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A Tree That Puts The King In Christmas

I just wanted to interrupt the gift guides this year and talk about how much I am loving our Christmas tree from King of Christmas this year -- it's pretty much the coolest fake tree on the planet. I know that's a big statement, but ya'll it is.

First, the delivery process was extremely easy + smooth because it arrived on our doorstep in a box.

Assembling the tree took a total of ten minutes and six of those minutes were spent fluffing the branches, so I think it's safe to say that the set up was a breeze. At first glance, you can see the quality and craftsmanship of the tree is really well done and put together. I was so happy to see my tree come alive from out of the box.

This tree not only can pass a real tree, but the lights on it are peeeeerfect for us. I didn't add a single string of lights to this baby and I feel like it's so bright. Up until this year, we had to add an additional THREE strings of lights to our fake tree to make it shine as bright as this one.

In addition to the glorious lights, I love the fact that we can switch from white lights and multi-colored lights all with a press of a button, but that's not all -- this tree comes with eight settings when it comes to those amazing lights!

✗ Warm white steady.
✗ Multi-color steady
✗ Warm white slow flash
✗ Multi-color slow flash
✗ Warm white and multi-color exchange slow flash
✗ Warm white fast flash
✗ Multi-color fast flash
✗ Warm white and multi-color exchange fast flash

I love putting on the warm white lights when the boys go nap / sleep as I have always been a fan of classic white lights. Of course, my little guys prefer colored lights, so I love that we can compromise. It's the perfect tree for our family. 

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In the spirit of my 25 days of gift guides, I'd love to share what King of Christmas has to offer on their site this year because they don't just have trees, they have pretty wreaths and decor as well. So here's to day nine of gift guides and dedicating to King of Christmas! As always I'll have the items linked below.


No. 1 :: Prince Jr. Flocked Garland with LED Lights

No. 2 :: 9' Noble Fir (with warm white lights)

No. 3 :: Natural Ornament Set

No. 4 :: Tribeca Blue Spruce Wreath

No. 5 :: 3' Royal Fir Table Top Tree

No. 6 :: Queen Flock

No. 7  :: Family Get Lit Pajamas

No. 8 :: King Flock Collection

No. 9 :: Royal Fir Wreath

No. 10 :: Royal Fir Quick Shape

& there you have it my loves -- but I must say that out of all that King of Christmas has to offer. The tree I chose is probably the best one. So get that one! Until next time, stay merry!

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