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Make A Scene In The Backyard

It's summer and everything is still closed -- thanks COVID. I don't know about you guys, but if the weather permits, we find ourselves outside. My boys are really into pretend play right now, so I like to create backyard scenes that promote having fun while pretending to be doing something that we would have been doing if it was a "normal" summer.

Each product will be linked below and as always, I want to insert a little disclaimer here reminding you that some (not all) links are affiliate links -- which means that make a little bit of commission from the sale if you end up purchasing through my link. There is no pressure at all to buy anything; just constant thankfulness for your support. 

I also want to note that I wouldn't purchase all these things at once, I know that play can be expensive. These round-ups are meant to be inspirational / spark interest. Personally, I like to purchase one item and then build around it by thrifting, collecting, and diy(ing) things to help make the scene a reality. 

S C E N E # 1 | C A M P ❂ O U T

Hape Gourmet Grill

Reso Picnic Table

Log Pillow

Stump Pillow (round)

Plush Campfire Set

Marshmellow Sticks

Nature Light + Sound Lantern

Magnetic Fishing Pole Set

Garden Chair


Camp Out Set

Coleman Sleeping Bag

Flash Light

S C E N E # 2 | T E A ❂ T I M E

Wooden Dessert

Tea Set (with basket)

Picnic Blanket

Floor Cushion

Nora Doll

Straw Hat

White Long Gloves


Felt Ice Cream Sandwiches

Floral Napkins

Sleeveless Dress

S C E N E # 3 | B L A S T ❂ O F F


Space Boots + Glove

Space Pack 

Space Suit (orange)

Space Overalls (blue)



Hanging Solar System

Hanging Star Lights

Galaxy Tapestry 


S C E N E # 4 | S A T U R D A Y ❂ M A R K E T

Cafe Tent

Ice Cream Stand

Crepes + Waffles Cart

Lemonade Stand

Food Truck

Burger Stand 

Gas Station 

Morning Market Stand

Wooden Popcorn Machine

Tea & Treats Stand

... so there you have it -- some cute and fun round-ups to make set up a scene and enjoy hours upon hours of play time with your littles as we continue to quarantine. 
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