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Review :: Ditty Bird Books

Books -- they're super crucial to a child's development. We hear it everywhere from our pediatricians to every savvy parenting magazine. Naturally, as a parent, I want to implement books into my son's daily schedule. It's kind of a hassle because he's only 14 months and sometimes he doesn't want to sit on my lap while I read a book to him. #thestruggleisreal, am I right mommas? When your toddler decides to get up and walk away from the very best O McDonald impression you've got.

Cue Ditty Bird Books! These cute little board books play music for your babe. I have two books with Ditty Bird and they're always Felix's number one picks when it comes to reading time. He loves to sit by himself and listen to the songs being played.

Ditty Bird is on every page and so are the words to every song being played, so you can make it a fun interactive play session as well as expose your little one to educational content. It's a win for mom and a win for baby!

You can also purchase these cute little books on Amazon (CLICK HERE FOR THEIR STORE)

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