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DIY | Farmer's Market :: Fresh Mart Makeover

Hi friends! 

Today I'm sharing our play grocery store makeover! The boys got this play grocery store from Melissa & Doug for Christmas last year. If I'm going to be honest, I was planning to give it a makeover from the moment that it was in the cart. I wasn't a fan of the red and green, so when we opted to set a playroom up for the boys, I took it as a chance to give the whole room a cohesive feel and start with my own little DIY project. 


Surprisingly, the store was in decent shape -- the only thing the boys managed to break off was the fridge door on the side of the store. I ended up throwing it away because I was tired of trying to fix it. Other than that, it was functional. I love this grocery store because it's so sturdy. It gets so much playtime from three little guys who love to climb, pull, and throw things, so the fact that only the door was broken is a win!  

All it really needed was a fresh coat of paint. I mean, this was such a simple task because we only took off the scanner and conveyer belt when we painted it. Once those were off, we painted the store with three colors from our master playroom color scheme and waited for it to dry. 

S O S I M P L E -- seriously you guys, it's like a whole new toy! I love how it turned out. 

Once everything was dry and touch-ups were added, I went to decorate + style the Market with their toys! I'll link some of the play food + products just in case you want to snag some for your collection. But first, let's take a closer look at the farmer's market. 

A F T E R 

Eggs -- Target Dollar Spot; these always appear around March / April 

Small Wicker Basket (with lid) -- this came in a set from IKEA; it comes with two other baskets that I use in the house and the smallest one is perfect for play crackers and small things. 

Mini Wooden Crates -- from Melissa & Doug Food Groups; this can be found on Pottery Barn and at Target if you don't want to purchase it from Pottery Barn.

Baskets -- from HomeGoods and Marshalls 

Honey Jar -- came in a set. 

Plush Cupcakes -- from IKEA but are no longer available; they have a cute roll set though!  

Play Fruit + Veggies -- I've been collecting play food from the moment Felix got a play kitchen at 18 months and he's almost four, so I have a pretty hefty collection. I like to buy sets and when they're on sale. Here are some of my favorite places to look when I'm on the hunt for more house play items. 

Learning Resources ● Target ●  Amazon ●  Pottery Barn Kids ●  Crate + Barrel Kids ● Walmart

⊿  TIP :: the key here is to constantly look at these places because sales appear when you least expect it. 
Waiting for Black Friday is usually when you get the best bang for your buck, but you need to move fast because a lot of times, they sell out fast!

↓ S H A R E ●  S A V E ●  P I N  ↓

F R E E P R I N T A B L E S 

Here are the little prints I created for the market. Feel free to right-click and download! I placed them in 5x7 YLLEVAD frames from IKEA because it's perfect size-wise + they're 49 cents each. These little prints can be interchanged by the season if you'd like. I love how they give the market a more personal feel. 



... and that's a wrap y'all! I hope you've enjoyed this little makeover and that I've inspired you to dream up your own little DIY project. Stay tuned to see what I did with the boy's KidKraft play kitchen! 


Unknown said...

Hi Marta!

First, I love this makeover; it's super cute! I just purchased this same grocery store for my little one and have the same feelings that you do regarding the red and green. I do have a few questions regarding the painting process. I read that it's MDF and is not easy to paint. Many have said you have to sand it or use liquid sandpaper prior to painting it. Did you run across this issue when painting? If so, would you mind sharing your process? Thanks again for the inspiration!


The Fashionable Housewife said...

I love it! Fantastic job! I’m going to try to do this to my store too!!!

Marta said...

Cristina, I didn't use any primer and it was a rookie mistake! I'd sand the store if I'd do this again. some of my paint peeled right off and I had to do a lot of touch-ups to maintain it.

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