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DIY | KidKraft Uptown Play Kitchen Makeover

Hi Friends!

Today I want to share our play kitchen makeover -- I shared my grocery story turned farmer's market last month (read that here) and now it's time to reveal the play kitchen!  The kitchen was in pretty good condition but the faucet fell apart from the constant rough play -- my little guys love pretending to wash dishes. Another thing that drove me crazy was the fact that the play kitchen didn't have a full backsplash. Our play dishes and utensils would find their way behind the kitchen and the boys would try to pull the kitchen to retrieve them. 

So with that in mind, I set off to give it a makeover. I wanted the kitchen to match the playroom as well as the farmer's market. I have a KidKraft Uptown Play Kitchen we gifted Felix for his first Christmas and the goal was to give it a modern refresh. Here's what the kitchen looked like before. 

So, to start I had my husband unscrew all the doors and stove burners on the play kitchen. We painted the doors with the paint colors I had chosen (from Home Depot) to paint a table and chair set we got off of craigslist list.  I also went to Micheal's and got some spray paint to paint all the handles of the kitchen as well as give the stove burners a refresh. 

I chose these Behr paint colors because I wanted earthy tones to compliment our Nugget comfort couch that's coming in September. I want the whole playroom to give off an earthy vibe. Something that's not going to make your head hurt the moment you walk in. I also wanted colors that would look great in pictures as the boys spend a lot of time in the playroom and spontaneous pictures are a lot easier if the things in the backdrop aren't loud and too colorful. 

I didn't take too many pictures of the painting process as I was out with the kids while my husband painted all doors and handles, but he managed to send me these shots of the handles and knobs (stove burners not pictured because I spray painted them beforehand to see the color. 

So, after we painted all the things, I went searching for the backsplash and new faucet materials. I started by reading a lot of blog posts on what to do regarding a backsplash. While there was a TON of people to gave the IKEA play kitchen a mini revamp, I couldn't find anyone who refreshed an Uptown KidKraft Play Kitchen!

I decided that since I didn't have a full backsplash, I had to make my own.  I went to Amazon and purchased two plastic boards + a $9 modern wallpaper roll with a print that I thought would compliment the new kitchen colors. I also wanted something that I didn't need to glue, so the wallpaper I was looking for had to be a peel & stick. 

Then I moved on to researching faucet replacement ideas and fell short. KidKraft didn't have it listed as an option on their replacement part. I couldn't find a seller that made them. I even looked into other brands like IKEA, but found nothing that made any sense. The DIY ones looked so tackey, so I went to Amazon and found a modern-looking faucet that didn't break the bank and purchased it. 

Once everything came in the mail, it was time to install it all. My husband screwed back on all the doors and we took the current backsplash and stuck the wallpaper on it as well as measured how much board would be needed to stick underneath the shelf unit to continue the backsplash -- no pictures of this because it was messy and stressful. Luckily, I bought a set of two because I can't cut straight to save my life. I had my husband come to save the day (... like he always does)! 

After the backsplash was done, we super glued the faucet to the kitchen and it was a whole new world! 

Isn't it just so much better? I am loving how it turned out. I'm going to put some fake plants in white pots on the top and then change up the decor as the seasons change -- so I'll be sure to share those with you guys as well!

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