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Review :: The Ollie World Swaddle

When I had Felix, he was a master at escaping swaddles. No matter how tight I swaddled, within minutes, his hands were out and free. I had to give up swaddling pretty early on with my firstborn and that presented sleep challenges as he would scratch his face, wake up startled and start to cry.

When I gave birth to Marcus, I was hoping that he'd stay all wrapped up in a swaddle, but like his big brother, he was a master escape artist. I was feeling defeated when I remembered that I had something stored away in the closet that might help -- the Ollie World Swaddle. One morning, when Marcus had woken me up a little too early, I grabbed it and put it on my wiggly baby.

At first, I had a hard time putting the swaddle on and reading the fairly simple directions seemed like a chore, but that was probably because it was 6:05 am and I was running on four hours of sleep. Once I figured out how to put it on, I watched the baby try to escape.

I'm happy to report that with the Ollie World swaddle, I have found a product that I now rely on. It's an amazing product that delivers what it promises. I am now getting more rest and so is baby.

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* product received compliments of brand, but review is my honest and personal opinion.

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