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simple side dish | mini greek bliss

today, I'm sharing a super simple tasty side salad that is always a hit at our house! 
you can whip this up in 5 minutes and pair it with whatever you've got on your plate as this goes great with all kinds of meat and potatoes.  

you'll need:

- cherry tomatoes; halved.⁣
- kalamata olives; pitted.⁣
- onion; diced. ⁣
- feta cheese; crumbled. ⁣

to make the dressing

- olive oil.⁣
- red wine vinegar.⁣
- pinch of dried basil. ⁣
- garlic + herb seasoning. ⁣
- pinch of salt and pepper. ⁣

ya'll so simple and so yummy. ⁣

a little note: 
I am what you'd call an eye baller when it comes to certain recipes -- especially salads. I am also known to impulsively toss in an ingredient to a dish because I think I'll enhance it. Basically, I will just toss stuff in until it tastes + looks good enough -- so no measurements / quantities are available for this recipe. I am leaving it all up to you, the maker's discretion & taste buds.  

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