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Intro to Mini Gift Guide Series | My Wishlist

Can someone tell me why Christmas shopping for everyone else is so much easier than it is to shop for yourself?  If I really think about it, most of the things I want this year are things that I can use in the classroom with the boys. 

so, here I am, starting off a little gift guide series and making the first post a listing of what I'd like to see under the tree because my husband keeps asking me what I want for Christmas. I haven't known what to tell him because I can't think of anything that isn't a pretty penny, but since I plan on collecting these things for the classroom eventually, I thought I'd just ask for them now -- can't hurt right? 

before we begin, I just wanted to make a note that for some of the options in this post, I have listed several items that I love. if you see an * next to a listing, that's the one I'd love to have, but the other listing(s) are a bit cheaper and still acceptable. 

Personal Wishlist

wooden calendar for our homeschool classroom :: type one ⎹ type two (tall size)*

sarah's silks :: recently found this brand and fell in love with all their play silks. I'd love to use them in our homeschool flat lays, during our open-ended play sessions and so much more. currently eying their enchanted silk set.

mugs :: always a great idea. any pretty mugs with a quote or nature-like elements like florals, bees, mushrooms, ferns, trees, birds, bears, etc. will be loved by me.

here are the mugs on my current wishlist :: one ⎹ two ⎹ three ⎹ four 

books :: any books from this list would be lovely. I am constantly adding books that I'd love to have to the classroom, so this is always a great place to check what I have my eyes on. 

holztiger subscription box :: the gift that keeps on giving from one of my favorite small shops -- why and whale. they you send 2 wooden animals monthly and these would me great for our open-ended play. a great way to start + get a collection going.

lily & river little steps :: these would be so fun to have in the classroom too!

so that's my wishlist -- fairly simple asks I think. if you're my husband and you're reading this, I also want a daughter, but we can talk about that another time ;) 

to everyone else, as you can tell, a lot of these asks are from small shops. that'll be the theme of this year's gift guides. I am trying to support small business owners more and more these days. I'd love for you to do so as well especially during these hard times. every other day from now until December (excluding the weekends), I'll be publishing a shop small gift guide. some days will consist a spotlight on just one shop and other days it will be a round up of products from several shops. so, let the gift guides commence! can't wait to share some of my favorite small shops and items with you.

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