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Review | Bakerly -- They're Baking Happiness & Our Taste Buds Dance!

I don't know about you guys, but I am over the moon about good bread and pastries, so naturally when Bakerly contacted me to collaborate, I was super excited. They sent over the following products  (pictured above): chocolate chip brioche rolls, soft brioche baguettes, a hand braided brioche  and two kinds of pre filled crepes -- chocolate and caramel filled. I also got some bakery gear -- a cute trucker hat, a tote and one of those moo maker type of toys. All this retails for over 50$ -- thank you Bakerly!

If you've never heard of the term Brioche, it's a French, soft, sweet bread that is typically served with tea. However, it's not limited to just dessert, you can also eat brioche with meat. One of my favorite ways to eat brioche baguettes is to make a rich sandwich. The sweet bread and all the other flavors create a wonderful mix sure to make your mouth water for more!

I found all of Bakerly's products absolutely delicious. They really melt in your mouth and it was heavenly.

Here are some of the ways I served Bakerly's goodies: 

One of my favorite products from Bakerly was the chocolate chip brioche rolls. These didn't last a day after opening up the packaging. Served with coffee -- I felt like I was sitting in the royal palace eating like a queen; no, I'm not exaggerating and yes, it was thaaaat good!

It was so good that I couldn't wait to eat it -- notice one roll has a bite take out of it already. They're seriously that delicious!

I used the soft brioche baguettes to make cute little subs for lunch when I needed to make a quick lunch for my husband and I and while I know this might seem obvious because well the word soft is in the title of the product -- these baguettes really were so soft. They made the perfect sandwich bread. 

My husband who is a lover of crepes at all of them -- with a cup of milk to gulp them down. I would have taken an aesthetically pleasing picture, but there was no more for me to photograph. The crepes were definitely a hit. I heard they were delicious!

Last but not least is the hand braided brioche loaf. I used this many ways. Covered in Nutella. Covered in cream cheese + a delicious olive tapenade. Covered in my mother's famous eggplant spread. I used it to make a peanut and butter sandwich -- it was utilized in endless way until there was no more.

SO.... now comes the part where I tell you where you can order all these yummy treats and bread!
If you'd like to learn more about Bakerly, browse their products, or get some goodies for yourself --

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Yummmmm all those goodies look delish!

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