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Review | Mod Straps Scarf Strap

Hello everyone, 

I just wanted to pop on here and share my current obsession -- the scarf strap by Mod Straps. It's seriously the most comfortable strap on the market. 

You need this strap because let's be real for a second -- taking the perfect picture of your little one takes a lot of work -- get the baby, grab the camera, style / prep the background, make baby smile, style again because the baby decided to move everything annnnnnd repeat.

That whole process is stressful right? One of the most annoying things to realize is... after all that work, your neck hurts because your camera strap has been digging into your neck.

Thanks to Mod Straps, that no longer has to be a problem.

I'm telling you that this strap is probably the best thing to happen to photographers because it's SO comfortable! It's super soft and stretchy which makes wearing it a DREAM. It's so amazing that you forget that you have a camera around your neck when you're taking pictures! Thinking ahead, I know I am going to love this when fall comes around and it's starting to get chilly because it keeps your neck super warm. My husband and I used this strap while we took some family photos at the beach and it kept us super warm.

Both and my husband love this product & find it extremely useful, so I just had to share it with you all. 

I promise, this will be a purchase that you will not regret! 



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Reg said...

We were in Hawaii these past couple weeks and I was thinking that darn strap was KILLING my neck! This wouldve been perfect!

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