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Visual Verse | Intro to Series + Proverbs 31:25

I've been on Instagram for about 7 years now. I stumbled upon it when it was browsing the app store in 2010. I quickly downloaded the app and started uploading pictures of my every day life with what I liked to think was my artistic eye.

That year was a year that I encountered the Lord as He helped me through my very first heartbreak. I had talked to this boy and false promises were made promises were broken -- I found myself alone and hurting. Long story short, the only place I found peace was on my knees and in His word. Because I was so consumed with being in the word, I neglected Instagram until I had an idea! I started making these pictures called visual verses. It was how I memorized scripture. I would find a verse I loved and then I'd take a picture that would interpret that very verse. I'd carry that verse throughout my day and constantly be dwelling on it until I'd stumble on something that made me go "AHA! THIS IS IT" and quickly take a snapshot. I'd then go place the verse on the picture and by the time I was done, I could recite the verse and it was then hidden in the depths of my heart and showcased on my Instagram profile.

I compiled over 100 visual verses, until one day, I stumbled on an Instagram page that was posting my pictures as their own and was taking credit for them. I confronted the person behind the account and was blocked almost instantly. I was so upset about it that I went ahead and took down every single visual verse I ever posted.

I never placed a watermark on my photos because I thought it's God's Word, no one would steal it. I wanted God to be glorified through my pictures, and was hurt when I saw that people were being dishonest.

One day, I logged onto Facebook and was scrolling down my timeline when I stumbled upon one of my visual verses and saw that 20,000+ people had interacted with my photo. This christian page had shared the picture and through that share, people were saying that they were encouraged and really needed that reminder -- it was such a humbling experience. I went to Pinterest and saw a lot of my creations being pinned to encouraging boards and I felt such joy. At that very moment, I remember hearing God say, "see Marta, you are reaching people by the thousands just by creating art that glorifies Me."

That was a few years ago, but now that I blog, I want to get back to sharing the verses I've created, as well as create more of them. I'm a bit older now, so "taking credit" doesn't really affect me as much. It's a collaboration with the Lord as I continue to memorize the Word. So, I'd like to share my first visual verse with you, and talk a little bit about it means (a sort of devotional type of post if you will).

I really love this verse because it's all about empowerment. I feel like many times people think women of faith are weak because we submit to our husbands, enjoy serving others and preach things like obedience.

This verse (and all of proverbs 31) talks about a woman who is bold, courageous and has no fear. She looks upon the unknown with joy and contentment and I just love that this is in the Bible!

Whenever I feel a little shaky whether it be in faith or of the future, I always think about this verse and about how my attitude as a follower of Christ, as a wife, as a mom, as a friend, and as a sister affects those around me.

Our attitudes can help and encourage those around us and its so important that we stay strong in the faith especially in times when a lot of people look down on us for our beliefs.

It's important to look ahead, with faith and boldness while declaring the future as ours because if God is on our side, who can stand against us?!                                                            no. one.                                                                    hallelujah! 

I hope you have a blessed Easter weekend dear friends! 


Sarah Vieira said...

Wow Marta! How beautiful are these visual verses. Such a creative way to spread His word. I am saddened that someone would do that, but soon those type of people fall, God is just! Love this so much. I hope you continue to share it.

Marta said...

Thank you Sarah!
I will be sharing my visual verses on the blog. 💕 It'll be like a mini series / devotional type of post

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