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25 Days of Gift Guides | Essential Oil Enthusiast | Day 7

Today's gift guide is for the essential oil enthusiast. I started oils about a year ago. Mostly because I wanted to make my house smell amazing without the chemicals and I'm gonna be honest, I've grown to love the oily life.

I didn't join a "team" because I wasn't wanting to participate in the FB courses people host and I wasn't trying to do anything except learn about the oils at my own pace. If you're wanting to join YL without the pressure of sharing the starter kit and constant talking about sales and growing your business, join me HERE. 

Joining Young Living is super simple and fairly easy. There is no pressure to order oils, unless you join the Rewards program they have on the site. The rewards program requires that you have a monthly order that is $50+ worth of merchandise. Again, that's not required, but it's a nice little perk because points do add up and that means free oils!

Another fun perk of Young Living is that the more you buy (they have home, kids, skincare / beauty lines) each month, the more freebies they send with your order. It's always super fun to know that you have some free stuff coming too!

I'm gonna be straight up and say, yes -- if you sign up under someone they make a small commission. This is one of the many ways I support my family. I never push this on anyone because I don't want you to think that I am just trying to make a buck. I genuinely love this brand and the oily life.

If you're wanting to start a mini side hustle, then I'm here to support you. If you're wanting to just learn, have fun and have someone to talk to when you need help or have questions that works too! Whatever you need, I'm here for ya.

I've also started up an Instagram for all things health-related -- essential oils, physical health, mental health, and spiritual health because all are equally important. If you're interested in that journey, you're welcome to follow along HERE. 

Soooooooooo, let's get to the gift guide!

T H E G I F T S 

No. 1 :: Ember Spray Bottles

No. 2 :: Aroma Breeze Champagne Diffuser

No. 3 :: Rollers

No. 4 :: Oil Shelf

No. 5 :: Aroma Roam Car Diffuser

No. 6 :: Coconut Carrier Oil

No. 7 :: Essential Oil Refernce Book

No. 8 :: Wool Dryer Balls

No. 9 :: PureGlow Himalayan Diffuser

No. 10  :: French Aromatherapy

I'd like to also share some pretty diffusers with you that range from $20 to $110 in price. While I love Young Living, I feel like their diffusers are not the best quality and the really gorgeous ones are too expensive! Here are some diffusers that won't make you feel like you're breaking the bank.

No. 1 :: Teo Diffuser

No. 2 :: Jasmine Aroma

No. 3 :: Aroma Peak

No. 4 :: Aroma Gem

No. 5 :: Hathaspace Marble (in white)

No. 6 :: Ease

No. 7 :: Homedics Artisian

No. 8 :: Hathaspace Marble (in black)

No. 9 :: Ona

No. 10 :: Sofia Diffuser

No. 11 :: Rise Up Crystalize

No. 12 ::  Zoe

No. 13 :: Pink Diamond

& there you have it -- some of the prettiest diffusers on the market that any essential oil enthusiasts will love! Tune in tomorrow to see what will be our next gift guide!

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