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Review :: Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

Having two under two brings a lot of chaos to the mix, but there is no great chaos than trying to go shopping with two under two. That my friends is a true H A S S L E. The screams, the tears, the dirty stares from my wonderful fellow customers, trying to fit everything in the cart -- it all piles ups and makes a mom want to never venture out and go shopping ever again!

I have found a fix to one of those problems and it's having Binxy Baby's Shopping Cart Hammock which you can attach to your cart. I love this product because it is a space saver and you don't have to deal with fitting all your groceries around a clunky car seat.

Besides the cute pattern and the fact that it's such an easy set up, I also really love how comfy and cozy baby is in the hammock. He literally slept the entire trip -- I kid you not. The only issue I had was big big brother was trying to feed baby a Rice Krispy treat, but I just slid and secured the hammock towards the end of the cart and problem solved!

The hammock holds up to 50 lb of baby, so this a product that I know I'll be using in the future because it really does save me a lot of room and the need for two shopping carts. For moms who don't want to deal with moving baby from and to the car seat, the hammock also can hold your carseat with baby in it -- seriously the neatest thing and a must have for all moms.


* product received compliments of brand, but review is my honest and personal opinion. 

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