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6 Products That Are Helping Me Prepare For Baby No. Two

May 2018 is only a few short months away and I'm trying to amass a few products that will help me to transition from having one child to having a toddler and a newborn under the same roof at the same time.

AGH, to be completely honest, I'm a bit nervous about this transition. We're going from a family of three to a family of four and my mind feels like it's spinning at the thought. Don't get me wrong,  I'm a so excited to have another little one and for Felix to have a sibling, but I'm also freaking out at the thought of being solely responsible for keeping two little humans alive -- especially with Felix starting to climb on the things he shouldn't.

Because of these worries, I've done a bit of reading and research, and these products are putting my mind at ease a bit because of their practicality -- I've heard nothing but great things about them. I'm so excited to share them with you!

I thought I'd go about this by share what I've gathered thus far and then do a "I've put them to the test" type of post, once baby is born and we've settled in at home using all the products. I'm also thinking of doing a nursery reveal type of post too because one product on this list will be going in the nursery.


So, let's get started --

Ever since I've had Felix, I regret not getting this product because I feel like every mom has one and they rave non-stop about how amazing their little one sleeps in it. Luckily, Felix was a great sleeper right off the bat, but I wish I had this to let him sleep in during the day because I wouldn't have had to surround him with pillows when he was in the middle of our bed. I feel like I'll worry less about the baby sleeping because it's sturdy, yet soft. I'm so excited to see the little one napping sweetly in this! SHOP THIS PRODUCT HERE. ] 

If I've I had to tell you what I thought was the most helpful piece of advice someone has given me about making the transition from one child to two easier, it'd be this -- one mom told me not to travel heavy. She said to have essentials like diapers, wipes, changing pads, etc for both children already stored in the car, so when leaving your home, you're not overwhelmed with getting everything ready That's where the ToteSavvy comes in. This product is meant to be placed in an oversized bag that you already own, but because it has so many accessible pockets and handles, I think I'll leave it as is and place it in the basket of my stroller when I'm out with the littles. I'm a mom that likes to be overly prepared, so just the thought of having this lets me sigh in relief.  [ SHOP THIS PRODUCT HERE ]

This is another product I am super stoked about! When Felix was a newborn, no matter how tight I swaddled him, he always managed to get loose. This led him to scratching his tiny face and sometimes waking up because he'd smack himself a little to hard. I feel like this swaddle will prevent all that from happening due to it's velcro tabs that help the swaddle stay in place. Baby will literately be as snug as a bug in a rug -- a lot cuter though!  [ SHOP THIS PODUCT HERE ] 


Another product that is going to make my life easier is Binxy Baby's Shopping Cart Hammock! I can already see this being a life saver because it takes up less space than a carseat does. Felix is sitting in the children's slot, so placing a carseat there is officially impossible. Thanks to this super clever product, the new baby has it's own place in the cart and I don't have to worry about space for groceries -- I call that a mom win! I'm so excited to use this during family shopping trips. [ SHOP THIS PRODUCT HERE ]

I seriously love this rug -- everything about it is amazing. The color is gorgeous, the fabric is super soft, the dyes used are all natural which means no harsh chemicals smell and its machine washable! I currently have this rug in my office, but I am thinking about placing it in the nursery because it'd look perfect by the crib. I can't wait to get the nursery ready and do a reveal because it's going to look super cute! [ SHOP THIS PRODUCT HERE ]

NO. 6 :: Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor 
This is a product that I am excited about because it's going to come in handy when my husband is at work and he wants to check in on baby -- he can check up on the baby when he's at working using their app. So neat! I never had a baby monitor with Felix, but this time around, I'm wanting to implement one because it'll give me a chance to check on the baby even when I'm in the kitchen or doing laundry. With Felix following me wherever I go, this monitor will let me keep the little one sleeping while big brother makes noise outside the room.  [ SHOP THIS PRODUCT HERE ]


Annnnnd, that's all I've got thus far friends! What do you think? Am I overly preparing? It kind of feels like I am trying to problem solve before problems even arise. 

Are there any products that made your transition easier? Have any tips? Tell me down in the comments because I'd honestly love to hear them all!

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The Wonder_Fully Life said...

Loved all the products here, but especially the totesavyy. That was also the best advice I heard thus far; leave all the essentials in the car already so no need to carry a gigantic bag ( why I did not think of this with babe no.1!) Always leave everything I can in the car already, hopefully soon I can share my experience.
Loved this post Marta!

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