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Review | Baby Bamboo Towel

Hey Friends!

Felix got his first brand rep opportunity with Bamboo Baby Towel! We're so excited about it.

I was contacted by the owner Amanda who was super sweet and quick at getting me ready to rep her towel.

I didn't buy the towel right aways as I was having a bit of a hectic week, but when I did, my discount codes weren't working.

When I contacted Amanda, she was such a big help and really made me feel like she cared about the customer rather than just the profit.

I bought the towel off of Amazon and because I have prime, I got my package super quick! The towel is white and it's hood has this cute elephant print. It's a super soft towel. I really liked the way it felt to the touch! It's also a decent size.

I tossed it in the wash and then went in for a trial run. You guuuuuuuys, this towel is so effective! It wrapped around Felix (who is a long baby) really nicely. One quick pat down and Felix was dry! I was actually surprised at how well this towel worked. It's a lot more absorbent than a 100% cotton towel -- which up until was my holy grail!

The towel Bamboo Baby Towel is 70% bamboo. 30% cotton. 100% amazing! Seriously, you need this towel in your life! I read on Baby Bamboo's Instagram that they're working on more designs. I can't wait to see them and stock up on these awesome towels!


If you'd like to buy this towel, you can do that HERE.
& if you use the discount code "48JBI6VR" at checkout, you'll get a little discount! 🎉

You should also go follow the sweet mama behind Baby Bamboo Towels on Instagram: @bamboobabymama

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