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Target Finds :: White & Gold Decor

I've got some exciting news: recently, Target contacted me to be one of their social influencers! All that means is I'll be starting a new series called Target Finds -- where I showcase products Target is selling. Each post for Target Finds will have a theme and the products included in the post will be under $100 individually. 

There will be a banner at the end of the post and if you click on it and decide to buy anything from Target, you'll get a special discount on your purchase. At the end of each post of Target Finds, I'll also be posting additional discount codes, so keep an eye out for those!

Threshold Bowl: $9.99
Tulip Wreath: $89.99 

Ceramic Flower Pot: $25.99
Gold Set (2) | Throw Pillow: $42.99

Threshold Hook Rack: $27.99
Be You Framed Canvas: $25.99
Threshold Gold & Marble Tray: $34.99

Room Essentials Gold Wire Bin: $19.99
Fragrance Free Ivory & Gold Chesapeake Bay Candles
Large Size (6"x3"): $6.99
Small Size (4"x3"): $5.99

HomePop's Circle Ottoman with Gold Metal X Base: $59.99

I hope you liked these Target Finds! I tried to keep everything under 100 because I know I find myself really having to looooooove an item if it's over 100 dollars! If you're willing to splurge a little (or a lot), I'll leave you with a few items that are over our budget, but would look super cute in a gold and white themed room!

Kennedy Accent Table: $189.99
Oliver Gal Unframed Wall "Love Force Field" Canvas: $187.99
3 Head Lamp with Marble Base: 129.99
Oval Margutta Decorative Mirror: $492.80



(click the links for deal to apply)

Until 4/08 at 11:59 PT :: get a $5 giftcard with a $25 purchase, $10 with $50
Like all honest people, I  do want to let you know that Target will be giving me a small commission if you buy off their site using my link, but no means am I saying should you be pressured to buy anything! If you like something and want to buy it, yay! But if you don't, no hard feelings. I have no way of knowing or tracking your activity. 


Sarah said...

Gold and white has been a recent favorite combo of mine too. Love the finds. 💖

Marta said...

so glad! ❤️

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