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Review | Joovy Tricycoo 4.0

If the look on Felix's face doesn't say it all, then please, let me spell it out for everyone.... 

OK. Now that I've gotten that off my chest let me explain -- the Joovy Tricycoo is probably my favorite product that Felix has received because it's something that he'll be using for the next few years, which makes me one happy mama. I don't know about you, but every time I have to pack away something because my little man out grows it, I die a little inside, for several reasons. 

I mean besides the obvious reason of needing to find more space around the house for all the stuff we no longer need, the fact that my baby is growing up makes packing all his "baby things" all the more bittersweet. I know, it's dramatic. but the mom feels on this are so stroooooong. 

So while my mama heart is in denial about the fact that my baby is becoming a toddler, here comes  Joovy creating a product that can grow with your child. It's genius! 

*image taken from Joovy's website

Felix loves taking walks in his tricycoo -- it's probably his favorite thing these days. When he sees me pull it out, he lets out an excited gasp. It really has taken the outdoor walk experience to another level. My little guy has always loved taking walks but when he's in the tricyoo, he's giggling and squealing from all the fun he's having. 

As for the features of this little stroller / bike -- I really love that it has mama steering while the bike handles give him the impression that he is in control. I also really appreciate that there is a baby foot pedal that don't move, so his feet have somewhere to go until he's long enough to use the real pedals. The snack and bottle feature is also really helpful when we're taking longer walks. All in all it's a really great product. 


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