didn't see. We're choosing to move on with grace in our hearts, dusting off the negativity and moving on.

Which is why I'm here, sharing some super cute Valentine ideas that I've seen on social media lately. I'm so inspired by all the creativity everyone has -- I've tagged all the creators underneath the photos, so go love on their pages! 







annnnnnd that's a wrap!

aren't these some of the cutest ideas?! I'm off to the store to grab supplies for our own little valentine shin dig! I hope everyone has the sweetest day tomorrow. Until next time, xoxo! 


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