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25 Days of Gift Guides | Play Kitchen Accessories | Day 10

I know what you're thinking... where is day nine? Welp, it's there -- I decided that I'd share my King of Christmas tree with you all and then last minute, I decided to add a mini gift guide to that post because why not?

So now that we've got back on track, it's time for day 10 and today we're focusing on Play Kitchen accessories for our aspiring and budding chefs because let's face it -- there are some super cute things on the market right now. So without further ado, here are some cute little gifts for your little cook.


No. 1 :: Apron

No. 2 :: Waffle Iron

No. 3 :: Wooden Breakfast Tray

No. 4 :: Pantry Trio : Honey, Salt. Vinegar

No. 5 :: Garden Salad

No. 6 :: Cooking Essentials

No. 7 :: Rolls

No. 8 :: Egg Carton

No. 9 :: Wooden Turkey

No. 10 :: Wooden Pot + Pan

No. 11 :: Mixer

No. 12 :: Garden Veggies

No. 13 :: Bottle Set

No. 14 :: Toaster

No. 15 :: Biscuits

No. 16 :: Espresso Maker

No. 17 :: Baking Utensils

No. 18 :: Wooden Ice Cream

No. 19 :: Felt Pizza

No. 20 :: Tasty Proteins

Aren't these just some of the cutest things to add to a play kitchen? I scored some of these for my little babes and I am so excited to see their faces on Christmas Day!

We posted our play kitchen on Instagram and a lot of you wanted to know where we got ours. My mom bought it for Felix for his first Christmas from Target, but it's from KidKraft. You can find it here.

Tune in tomorrow to see what gifts we're tackling next.

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