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Shop Small Gift Guide Ft. Bella Luna Toys


today's gift guide is from another one of my favorite small shops -- bella luna toys. her products are all waldorf inspired and I just love watching those hours of open-ended play of cultivated imagination be inspired by these products. I've curated a small round-up of toys that are still in stock for this holiday season. 

the root children │ children of the forest │ octagon block puzzle │ wooden rabbit hutchblanket dollgold leaf caterpillar dollfelt knight + horsewooden drumwooden treehouseflutewooden hen house │ wooden weaving sheep small doctor kitmouse hedgehogbow + arrow set

I am eyeing that wooden henhouse + rabbit hutch so hard right now and am putting it on our must-have someday wishlist. they're so cute! bella luna toys is such a great shop to support and I'm so happy I get to share such wonderful small shops with you this holiday season. until next time, 

please note / this is not a sponsored post, nor are there any affiliate links listed / all photos of products + logo taken from bella luna toy's website.
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